Slow Sunday Stitching-31 October 2021

Good morning to all! It was a beautiful week this week. No drama, no problems, waking up with loads of energy and ready to walk. I have my 7 days of peace and quiet! Long time coming. I am back to my normal pattern of steps taken each day – 7500-11,000 and not running out of steam by 3PM.

It is hard to believe that on the last day of October, we have green grass and leaves on the trees. I do believe it was the 30 inches of rain we have had this year that has kept us with the greenery. NOAA has predicted that we may have a warmer than normal winter this year (doesn’t make me happy) but hopefully there will be rain to keep us out of the drought!

I have been working on my Bountiful LIfe border, adding the leaves. the spaces are where flowers will go. I am going to really start getting serious on this UFO so it will be finished by November.

A Bountiful Life Border

Today will not be slow stitching time until the Dallas Cowboy game tonight. I am back on track with my schedule of working on pieced quilts during the day in the Studio and hand work at night!

Today is my 77th birthday. I love having my birthday on Halloween because everyone celebrates my Birth Date! Clay surprised me with a Norfolk Island Pine tree for my birthday this year! I love these little trees so this was a great birthday present. I have missed our little trees that we lost during the Snow Storm in February. We are hesitant in purchasing a second Pine for the pot outside my Studio window because of the deer milling around eating the Acorns in this area. Clay had planted one of the Pines in the ground a year or two ago and after coming home from a mini vacation the deer had eaten the tree! Grrr!

Clay put up new flags this week.

And here is my saying for today. Sometimes this is just difficult to do, but the peace that comes with forgiveness is wonderful!

Have a Happy Halloween and a great week stitching and relaxing (if retired).

Hugs, Nanette

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I Love Mondays (Now)!

Good morning to all. This has been the greatest Monday in 2 years! Peaceful, Quiet, and I am starting a small project! Today’s walk was a real hot one 75 and 95% Humidity! FUN! I have 2 more days before the weather turns more Fall like.

Additionally, after 5 days of not being myself (especially yesterday) my Liver finally metabolized the Hump Day Drug Follies from last Wednesday! LOL! I woke up feeling like myself and believe you me it is more than welcomed!

Today I am working on the Color Wheel Pattern that Mary sent me along with the fabric to make mine. This will be a short time fun project to work on.

Maybe I will have something to show on To-Do Tuesday (maybe on Wednesday this week). It is hard to believe that there is nothing but one appointment later in the month and a week vacation at my favorite – YUP – the Casino!

Have a great day, thought I would let you know I am alive, back to normal, with no pain! Have a wonderful peaceful week!

Hugs, Nanette

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HQAL and Very Slow Sunday Stitching – 24 October 2021

Weather Report – back to summer, but not as bad! Looking forward to cooler days (at least a few cooler days) Wednesday through next Sunday! I have had another crummy 4 days of walking in the horrible humidity.

I probably should not do this post, but it does have some information that might be of use to someone out there in the world and it helps me to document what happened last week.

I went for my Radio Frequency Treatment on Wednesday. (I have had at least 6 of them since 2015.) The Doctor whom I trusted for the last 36 years retired, so I stayed with the same Pain Management Group but a new Doctor. He was younger, but personable. Now let’s get to the idiot Anesthesiologist (try remembering how to spell this one) who popped into the doorway with no personality. I had never talked with this man, but told him – “No Steroids” and by the way whatever they gave me in April did great! He looked down and said “they boat loaded you”. Well, who cares when they are sticking 8 needles in your back right next to the spine! At least I did not feel anything (or remember it) and I had no issues! I thought that he would stay with the Propofol and Versted. DID NOT HAPPEN!

So Mr Brilliant decided to do it his way and boy is he on my list along with my new Doctor who does the RF treatment. This time I felt every needle and when I came out of it I was just to there. It was horrible. I remember saying numerous times “I can feel the needles”, etc. Then after the treatment was over, I remember the idiot sitting next to me in a chair telling me “You quit breathing” WHAT? I was alive, never had the paddles on my chest and everyone acted like it was nothing. When the let Clay in I told him, but he said no one seems upset about it.

I had the following side effects – headache, stomach messed up 4 days and counting, Menieres Tinnitus off the charts, and total weakness in every muscle in my body and shallow breathing. I was sent home with all of this. I am still experiencing the effects of the Cocktail that Anesthesiologist gave me!

It took a day to reach the Doctor, and he told me that the “nothing” turned out to be that my Oxygen Level began to lower and that I did not stop breathing. Then he told to me “that those “A’s” have different terminology” – REALLY? He really meant that my Oxygen level was dropping. He also told me the “A” used a poor choice of words when telling me that! He did not tell me what the “A” gave me.

I kept trying to find out what the “A” gave me and found out late Friday afternoon through the Patient Portal emails I had sent to the RF Doctor and the Anestheologist!

