It’s A Finish!

I finished my Heart Quilt today! Another goal met. It feels so good! I did the binding on the machine. I am used to hand sewing the binding on quilts but for utility quilts I need to become more proficient with the technique!

Tomorrow I will be loading a quilt I made over 14 years ago when I first started quilting. It is an Alice Wilholt Dresden Plate pattern.

I went through my fabrics and found a piece of fabric that I have not one clue why I purchased it! I guess it was on sale and I was building my stash. But it will make a great backing for the Dresden with the green Moda on each side!

After loading the quilt I will then study the Feathered Star book and plan to start the quilt then.

Have a great evening!


Capital “T” and the Winner is….

Hello from the mixed up weather in South Texas.  Where I have to go outside before I know how to dress for the day!  But it could be worse, blizzards and snow piled high up to the door!  So for now I will take the beautiful day we are having because tomorrow or Tuesday it goes back to dreary!  If only we could get some rain!!!

Life has been so calming since the decision to not show my quilts this year (maybe next year at Austin), the refrigerator mess has been resolved (whew!), and then to end the 3 bad things – someone compromised my credit card! But that is OK life is so much quieter and low stress than the years 2014-2018!  I am in Quilter’s Heaven believe it!

I have completed my Capital “T” quilt!  I was inspired by Bella in November with a SAL.  About 2 weeks ago, she had to completely stop working on the computer, stopped the SAL, and had to remove her Blog.  How sad for me.  So I will dedicate this quilt to Bella who spent an inordinate amount of time in the research of the Capital “T” block!  It was a quilt that I had wanted to make for a long – l-o-n-g time and she inspired me to do it!  It is now a Flimsy, waiting on the rack to be quilted!  The quilt measures at 65″ x 65″ a nice size to quilt and enjoy!

Capital T Finished 24 Feb 2019
My Capital “T” inspired by Bella!

Capital T Finished 24 Feb 2019 2

I am so very pleased with this quilt and will remember who inspired me to do it!  Thank you Bella!

Now on to the next thing.  DECISION TIME!  If one starts a project in 2015 and one tends to drag their fee on it – it is time to close down the project.  This is what I am going to do with A Bountiful Life project.  I have 8 blocks finished with 2 remaining to applique (already prepped in 2018 – I think).  After I finish these blocks I will stop and make a 9 block A Bountiful Life quilt!  Almost halfway and this will be OK with me.  What is one more quilt to be hand quilted anyway?   I have become bored with it and moving on to other projects, like Stonefields and Dresden Heaven.

This is Block 8 for A Bountiful Life that I started working on last night.

Bountiful Life Block 8
Block 8 – Love those Berries!

I will be quilting my Heart quilt this afternoon and since it is small I will strive to complete it today (latest tomorrow).


I have completed the embroidery for Susan’s SAL  I believe I am ahead by getting the 4 embroidery blocks completed so this will provide me time to do some long arm quilting.


I found this wall hanging embroidery pattern that I had started in 2018 when I was going crazy looking for my Red 12 wt Embroidery Thread for the SAL.  So it will also be done – no special time for it.  I purchased in on 13 December 2017, the day I came home and became sick for 2 months with the Flu – ah how we do not forget the important things in our lives!  LOL.   I found it by the French General fabric collection and thought I would whip it out quickly.  That has not happened yet…..

French General Wall Hanging

AND, the winner for the remainder of February and March is… next project is Star of Chamblie!!!!  In 2013 I was beginning to start work on this project but had to delay it.  I am THINKING that I will make it a Blue and White Feathered Star quilt!  I am ready to get away from Red for awhile!  It will be a Blue and White quilt using Moda Marble Mate Blue and Marsha McCloskey’s fabric for the background!


I did make a practice Radiant Feathered Star block in 2013 in Black and Brown.

Nanette's 2013 Radiant Feathered Star

Well, this is all I have to show today!  I am always happy when I complete a project.   Now that I have the fabric selected, I will go quilt Hearts, and tomorrow will start on Star of Chamblie!  Let’s hope for a peaceful, quiet week for all!


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Capital T Quilt Project

In November, Bella of Then and Again Quilts started a Sew Along making a Capital T block each month for 12 months!  This month Bella had to withdraw her project and her Blog due to health issues.  I decided to continue on and make 12 Capital T’s using her first block for November.

