To-Do Tuesday – 31 March 2022

Morning all. Welcome to almost Spring! The trees are producing leaves each day and daylight in the early morning is arriving, thus walking is done the first thing in the morning which gives the the rest of the day to play! YEA It appears that all the unforeseen problems are over with and the hearing aids will be returned and a new set coming soon. Right now just using the old ones and they work just fine.

Clay ordered a picture frame for my ”Love”. It was plain wood and he put a nice stain on the wood which I really liked. Then he set it up for me.

Last week was a week to stop working on Alaska quilt. I made a little ”mini” quilt (?) with the 4 blocks I had made. If anyone is interested in my experience with this ”project” click here and here.

Tuesday I ripped out some of the ”strips” that I had started for Sentimental Scraps. I was having an issues getting things to line up so I took all apart to re-check the squaring of the 200 each 9 patch blocks. That is all done and today I will begin sewing them together.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day for me and I did FaceTime with Kathy for a short period of time while finishing up my ripping project. Then I decided to finish the 3 1/2 ” Friendship Star blocks for a BOM that I decided to not do. I now need to press them and put them away to be used in another project. I have a lot of 3 1/2” blocks using Reproductions of Stars and Churn Dash blocks, but I used shirtings for the backgrounds. The fabric I used for the Friendship Stars is from a Brackman collection.

I feel for Stars Around the Garden, I must get with it and put it together. Tammy has not called for the quilts yet, if I get it together in the next 2 weeks it will go along with the other 9 quilts for her to quilt!

So mini goals for next week will be to start ripping the binding out on the Southwest quilt that the long arm quilter screwed up. It is a very very large quilt – this should be fun. I will finish Sentimental Stitches and begin work on Stars Around the Garden. THEN I will select a brand new project to work on!

For those who follow me, you know I am the ultimate Traditional Quilter AND the Ultimate Perfectionist. Call me nuts, but I want my quilts to not have cut off points, or mistakes. I strive for perfection and if something is wrong, I stop and take the time to figure out what I have done wrong, or if the pattern has an issue. Call me nuts, but it keeps my 77 year old brain working and that is so important to me.

Talk about staying in shape, Look what Clay and I did today. He is napping and I am wrapped in heating pads! Guess that is par for a 77 and 78 year old. now just waiting for our contractor to come finish the job to move the rocks onto the lawn fabric and lay the new road from the from the garage to the Studio.

Waiting for Rocks
Going to be pretty when finished

.Have a wonderful end of March and Let’s welcome in April 2022 tomorrow! Just 9 more months until New Year’s Eve!

Hugs, Nanette

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WordPress Problem and Alaska Update

Greetings. Boy this has really be a day – Walking, HEB, Post Office, Pharmacy, and home again and have breakfast. Then Clay told me that Amazon sent the wrong item for the lawn mat, the Doctor did not send in my prescription, WordPress was giving me fits, the hearing aids go nuts, and too many phone calls. Started my day at 6:00 – it I now 3:10 and I am finished with all the ‘UNFORESEEN REQUIREMENTS’.

Now for the WordPress issues. I wanted to share this information for those who use WordPress, IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE PRODUCT, like an iMAC, iPad, iPhone, etc., on the last update for the iPads, iPhones, iMAC and Safari, there is a setting in Safari that allows you to check a block to “Prevent cross-site-tracking”. Well, what it did for me was the following every time I wanted to Reply to a Comment on a Post! I had to go through 3 steps to sign in for each reply I sent. I tried this week-end on my own to figure it out and could not.

Because I pay an annual fee, I get technical support. After 1 hour of trying different things and being told that I needed to use Google, or FoxFire (I even downloaded FoxFire to prove that theory wrong) for my browser they send me a link that discussed what happens when this “Prevent cross -site tracking” box is checked!!!. Mine is now unchecked. BIG PROBLEM RESOLVED!

For an update on the Edyta Sitar Creative Grid Ruler issue on my previous post. Amazon took the ruler back (it was $38.00) and I have already received my credit. I provided the Seller with a complete description of the problem and provided pictures to back it up. I also sent emails to Sitar and to Creative Grid advising them of the problems I had and provided pictures. Sitar support told me the following in their response:

“Hello Nanette, 

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Here is a link for the Mystery Quilt 2022 Templates available on our website:

The Alaska Templates will not work for this project because the Mystery is much bigger than the Alaska templates.