The “A” gave me the normal Versted (keeps you relaxed and you do not remember much), Propofol, which works great with me. But THEN he gave me Lidocaine which he gave me too much as far as I was concerned and just to make sure I had a miserable trip he shot me with some Fentanyl! Hell I cannot even tolerate Morphine and Fentanyl is stronger than Morphine. I had provided my health record history (I keep a detailed history of medications, reactions, and health issues and provide it to all doctors) and it clearly stated no Morphone! Fentanyl is an Opiod and lowers your breathing and should only be used for rare cases. Even with Meniere’s, Fibro, Pre-Diabetes, Degenerative disc Disease and Sacroiliac Joint Problems I NEVER take any pain medication NOT EVEN TYLENOL as it has Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) in it now! What caused this? I believe when they moved from paper records into the digital world, they did not update my chart AND the Anesthesiologist did to take the time to read or ask questions regarding how my body reacts. THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE!

I have a followup appointment in November and I have requested that another Anesthesiologist be present so they will understand how sensitive my body is to medication, preservatives and inactive ingredients in mediations. I had wondered why my new doctor did not want to meet with me before the procedure and had called a couple of times only to be “not necessary”. I will re-evaluate this Group before I have another RF treatment in April.

MORAL OF THIS STORY: Make sure that you spend time understanding the effects of Opiods, Steroids, and other mediations and what they can do to your body. Also, that Doctors and “Anestheisologists'” take the time with you before any Twilight procedure is done, because you know how your body reacts to medications. It may save your life.

OK enough of that – I am sick and tired of this lovely experience as I am of the last year in my life. It is setting me back physically and I have lost the desire to do any projects. But I did manage to accomplish the following inspire of the idiots in this world:

I finished the Vine on A Bountiful Life. All of those beautiful leaves have been cut out and ready for applique. I started on that portion the other night.

The other other thing I have been working on is a Dish Cloth. I love to knit – maybe someday I will spend more time with this hobby!

I did a few cross stitches on Minnie Mouse. I am just learning!

If you made it this far in this depressing post with a little anger sprinkled on top, I do hope that all have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the coming week. My goals are to continue walking, and get ready to get glued to the Poker machine. Maybe I will find a slot machine to throw some money away!

I leave you with this saying:

Hard to Do!

Hugs, Nanette

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piercers to share and motivate one another.  We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.  

KathyMargaret, Deb, Sharon, Sherrie,  Karrin, Daisey, Connie

To Do Tuesday – 19 October 2021

Good afternoon! Don’t be too shocked since I am doing a post on the day it is due – I am sure I will be late again in the future! LOL Today has been busy day today which included an early morning walk, grocery shopping, enjoying a 15 minute relaxation in the Sun for my Vitamin D and now working on cutting out leaves for A Bountiful Life. I have the Vines just about finished and ready to sew the leaves and flowers for a finish!

More Leaves
Leaves for the Flowers

Now it is time to cut and put them all in baggies. I have a few more to iron on and mark and the I will select the flower fabric and how many to do!

I participated in Lori’s Mystery Quilt and have the top finished. Mine is different from Lori’s setting in that I changed block 3 and added more blocks. I am very pleased with the quilt. I may hand quilt it. I love America and yearn for her to come back to us as we have always know her. This is the 2nd quilt I have made using Moda Stars fabric. Still have a lot of fabric left over to use in other projects.

Have a great week – My goals for next Tuesday will be to have the Vine and some leaves appliquéd. If I get too bored working on leaves I will do a few buttons (oops was trying to forget that project!)

Tomorrow I will be getting my Radio Frequency Treatment in my back and it is definitely time! My Sciatic Joint was really talking to me earlier! I will have a nice short nap and then come home and have a reason to just veg in the Recliner!

Yesterday I received a surprise package in the mail from Mary at Hill Country Quilter. A beautiful card for our recent loss, AND then a pattern and fabric to make the same color wheel she has just finished. If you click on her name you will see hers. What a thoughtful Lady to remember us and to send me the gift. I had asked about the pattern when I saw her Color Wheel. Thank you Mary for caring. Have a blessed week! Be sure to check out some of her quilts.

Have a great Wednesday!

Hugs, Nanette

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Life is getting Better! An Oldie and a Newbie!

OK – here we go! Weather is my kind of weather – about 49 yesterday morning and topped off in the mid-70’s. I can live with that, but prefer 30’s and 50’s – What a dreamer I am living in the South Texas. I hit the 20 minute mile yesterday, but my watch did not track exactly, so I walked about 37 minutes! Getting back in shape is great. Wednesday I will get my RF treatment and looking forward to it. Today I felt tired, so skipping the walk! I know, I missed another cool day in the low 50’s.

On the 9th of October (my last post) I thought things would be so peaceful and quiet and quilting productivity would increase. Well, that did not happen. I thought I was through with paperwork, but alas I was not and now 9 days later, I have finally finished with Wills, Death Certificates, coordinating with the Choctaws, finalizing our pre-paid Funeral Arrangements along with required paperwork with the exception of the Obits and Eulogies.

The SA Fire Department Honor Guard will really provide so much support for Clay. It is amazing what they do for our Firefighters who had served the city so well during their careers. We still have a few changes to get a good final on the Wills, but all other paperwork has been done. It is now time to move on with life and the living and enjoy each day that we are given!