Today I had completed 12 blocks (they are quite easy compared to some of my last projects) but now I realize I need to make 4 more in order to have my quilt square.  Below is a picture of  the 12 blocks that I have completed.  I am hoping to finish this project by tomorrow!  ANY BETS ON THAT ONE?  It is a possibility since things have been so peaceful and quiet (other than some idiot who was able to somehow steal my credit card number – but all is taken care of).

Capital T Quilt

I have figured out a way to make the flying geese quicker using Eleanor Burns ruler only to trim the geese!  We shall see if I can meet my goal!  I will use a 3″ white sashing and then a 2″ red border to frame it and maybe continue on with white.  Not sure at this time.  Will see how it works out!  It is looking like I will close the week out with this top finished and my Heart Quilt loaded and quilted in the longarm!

Have a great evening and I do believe I am ready for the weather to become more stable!  Life is now “the sameness of routine” and I am loving it!


Enduring Love!

Happy Saturday! We need to push for better Weathermen on our local news! They have missed the mark all winter! I started out with a nice short sleeve scope neck this morning and my walk, only to find out that it was 49 degrees with a damp 10-12 MPH wind. Obviously I changed to a turtle neck and ear muffs! I know that the North has really suffered with all the snow and sub-zero temperatures and are really looking for an early Spring. Since Easter is late this year, I predict (based on my years) that we will have a cool Spring and then in May we will start the 100+ temperatures. I hope I am wrong!

Today I finished the remake of Enduring Love! It is always a good feeling to finish a quilt top – even if I did have to make this quilt twice. I started this quilt in the Spring of 2015 and got as far as the Square in a Square border only to have problems! I took it apart, fixed that problem but by then I was sick of the quilt and gave all the fabric away! I was having issues with the fabric and firmly believe that I had received a bad run of the fabric. It was from Judy Rothermel’s Legacy line. When I got to that point I added a 6″ border of some light fabric from the same fabric line (I do not have a picture of it) and it has hung in the “quilting waiting line” since 2015! This is where I started after taking that last border off in January.

I was looking at Carol Hopkins new book Vintage Legacies in November or December and there was Enduring Love again! I decided that I would remove the border that I put on the quilt in 2015 and try again. I was very lucky to find an on-line store that still had some of the fabric line and this time I did not have any issues finishing the quilt top.

The border is brown, but looks different in the pictures. The quilt is 80 x 80 and is just too big to get a good picture! This quilt top is what I call a “Labor of Love” because of the time I spent in making the dumb thing twice and then re-doing the last 3 borders – Stars, 1 1/2″, and the 4″ final border. I am pleased with the finished quilt top.

I have completed 3 of the 4 embroidery blocks for the Susan’s SAL . What a nice break it has been to switch to embroidery rather than applique! There is one more block and then we will start piecing and working on Dresden Plates that are in the quilt pattern.

Now I need to decide on which pattern of the long list for 2019-2020 that I made up in January. I am really drawn now to five (5) different quilts. I am rather tired of making stars for now and want to work on something different

OMIGOSH! by Sue Garman

Star of Chamblie by Marsha McCloskey

Double Wedding Ring by Shar Jourgenson

Infinity from Twist and Turn Bargello Quilt by Eileen Wright

Log Cabin by Judy Martin using Marti Michell’s Rulers

Any of the five will probably drive me nuts, but they are challenging projects! I will continue on with my Capital T quilt (Bella has had to stop her Capital T project) and complete 12 blocks and finish the quilt. Then I want to focus on my Four Crowns block to see where it takes me.

Capital T Block

Four Crowns Block

In a few days I will select the project to work on! For hand work I have 2 more blocks to applique for A Bountiful Life and need to prepare Section 6 of Stonefields. Busy Busy Busy – and it has been so peaceful and quiet which allows me to make progress on my Bucket list!

Have a great weekend!


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Typical Monday in Crazy Land

First the good things. I finished one of the blocks for the Merry Christmas SAL.

Now for the fun and games. Refrigerator Number THREE (3) will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Can you believe Lowes cannot find someone to replace gaskets on Number Two Refrigerator in our area????

No wonder I am craving doughnuts!

Moral of this story – pray your old appliances last another 20 years!