Due to the size differences, they will not work.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.  Happy Quilting!

Thank you,

Laundry Basket Quilts

This response was shocking since her website clearly states that the Alaska Ruler can be used for the 2022 Mystery Quilt. Click here to see that it clearly stated that the templates and the Creative Grid Ruler can be used…..Hummmm

WELL I am not doing the 2022 Mystery with them, I was trying to make the original Alaska quilt, so they did not understand what I was telling them. No wonder they have problems in writing patterns and that the ruler will not work for the original Alaska pattern. They do not answer their phone either.

I also sent an email to Creative Grids and received a very nice response with a POC to speak with. The representative and I spoke for 45 minutes. They were glad to hear from me regarding my concern with the Alaska Ruler. I told the Representative that I did not want Creative Grids Company to be blamed for the issue. This problem begins and ends with Edytar Sitar’s company. It was a great conversation with a Lady who was highly involved in working with Sitar, so I would image some things might just change with their Quality Assurance Department at Laundry Basket Quilts.

Now you ask – Well Nanette, what are you going to work on this week? It is called RIPPING! Last night I was working on the binding on a quilt that the quilter “sewed the binding for me” in 2014. That was the worst thing I could have done for this quilt. I now have to rip the entire binding out and re-sew it as she did not leave adequate room to turn it for hand binding or even for machine sewing. This is not a small quilt – it is for a California King bed and it is very very heavy! I am going to have so much fun!.

To top it off while working on my Sentimental Scraps, I began to realize that JUST MAYBE, when I put it aside I had not checked 9 patch to make sure it was squared at 3 1/2″. I started having issues when I sewed strips together. Most of you know I am the ultimate Perfectionist when making a quilt, so it has to be corrected even if I spend a week ripping, checking all 200 9 patches, and sewing things back together.

SO you ask me, what will I be doing this week when I am in the Studio, RIPPING! BRAINLESS WORK. Thursday Clay and I will be laying the lawn mat down for the contractor to lay the decorative rocks. So it won’t be a very productive sewing week here but that is OK. There is always another day – somewhere where someone doesn’t cause me to have to clean up their mistakes!

Have a blessed week, and enjoy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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Slow Sunday Stitching-27 March 2022

Greetings – summer is just around the corner now. The temperature is starting to go up in the early mornings. Pleasant walk today, but doing that power walk really makes one sweat! Difficult to believe that we are going into the 2nd quarter of 2022. Time flies when you have so much fun!

I have finished my 2nd Counted Cross Stitch project. This pattern was a free download from the Fat Quarter Shop. I changed all the colors in mine to be more vibrant. I will order a frame for it this week.


Next on the list was to do something with the 4 blocks I had made when I started and finished Alaska. I named it Memories of Alaska

In 2014 I had 7 quilts quilted by a professional quilter. I have 4 of the 7 left to bind! (Shame on me). I started on one a couple of weeks ago and am going to try to finish it this week in the evenings now that I have finished “Love”. I love this Southwest quilt as it will be large enough for me to use on our California King. I am not certain, but think it is an Atkinson Design quilt.

Today I want to work on Sentimental Scraps (a Sitar pattern that you cannot mess up with just 9 patches and squares).

Sentimental Stitches from Quiltmania Magazine

MAYBE this week will be quieter (no appointments, no commitments, no cleaning up of other’s mistakes) and I will be able to finish the top and then begin to put Stars Around the Garden quilt together. This would be 2 more quilts for Tammy! Yea! I am ready to move on to new projects.

Have a great week! Hugs


A Week from Hell – And a Beautiful Work of Art from Jaydee

Good Saturday morning! The sun is out and it was a very pleasant walk this morning. Hearing aids are working – the Audiologist changed the Receiver to a lower one because she found out that the one she had used caused Meniere’s patients HEADACHES. what a surprise! I lost a lot of quilting time the last 2 weeks and it frustrates me so much!!!

Status on my exercise goals is moving in the right direction. My goal of reaching a VO2 in the 20’s again is getting closer each day. By the end of April I will be where I was in December. I figured out how VO2 level was measured on my Apple Watch. As I began to walk a faster pace my VO2 went up to 20!!!! Now to get to over 20 and I will be back where I was a year ago. The VO2 measures your Cardiac Fitness. The faster the pace the higher the number. I have been in the Below Average in the 18’s since last year. I had never been below 20 but that is what “not exercising” and “stress” can do to a body. I have always been in the above average 21 – 26 range. The App keeps an average of the last 90 days. In January when we had the “whatever” I lost most of the month as far as exercise went. By the end of April my average will be in the Above Average because January will not be counted in the 90 day count. YEA – Reminds me of the 90 day average for the A1C level. I know that everyone wanted to know all about VO2!!! LOL. So on to what I have been up to the last week or so.