Now to the few things I did get accomplished and working on since my last post. I have the vines on 3 borders for A Bountiful Life and Saturday night I finished pinning the vine on the top border. During the great Dallas vs Patriot football game (Our Cowboys Won) I am half-way through one side of the top vine. By the time I finish adding leaves and flowers it will be a pretty quilt that I started in 2015 (or 2016).

A Bountiful Life

Lori at Humble Quilts had a 4 part (very easy and small) Land That I Love Mystery Quilt. I decided to follow along. When she got to the last section, I moved in a different direction by changing the Part 3 block and added 3 additional blocks. The blocks are 6″ finished and I am very thrilled with how mine my version has turned out.

Land That I Love measures 37″ x 37″

Never fear for those who love the Dresden Heaven quilt. I have to do some “ripping” to be able to sew all the buttons on in the center of the quilt. I decided that I wanted to get all the leaves and flowers cut and prepared for A Bountiful Life before I go back to the very last UFO’s prior to 2021!

Have a wonderful week, enjoy the Fall weather, and keep on stitching.

Hugs, Nanette

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The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives!

I love the week-ends! They are so peaceful and quiet here on our 5 acres! We are so blessed to live in the country rather than the City. I am beginning to get back in shape in my walking and this morning I am not dragging after walking. It has taken a month to recoup from thinking I was getting exercise on that indoor bike, but that is OK. My stress level is really going down and I am grateful for that!

The last 2 weeks were not the most pleasant and were rather difficult and then very I was busy rewriting our Wills and I pray to God that this is the last time we have to do this. For us we no longer have any living children as they are all in Heaven with God. So it is just Clay and I. We are so blessed to have been together 25 years and that we are still here working on 26. The last 7 years have been so difficult and hard to experience, but I truly believe that now life will begin to provide us laughter and peace each day.

The week of the 27th of September was difficult with the Memorial Service for Melissa and this week was just a lot of work with the Wills. We signed up for monthly donations to the Jones Academy a Choctaw boarding school for underprivileged children. They provide support from K through 12th grade for all Native American underprivileged children.

They have 4 wonderful programs to donate to and we picked the Choctaw Pony Project. This project has 8 horses that are direct descendants from the horses that traveled on the Trail of Tears in 1830. The other one is the Evening Enrichment Programing where they use the donations to take the kids to movies, County Fairs, and support their FHA projects. All in all they provide a loving environment, opportunities to learn social skills, and receive their education. The hold the future for all Native Americans, which Clay and I call ”the forgotten ones”.

Additionally, the Choctaw Nation matches all donations which is wonderful. We did 3 memorials for our children who have passed, to the Scholarship Fund. Jones will be the benefactor from our Estate when we pass.

Yesterday seemed to be a day of laughter and fun – even while working on the 2nd review and corrections of the Wills. Things just fell into place for us and that in itself has not happened in a VERY long time. I finished the Will work, we are set up for Fort Sam Cemetary to be our final resting place, and Clay will be receiving some benefits from the Choctaw Tribe that we were unaware of. All in all, by 6:30PM I was finished forever with my work.

Today is a day to just enjoy breathing! I will be working on the borders for A Bountiful Life – Yes I know, I have been saying that for months, but it will happen today. After I get the top and bottom borders on I will begin to cut out the leaves and flowers for applique. There has not bee a lot of button sewing for the Dresden quilt but I am seeing some starting tonight!

During the last couple of weeks I have been looking at Boos and Bats quilt pattern with The Fat Quarter Shop. I have to blame Laura for getting this one going (hopefully next week). I fell in love with it and the fabrics that they used. They used Sleepy Hollow by Andover and Holiday Collections – Halloween and I was the weak one on this and purchased a lot of each piece. I was surprised that Amazon carried the fabrics along with FQS. Here is a sample of the fabrics and they are so lucious. (I could not get the photo below to reduce – sorry)

Next I purchased some great embroider fabric from WebFabrics. It is a Michael Miller Cotton Coutour fabric.

Next temptation was an email from Quiltmania showcasing Dawn Heese. Around 2014, Jaydee sent me a picture of a quilt that she had made and I fell in love with it, but never got around to it. So when I saw the picture of the quilt with Dawn and the fact that she was had the pattern in her new book, I purchased it from Quiltmania. I absolutely love those bunnies!!!! The pattern is called In the Garden!!!

Here is a picture of Jaydee’s quilt before she had sewn it together. I need to get her to send me a picture of the finished quilt. She is quite the appliquer!

So as you can see, life begins anew today and I am want to get back on the Quilt Train and away from negative thoughts even though the world around us is falling apart, we are not going to participate.

One of the things I did when all the work was finished was to call and make reservations for the Choctaw Casino for next month. There are so many places to visit in the area so this trip will be a much needed getaway! We are ready to see new places and visit old places. ME – I am ready to turn off the world with Casino noise! Since I am limited to eggs and potatoes maybe I will lose a few pounds!

Have a blessed weekend and happy quilting!

Hugs, Nanette

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