WordPress Problem and Alaska Update

Greetings. Boy this has really be a day – Walking, HEB, Post Office, Pharmacy, and home again and have breakfast. Then Clay told me that Amazon sent the wrong item for the lawn mat, the Doctor did not send in my prescription, WordPress was giving me fits, the hearing aids go nuts, and too many phone calls. Started my day at 6:00 – it I now 3:10 and I am finished with all the ‘UNFORESEEN REQUIREMENTS’.

Now for the WordPress issues. I wanted to share this information for those who use WordPress, IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE PRODUCT, like an iMAC, iPad, iPhone, etc., on the last update for the iPads, iPhones, iMAC and Safari, there is a setting in Safari that allows you to check a block to “Prevent cross-site-tracking”. Well, what it did for me was the following every time I wanted to Reply to a Comment on a Post! I had to go through 3 steps to sign in for each reply I sent. I tried this week-end on my own to figure it out and could not.

Because I pay an annual fee, I get technical support. After 1 hour of trying different things and being told that I needed to use Google, or FoxFire (I even downloaded FoxFire to prove that theory wrong) for my browser they send me a link that discussed what happens when this “Prevent cross -site tracking” box is checked!!!. Mine is now unchecked. BIG PROBLEM RESOLVED!

For an update on the Edyta Sitar Creative Grid Ruler issue on my previous post. Amazon took the ruler back (it was $38.00) and I have already received my credit. I provided the Seller with a complete description of the problem and provided pictures to back it up. I also sent emails to Sitar and to Creative Grid advising them of the problems I had and provided pictures. Sitar support told me the following in their response:

“Hello Nanette, 

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Here is a link for the Mystery Quilt 2022 Templates available on our website:


The Alaska Templates will not work for this project because the Mystery is much bigger than the Alaska templates.

Due to the size differences, they will not work.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.  Happy Quilting!

Thank you,

Laundry Basket Quilts




This response was shocking since her website clearly states that the Alaska Ruler can be used for the 2022 Mystery Quilt. Click here to see that it clearly stated that the templates and the Creative Grid Ruler can be used…..Hummmm

WELL I am not doing the 2022 Mystery with them, I was trying to make the original Alaska quilt, so they did not understand what I was telling them. No wonder they have problems in writing patterns and that the ruler will not work for the original Alaska pattern. They do not answer their phone either.

I also sent an email to Creative Grids and received a very nice response with a POC to speak with. The representative and I spoke for 45 minutes. They were glad to hear from me regarding my concern with the Alaska Ruler. I told the Representative that I did not want Creative Grids Company to be blamed for the issue. This problem begins and ends with Edytar Sitar’s company. It was a great conversation with a Lady who was highly involved in working with Sitar, so I would image some things might just change with their Quality Assurance Department at Laundry Basket Quilts.

Now you ask – Well Nanette, what are you going to work on this week? It is called RIPPING! Last night I was working on the binding on a quilt that the quilter “sewed the binding for me” in 2014. That was the worst thing I could have done for this quilt. I now have to rip the entire binding out and re-sew it as she did not leave adequate room to turn it for hand binding or even for machine sewing. This is not a small quilt – it is for a California King bed and it is very very heavy! I am going to have so much fun!.

To top it off while working on my Sentimental Scraps, I began to realize that JUST MAYBE, when I put it aside I had not checked 9 patch to make sure it was squared at 3 1/2″. I started having issues when I sewed strips together. Most of you know I am the ultimate Perfectionist when making a quilt, so it has to be corrected even if I spend a week ripping, checking all 200 9 patches, and sewing things back together.

SO you ask me, what will I be doing this week when I am in the Studio, RIPPING! BRAINLESS WORK. Thursday Clay and I will be laying the lawn mat down for the contractor to lay the decorative rocks. So it won’t be a very productive sewing week here but that is OK. There is always another day – somewhere where someone doesn’t cause me to have to clean up their mistakes!

Have a blessed week, and enjoy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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7 Replies to “WordPress Problem and Alaska Update”

  1. Hi Nanette – that was interesting about the cross site tracking, I have that problem with some blogs but not all of them. Sometimes when I try to hit the like button it goes to a white block and wont let me post like. A bit frustrating at times. Goodness on all the ripping in your future….yikes…. all in all quite an update – keep smiling though 🙂


  2. I hate hearing all the issues. I do not like ripping out at all! Maybe while watching tv or listening to an audible book will help. Hugs,


  3. Wow on the ruler issues. That really IS a shocking reply considering what is posted on their blog. Sometimes these folks get so popular they don’t “get it” because they don’t really listen. Your mention of “HEB” made me happy all over again that we are FINALLY going to get an HEB closer to us. The closest one right now is almost 100 miles away. We shopped at HEB from 2012 until we moved here at the end of 2020, and boy do we miss it. They are putting one in about 35 miles from us, which is much better than 100 miles. Ugh on the ripping!


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