Now on to Alaska by Sitar. This is a beautiful quilt pattern, but it Sitar has some SERIOUS problems with her directions and templates and now her new Creative Grid Ruler. Kathy and I were going to make this quilt together. On the 18 of March I started working on a sample block for Block 1. I have learned through the years that when making a complex quilt that a sample block will point out all the pitfalls of the pattern and especially which seam allowance to use. Click on the Block 1 link above to see my previous post about how I started this project.

For an update to this Disaster Sitar Alaska project. I purchased the Creative Grids ruler (they are the only rulers I use) rather than using her templates because the cutting would go much faster. BUT Ms Sitar, has horrible quality control in writing her pattern directions, and now in the development of the new ruler. I prefer a ruler over templates and anything you purchase from Ms Sitar is EXPENSIVE. One would expect that the ruler and the templates would be one and the same but they are not. The new ruler is off 1/16 of an inch OR her templates are off. I feel that her templates are wrong and Creative Ruler is correct. Ms Sitar does not provide the “finished size” for the diamonds, or the finished size of any of the pieces in the 9″ finished blocks. This can make it very difficult to reach a perfect 9″ finished lock with 1/4″ seam allowance on the outer points. In my samples I tried using a scant and ended up with very little seam allowance to prevent cutting off my points.

Then I cut the diamond shape using the directions for the ruler for the diamonds. Problem here.

I wasted over 4 hours in making the sample blocks and the blocks below took about 6 hours to cut the fabric and sew them. I spent a lot of time working to have the outside points with 1/4″ seam allowance. As an added PITA, the quilt is cut on the bias on all pieces. Total time wasted – about 3 days of my life!

I thought I had mastered things as I moved on to Block 2, but that is when I found out the real problem – Sitar does not provide adequate information to make this quilt. To use the CG Ruler I needed the finished sizes of all pieces that make up each block!

So now I will return to making Sentimental Scraps ONLY because I bought the fabric that would only go with the 200 Nine patches I had made in 2014. Then I guess I will finally put Stars Around the Garden together. When I have issues such as what I just went through with Alaska, it takes me a day to move forward. Anyone else experience this?

On the brighter side of a Quilter – Here is my friend Jaydee’s Civil War Bride quilt. She started this quilt about 7 years ago, stopped working on it from time to time (I did the same) and about 2 years ago she started designing her own border. She did a beautiful job on the Border design and so much prettier than the original Australian pattern. She hand quilted the quilt and has just finished it. Jaydee is an awesome quilter and I have learned a lot through the years from her. I met her when I belonged to the Applique Society pre 2010. I give you a Best of Show (as soon as they have a real quilt show in her area) as this one is a Winner.

Border Designed by Jaydee Price

Have a wonderful week-end and I do hope that my next post is more positive and that I have been able to complete something!

Hugs, Nanette

PS – Anyone want to purchase an Alaska pattern with templates let me know. Leave you email in your comment section! It will be cheap!

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Moving Along With Projects – 20 March 2022

We are so close to telling March goodbye – hard to believe, but it seems that when DST comes along time speeds up. As you can tell, I am not a fan of time changes and now they are trying to make it permanent. Bah, Humbug!

I have had a ”somewhat” better week, but I still cannot use the new hearing aids. I have narrowed the issue – there is a ”sound generator” that goes ballistic in my ears and causes me to start with the headaches. I am not impressed with the Audiologist that I go to. She needs to provide me with more concise answers to my questions. So back to see her on Tuesday. Tomorrow I go for my 6 month checkup with my ENT for Meniere’s and they will do a hearing test (I trust them more than the Audiologist). I am still having a nice floater in my left eye from the gel pulling away from the Retina about a week or go. But it is all doing fine as I had it checked out Monday with our eye doctor. Well, enough of this!

On the positive side of life – I have finally reached my goal of doing my 20 minute mile and doing a full 1.5 miles in 30 minutes. It feels good to be getting back to my normal power walk. I am so thankful that I have kept up with my exercise program all these years as it has paid off!