Have a great day!

Nanette -at least I think 🤔 this is who I am in La La Land.

HQAL – 10 February 2019

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for quilter’s who enjoy hand stitching work to share and motivate one another in their projects. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  For once I have something to share!  YEA!

I have finally finished Block 7 of A Bountiful Life!  Now to add the circles on each flower.


I have also joined in on the A Merry Christmas To You SAL  I started working on the 4 embroidery blocks last night.  I want to improve my embroidery work and found a great little video on YouTube from Mary Corbet on the Stem Stitch.  There is a little trick in the video that is great.  I always had issues with corners and curves!  Not anymore!



Hung With Care Block

You may remember last year that I have been working on Susan’s Dresden Heaven   I finished all the Dresden plates last May and now need to applique them to a background.  I made my Dresden’s in some 1930 fabric that I had purchased for Farmer’s Daughter but did not  make that quilt.

All those lovely Tiny Dresden’s
16 Large Dresden Plates
Larger Dresdens


Check out the other quilter’s who participate in the HQAL every 3 weeks to see what projects they are working on.

KathyLoriKerryEmmaTracyDebConnieDeborah,  Susan, JessiscaSherryNanetteSassyEdithSharon Grethenand Karrin

Bountiful Life and a New SAL

I am sad to hear that Bella is ending her Capital T SAL and her Blog due to health issues. I will miss her Blog a lot. Talented Lady. I am going to finish my Capital later this month or in March!

Life here in Ruralsville has improved in one sense and gone down in another sense! The new refrigerator from last Monday had a gasket leak and it was replaced Thursday with another Refrigerator. NOW the 2nd one has a worse gasket problem. But at least it works! They will come out next week to replace all the gaskets! GRRR

Internet service has been the upside of our lives! We have new equipment and speeds up to 25 Mbps but no less than 15 Mbps! How blessed we are!!!!!!

In place of the Capital T SAL, I have joined a SAL with Susan Marth. I did her Dresden Plates quilt last year ( more hand work to come on it) and I also purchased her pattern A Merry Christmas to You at the same time.

I have prepped the 4 blocks in the pattern for Embroidery.

SHOCK SHOCK. I finished Block 7 of A Bountiful Life! Looking like I will have to add circles on the flower center soon! What do you think! Plain or a circle needed?

For my Enduring Love Border I have 12 of 40 Stars made and hoping to finish 8 today. Then I will be half way through!

I am getting pretty good with doing my Post on the iPhone. Need to sell one of my iPads!!!

Have a great weekend. There is a sign on our gate now that says NO PROBLEMS WANTED! LOL 😂


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Baby Quilts and Stars

I am trying to stay focused on my projects BUT somehow things keep happening to break my ability to focus! Fun events as our Refrigerator dying on Saturday. They delivered the new one Monday only to have to replace it because of the freezer frosting over! I am happy I did not place the order for groceries to replace all that defrosted. We also purchased a new washer and dryer. All appliances were purchased in 1998 before we retired. They lasted a long time and can never be replaced as technology has changed so drastically.

The next irritation is the crummy Internet provider. I have been wanting to do a Post for 3 days only to try this morning and no service.

So I am doing one on my phone. Here goes

I have finished the two baby quilts for Kay’s Great Great Grand-babies just in time for the next cold front! YEA The quilts are 50″ x 50″

This is Brooklyn’s quilt.

This is Addison’s quilt.

Next quilting project is to load my Heart quilt I finished last May.

My sweet Engineer hubby ( who puts up with me more than he should when I feel bad) has improved the lighting on my Handi Quilter.

This is what the new lights looked like before he installed them. He made the part to place the lights on! So talented!

Today my new Pattern Grid arrived. I may make an attempt later in the year to learn how to do pantograph’s!!!!

Now I am working on the final border for Enduring Love. I need 40 each 6 1/2″ Stars. I am making 10 Stars from 4 different fabrics using Eleanor Burns technique and ruler.

I have 10 made and halfway finished with 10 more.

Tomorrow we will receive another Refrigerator and the Internet Tech is coming in the morning. Houseful of people!

If the 2nd Refrigerator and Internet is working tomorrow I will place my grocery order for pick up on Friday.

Maybe by Saturday things will calm down.

Happy sewing.

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