To Do Tuesday – 8 March 2022 (One Day Late – Again)

Greetings from Roller Coaster Weather South Texas. I am sure that we are not the only ones with crazy weather. Usually happens when Easter falls late in April, so we have a few more weather ups and downs until next month. Of course the “Lose an Hour” time is this Saturday and YUP, I am not a fan of it, but it is what it is! The sun is out today and it will warm up so I am ready to have a 30 minute break soaking up the sun.

I finished Raggity Ann and Andy quilt Saturday. I am now ready to quilt the 2 baby quilts. I would have finished them by now, but between extreme weather changes and giving in to eating pizza Friday night, I somehow lost 4 days to Migraines, Fibro, and Meniere’s which was my punishment from eating like a human. I also picked up my new hearing aids Monday and that and obviously kicked off the Meniere’s (hate those hearing test and new hearing aid adjustments! But today I am back to my normal highly opinionated self, but I will be nice and keep things to quilting! (Yea for me).

This is a reduced size and rather blurry, but it was difficult to get the entire quilt in as it measures 65″ x 90″. If you are interested in the background story of this quilt click here.

This picture shows the true colors.

Here are close up’s of the blocks.

I am going to quilt the 2 baby quilts that I have finished TODAY!

Vision’s Quilt
Weldon’s Quilt

After I finish quilting the quilts and finish binding them (by hand), I am going to finish working on a quilt by Edytar Sitar that was 75% completed in 2014 before “things changed for 7 years”. The pattern is from Quiltmania Magazine Number 99, page 80 named Sentimental Scraps. My friend Jaydee finished hers on time (see below), but my 200each 9 patches sat in a box until a few days ago. In 2014 I purchased all the fabrics for the border strips and backing, and I used scraps from my stash for the 9 patches. Now to just sew the strips together and cut the border strips and put them all together and I will have a new top ready for quilting. Then I will have a quilt like everyone else! LOL. Normally I do not duplicate the fabrics on a pattern when making a quilt, but then sometimes it is fun to do it and it is the fabric that really makes this quilt.

This is a picture of Jaydee’s quilt. I am going to ATTEMPT to make mine larger to fit our California King bed. Now that I have a long arm quilter I will make it and she can quilt the monster – not me!

Sentimental Stitches by Jaydee Price – 2014

I am progressing nicely on my Cross Stitch pattern – LOVE! and very pleased with it so far. I still have a little way to go in dealing with the threads on the back, but that will come in time. I changed thread colors throughout the entire pattern. I believe that I will be using a darker variegated brown for the door and the Star looks like it will be a gold one!

Well, this is it for me from last weeks finishes and hopefully by next Tuesday I will have the 2 baby quilts finished and Sentimental Scraps ready for the quilter! Next on the list will be Stars Around the Garden! It has been hanging around a long time also and it will be the last of the UFOs!

Have a great week- enjoy stitching, and I am back to The Rifleman, Gunsmoke, and old Datelines for entertainment. This means ignoring the fact that 10 gallons of gasoline was $50.00! Hum. We are so happy that we had the tree cutting done before the gasoline got this high.

Hugs, and have a great stitching week!


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9 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 8 March 2022 (One Day Late – Again)”

  1. Raggedy Ann and Andy is pretty amazing, you did good! Love the Sentimental Scraps, and the colors and fabrics are beautiful. Hope your health is all back to normal after “eating like a human”. Sometimes you just gotta have pizza!
    Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday – it’s never too late!


  2. Good blog and reading you have been fighting the dragons of health. Glad you are better. Love the Andy and Annie quilt. So cute. Thank you for spotting my sentimental stitches quilt. Yours will be so pretty, can hardly wait to see it. I am now putting on the binding of my CWB top. I will send you a picture soon. Glad that one is quilted. Call you later gal.


  3. I’m glad to read how you are moving forward with those pretty projects. You are an amazing quilter, Nanette. Sorry you have these issues that cause problems sometimes but I like your attitude. We should all be able to eat pizza!
    Anyway, I’m also glad to read someone else likes Datelines. Sometimes I worry about myself because I enjoy those police procedural/murder shows so much, LOL.


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