Now to the quilting world. I have finished both baby quilts and ready to load another quilt on the long arm. I was in such a rush to get Weldon’s quilt finished that I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt. Rachael sent me a picture of Weldon enjoying the quilt! He is a happy baby with a loving family – he is blessed!

New Picture of Weldon enjoying his quilt!
Before Quilting
Matching Pillow Case

Next is Vision’s quilt. I just need to tack down the label on the back. For both quilts, I took one of their baby pictures and printed it out on a piece of linen and added a border. It adds a history for them when they are older.

Quilt Size is 41″ x 41″
Pillow Case

I am now ready to load the next quilt – a small wall hanging quilt – Patriotic. Clay lowered my table and I moved my thick mat and now I can see where I am going when I quilt! LOL. This HQ Sixteen is now 17 years old – I cannot believe it. It runs great with no computer, just my free motion quilting. Maybe this will be the year when I do something other than just different styles of meandering! Time will tell!

I have started preparation work on Alaska by Edyta Sitar. I am using the flowing blue batiks for this quilt.

Because of the complexity of the quilt and the importance of color placements, I did two practice blocks. The first block I used a scant quarter inch seam when stitching and the second block was made with a full quarter inch seam. The second block won the contest.

Using 1/4″ seam allowance and pressing correctly
Finished Block

When I purchased the pattern a “few years back” I purchased the templates that went with it. But now Edyta has designed a Creative Grids ruler to use with all of the variations of the original Alaska quilt. I purchased mine from Amazon and it arrived Thursday just as I was starting this project. It is a great ruler for the Alaska quilts.

Creative Grid Alaska Ruler

Since we had 40 or so trees removed, about 8 of them were outside my window in the Studio. We are waiting on a bid to do a little zero landscaping in the next week or so. I really missed watching our Birds fly in and out enjoying the bird seed, so Clay ordered this Bird Feeder and hung it from the gutters. They have now found the feeder and there are so many Red Birds and the little chickadees coming and going it fills the void. There are 2 more on order and he will move this one to the other window and place the 2 new ones in this window. I love the Black/Yellow. Hum, maybe a black and yellow quilt might be in the future! LOL

New Bird Feeder

I will be working on Alaska, Sentimental Stitches, and YES, Stars around the Garden the rest of the month. I thought about joining in on 2 BOMs, but have decided to not do that! I need to stay focused on the 3 quilts in the making and the Patriotic top waiting to be quilted!

One other note!!!! My quilt shop online to go to WebFabrics is up for sale. Carly is selling all fabrics 25% off. I did not find out about it until yesterday, and YES I purchased batiks selling for $8.64 a yard! Check it out here! I will miss her as I have been with her since 2003 when she started the business 19 years ago as an Online store, then turning it into a highly successful Quilt Store in Virginia. I have a wonderful stash of Moda Marbles and Marble Mates (the original ones) and tons of Hoffman 1895 Batik collection. No one does it like Carly!!!

Have a wonderful week of stitching! I will begin my week of sewing when I get through my Monday andTuesday morning appointments. I am not looking forward to the Monday 100 mile round trip to the ENT in San Antonio, especially I the weatherman finally provides us rain- hopefully it will not storming until I get home. And of course not to mention that it will probably cost about $50.00 for 8 gallons of fuel!!!! (oops I said I would be nice so I cannot say anything but here goes my sentiments “LET’S GO BRANDON”!)

Hugs, Nanette

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HQAL (How about some Cross Stitch) – 20 March 2022

It is so hard to believe we are almost finished with March!!! But we are and time passes quickly when we lose an hour each day! Thank you DST of which I am NOT a fan!

I have been working on my ”Love” cross stitch from the Fat Quarter Shop, I am very pleased with the colors I chose. I have a little more to do on the door and then a repeat of the stars at the top and the word LOVE at the bottom of the pattern.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the week.

Hugs Nanette

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piercers to share and motivate one another.  We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.  

KathyMargaret, Deb, Sharon, Sherrie,  Karrin, Daisey, ConnieTheresa

To Do Tuesday – 8 March 2022 (One Day Late – Again)

Greetings from Roller Coaster Weather South Texas. I am sure that we are not the only ones with crazy weather. Usually happens when Easter falls late in April, so we have a few more weather ups and downs until next month. Of course the “Lose an Hour” time is this Saturday and YUP, I am not a fan of it, but it is what it is! The sun is out today and it will warm up so I am ready to have a 30 minute break soaking up the sun.

