Life with it’s Twist and Turns

Greetings from South Texas!

Clay’s Heart Cath and Aorta Valve Replacement have been postponed until further notice.  We were called Wednesday and our choice was to go forward, Thursday the Doctor called and said it would be not be safe for Clay to have it at this time.  In the meantime – he has to take it very easy – no stressing the heart!

At first we were so disappointed, BUT THEN, we realized that we would have our lives back for a short period of time!  We have been in the house or at the Doctor’s office since NY Eve – talk about quarantine!!!!!  Even though we have the Studio, it was not in our hearts to come out and pretend that live was the same.  For me, I need this time without any stress.  Both of our minds and bodies need to recoup from the 81 days.

It has taken me 3 days to get over the stress of the hand incident, but this morning, the first morning nice New Years Eve, I woke up with a lot of energy and ready for my quilting life to start – even if only for a couple of weeks, or a month.  I know that there will be another bumpy road ahead, but it is so nice to get back to our normal routine.

Clay is working his hand all the time and doing therapy that they showed him, plus therapy he has figured out on his own.  The other day he was playing his guitar!  Here is a short video of a Miracle – Remember it was his left hand and this is only 81 days after the accident!  We both cried with happy tears!  Hope this downloads OK!

I know that others who cannot go to work are having a difficult time if they are not being paid and feel for them.  But I feel that the Government will make all necessary changes to ease the pitfall of this mess called “The Chinese Virus”.

I have always kept our pantry full (at least a month’s worth) and enough meat for about a month, so we are fine.  Things will start to get better.

We are probably the only 2 people in the Country who love to be told to stay home during this time.  I have a positive attitude today that if we run out of food we will not starve!  It is just not worth me continuing to worry about anything as we are alive and well!

Have a blessed day and pray that this situation we are in can be contained and things turn around in a short period of time.



I have told all doctors that Clay has a fantastic immune System. The following pictures of x-rays shows before the 2 surgeries  and only after 73 days since the accident. Here is a miracle. The other picture is our beloved Major Wilson.

Doing a Happy Dance for Friday March 13, 2020

We are so blessed by the Excellent care given to Clay by our beloved military!

Now on to the next Blessing. Heart Fixes.

Have a blessed life. I am going to help Clay with therapy. We see Major Wilson on 24 April. He wants out of any cast and USE the hand.

Hugs, Nanette.

From my iPhone.

Jan’s Celebrating Mary Brown

Greetings from South Texas. I apologize to Jan for not posting her Mary Brown block for February as she sent her picture of her block to me on time but I did not do a post for her.

Jan did a beautiful job on this block.  I love her colors.    Have a great day   Nanette

And the Hits Keep On Coming!

This is my 390 post since I started my Blog.  It should be double that, but life since 2014 has had just too many twists and turns.   The latest hit came when Clay’s Cardiologist called us at home on  Thursday evening at 9:14 and 10:00 and left a message to come to the office at noon the next day to discuss the results of the Echocardiogram that was done last Thursday and we were not scheduled to see him until 24 March.  Needless to say, it was a short night Thursday evening.

For the latest addition to our Social Calendar and hits in our Lives – Clay has Severe Aorta Stenosis.   The bottom line is this.  He will have a complete heart catheter procedure on 20 March to see if the arteries have blockages and if they can be opened with a stint, OR if they are completely blocked.  This is another 2 step process because he has to have his Aorta Valve replaced.  If the arteries are partially blocked and stints are used they can replace the valve through the arteries.  IF they are blocked, then he will have open heart surgery.

In the meantime, we have 5 more therapy sessions for his hand, 2 doctor appointments and I have 2 eye doctor appointments before the 20th.

This may sound weird, but we are still blessed – if Clay had not accidentally shot himself in the hand on New Years Eve, and BAMC being so worried about his heart murmer, along with the ER run with his heart issue a couple of weeks ago, he might have had a massive heart attack with a negative outcome.  All of this has led us to an excellent Cardiologist who is going to take care of the test on the 20th and then he will be referred to the Surgeons to do the Heart Valve replacement.

We are positive that all will be fine in the end and we keep on praying that it is.  In the meantime, we are focusing on his hand issue and hoping that by the 20th he will have a good progress report from the Doctors on therapy and the bone graft.

Have a wonderful weekend and next week!




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