I finished Raggity Ann and Andy quilt Saturday. I am now ready to quilt the 2 baby quilts. I would have finished them by now, but between extreme weather changes and giving in to eating pizza Friday night, I somehow lost 4 days to Migraines, Fibro, and Meniere’s which was my punishment from eating like a human. I also picked up my new hearing aids Monday and that and obviously kicked off the Meniere’s (hate those hearing test and new hearing aid adjustments! But today I am back to my normal highly opinionated self, but I will be nice and keep things to quilting! (Yea for me).

This is a reduced size and rather blurry, but it was difficult to get the entire quilt in as it measures 65″ x 90″. If you are interested in the background story of this quilt click here.

This picture shows the true colors.

Here are close up’s of the blocks.

I am going to quilt the 2 baby quilts that I have finished TODAY!

Vision’s Quilt
Weldon’s Quilt

After I finish quilting the quilts and finish binding them (by hand), I am going to finish working on a quilt by Edytar Sitar that was 75% completed in 2014 before “things changed for 7 years”. The pattern is from Quiltmania Magazine Number 99, page 80 named Sentimental Scraps. My friend Jaydee finished hers on time (see below), but my 200each 9 patches sat in a box until a few days ago. In 2014 I purchased all the fabrics for the border strips and backing, and I used scraps from my stash for the 9 patches. Now to just sew the strips together and cut the border strips and put them all together and I will have a new top ready for quilting. Then I will have a quilt like everyone else! LOL. Normally I do not duplicate the fabrics on a pattern when making a quilt, but then sometimes it is fun to do it and it is the fabric that really makes this quilt.

This is a picture of Jaydee’s quilt. I am going to ATTEMPT to make mine larger to fit our California King bed. Now that I have a long arm quilter I will make it and she can quilt the monster – not me!

Sentimental Stitches by Jaydee Price – 2014

I am progressing nicely on my Cross Stitch pattern – LOVE! and very pleased with it so far. I still have a little way to go in dealing with the threads on the back, but that will come in time. I changed thread colors throughout the entire pattern. I believe that I will be using a darker variegated brown for the door and the Star looks like it will be a gold one!

Well, this is it for me from last weeks finishes and hopefully by next Tuesday I will have the 2 baby quilts finished and Sentimental Scraps ready for the quilter! Next on the list will be Stars Around the Garden! It has been hanging around a long time also and it will be the last of the UFOs!

Have a great week- enjoy stitching, and I am back to The Rifleman, Gunsmoke, and old Datelines for entertainment. This means ignoring the fact that 10 gallons of gasoline was $50.00! Hum. We are so happy that we had the tree cutting done before the gasoline got this high.

Hugs, and have a great stitching week!


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The Story of Raggedy Ann & Andy & Slow Sunday Stitching

Here it is March and the news of the world is not good. But, alas we Quilters continue on with life, aren’t we blessed? I have finished quilting my very first quilt that I made in 2000 timeframe, and it has been a long time in coming! I started quilting after retirement in 1999 watching Alex Anderson on TV while recuperating from back surgery. I saved all of her episodes on VHS tapes for future use. It was through Alex’s shows that I learned about the Designers, Needleturn Applique, and piecing.

We purchased our first travel trailer in 1999 and in 2000 I did Clay’s family’s geneology and discovered his ancestors on his Mother’s side went all the way back to the original Choctaw Chief Mo-Shu-La-Tubbe! After discovering this information (no at that time) and many trips to Durant, Atoka, and Caddo Oklahoma, we met Mary Etta Freeny Peters. She filled us in on so much information regarding his linage that I decided to host a Reunion of all the Freeny’s in May of 2000 at Boggy Depot.

During that Reunion trip at Boggy Depot, we met a couple from Chickasha, Oklahoma. It was a great meeting since we both had the same name of ”Cook”. I was a Newbie quilter, she a seasoned quilter, and our husbands were both retired Fire Fighters. We became friends immediately and had many good times with them on many trips. I learned more about quilting from Juanita Cook. All about fabrics, Designers, techniques, and most of all she introduced me to Kinkame Silk thread for needle turn applique.

The day we met she showed me how to do the buttonhole stitch. When we came home I decided to make a quilt using the fusible technique and do some buttonhole stitching. At that time, I thought that Walmart had the best fabric. It was inexpensive and they had a good selection. What I did not realize was that the fabric was great for utility quilts, but not for heirloom or show quilts. I learned that in 2003.

I also purchased fabric from the New Braunfels Cotton Mill. Here is the quilt that I made at the very beginning of my quilting life and just finished quilting it yesterday! I cut out the figures and fused them and did the buttonhole stitching. The blocks sat for awhile, and in 2003 another friend introduced me to Quilt Stores. I purchased this fabric from Maywood Studios to add to the quilt. I designed the setting (I am surprised I knew what to do)! I now give you Raggedy Ann and Andy Blocks and Quilt which measures 65” x 90”. The quilt was too big and heavy to hang it for a picture, so I took close up pictures of the blocks.

This is the quilt with the blue binding on and secured and ready for hand stitching! I had to take a smaller picture to get the entire quilt in the picture. The Red is faded!

Here is a clearer picture of the true colors after I had finished quilting and trimming it.

There were some issues with the quilt. For one, I should have added another border. So when I quilted it there were areas where the top did not meet the batting. It was an easy fix! I cut strips 4” wide, folded and pressed them, and then used a 1/2” seam allowance which covered up the issues that I encountered when quilting it.

Tomorrow I will be loading the baby quilts and getting them ready for bindings and hand work. I need to find someone who loves to do the had stitching – maybe they can catch me up on the now 5 large quilts to hand bind! LOL.

The following is for Conservatives only:

I give a loud shout out to all the Truckers heading for Washington DC and hope that Pelosi and Biden (forget Harris) do not put them in jail! Oh by the way – looks like Chinese Virus is over with! What a cruelty joke on the American public taking away our freedoms, closing businesses, closing schools, forcing everyone to wear a mask and get the vaccine. Especially since even those who took the ”jab” got the Chinese Virus. Irresponsible mandates in order to keep your job – and not allowing Doctors to treat their patients with proven medications to help get well faster! And the list goes on and on – The Liberals wanted to have total control over every American and they succeeded! Now we have to deal with unbelieveable gas prices and the highest food prices I have ever seen in my life. But maybe now people will have to go back to work as this country is financially broke. If you wish to thank the person responsible, send a thank you card to a Liberal friend and the Idiot in the White House. As you can see, I have absolutely no trust nor faith in our Government anymore! But remember, they cannot take my freedom away to voice my opinion! AND THAT IS WHAT I AM DOING!

Hugs, and have a great week of quilting! Pray for Ukraine and the Truckers!


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To Do Tuesday – And On Time!!!! 1 March 2022

Good evening all! I am really enjoying life these days and so very grateful and thankful for living in the USA! I reached my 20 minute mile goal and was .04 (tenth) from doing the 1.5 mile walk. YEA! My goal for March is to walk each day. Here’s hoping I can meet this goal.

Today I finished another baby quilt that I am making for my housekeeper’s new grandson. His name is Vision. I asked Georgia what colors she would like and she told me Blue! Here is what I came up with!

I used the Double Hour Glass pattern that I purchased while in Rockport in November. The pattern directions left a lot to be desired, but easy enough. The block was going to be 8” finished, but I reduced it to 4” finished blocks. I made this quilt with fabric from my stash drawer consisting of blue batik fat quarters, etc. The quilt measures 41” x 41”. Then I made Vision a matching pillow case.

Matching Pillow Case

My next project is to finish quilting Raggity Ann and Andy quilt (been loaded in the long arm for 5 months), and then Vision’s quilt and Weldon’s baby quilt. I will try to get them finished by the end of the week-end. After finishing the quilts, I really need to start on Alaska quilt. I have all the fabrics ready for this project.

May God be with Ukraine! I wonder how many Americans realize where Ukraine is and the importance of what is happening there! But I know one thing, that all 350 million people living in this country should drop on their knees and be grateful that they live here even as bad as we have it with the idiot running our country (running?) Additionally they need to realize how much control the US Government has had over our lives in the last 2 years and think about FREEDOM and how precious it is! I am praying that the people of Russia turn on their current EVIL leader and replace him with a person who is not hell bent on killing people.

Right now I am struggling to watch the SOTU being given by a person who lives in the White House. I feel sick to my stomach!!!! I really miss President Trump who led this country, not follow behind like the person who does not know where he is most of the time.

Have a great week and pray for Ukraine – they have a LEADER!

Hugs, Nanette

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