Threads of Memory and Ms Potts

Doesn’t it feel great when we finish (or at least finish the quilt top) a project?  I first started working on reproduction quilts with some great reproduction fabrics in early 2014 with Barbara Brackman’s BOM, Threads of Memory.  The blocks were completed sometime last year (early 2015) but were put in the UFO stack and I moved on to other projects.  The original pattern had flying geese surrounding each block, I was “too lazy” do to all that work, so the project just sat there a little longer gathering dust in the UFO bin!

It felt so rewarding to complete the Belle of the Ball Ladies quilt last week that I had decided to continue on with “catching up” with UFO’s. I really liked the effect that the sashings had on that quilt and decided to continue on with the same type of sashings for Threads of Memory!

Although I am not completely finished, I wanted to post a picture of the blocks sewn together.   The next border will be the dark crackle brown and a light crackle border.    I am pleased with this quilt.

Threads of Memory 2014 BOM by Barbara Brackman

I have also been SLOWLY working on the May block for Ms Potts BAS project.  I changed the block to some EPP flowers and used batiks.  I am hoping that this block will allow me to mix and match some fabrics and incorporate more colors into the quilt.   Of course, you can see that the next step is to Applique the flowers to the background and then I will be through with the block.  I just love the colors.  

I can barely hear my CWB project, block 4 calling in the distant background and hope to start on it soon.  I also have one more quilt top to put together, but need to decide if I am really going to like the quilt.  The blocks are 16″ house blocks.   I had a lot of issues with the pattern and the colors are not really my favorite, so I f I decide that I do not want to put anymore effort in the project, I have the perfect Quilter’s home to send it to for completion.

Have a great week and keep on stitching – it pays to work the UFO Bin every now and then for that great feeling of accomplishment!

Circa 2016 and Down Computer Memory Lane

Computer technology has advanced to the point to where I can take a picture on my iPhone, pick up my iPad and here I am doing a quick post!  I can remember when we had absolutely no instant gratification for anything especially computers!  Remember when we had to fire up the Computer Processing Unit (CPU) and it would take forever for the software to load and then we definitely did not go to “email” or the “Internet” because that had not been developed.  In addition before the 1990’s I had to learn Disk Operating System (DOS) commands in order to access my files.  This was 1980 technology.  Again, technology is absolutely wonderful and I am so blessed to have grown up with the computer and having this ability has been a wonderful blessing throughout my working career and now in my Quilting.  I remember when the “server” required an entire building as large as a warehouse! Now this was 1960-1970 technology!

OK, enough of that and on to my short post of progress!    I have completed the last 2 segments of Circa 2016 one week late for 2 of the blocks, but on target for the 24th!


I am really enjoying this project mostly because it is so easy to keep up with the weekly blocks.  I can still remember when I first started quilting and I would have probably pulled my hair out trying to figure out how to make 3″ blocks.  Most of the blocks are made with Half Square Triangles (HSTs) VERY SMALL, but such an excellent way to become a perfectionist in precision.

We received some wonderful rain yesterday – almost an inch!  This morning the humidity is 97% and in the high 70’s – I must think just how badly I want to do my 30 minute walk this morning.   Since the end of April I have walked 507,275 steps, which is 229 miles, and enough for 8 marathons.  My goal is 6,000 steps each day, but am averaging 7,000.   This has been my best month because I have only missed 2 days.  Walking has always been important to me since 1986 and my first back surgery.  If I had not been true to this program for all these years I would not be as active as I am for my age which is now 71!

This morning as I am working on my post, I happened to look out the window of my Studio and there was mama deer with her 2 new twins!  We have been waiting for them to come out and play and eat with their mama.  Hopefully I will be able to snap a picture of the babies and post it.  We look forward to June each year when new babies are born.

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the day, whatever you do.

The Ladies Quilt is Completed!

Greetings from lovely Hotsville, Texas.  I am getting somewhat used to it as long as I do not have to go anywhere after 11 AM. (LOL).

I have finally finished Wanda’s Ladies quilt.  It is an older pattern but one that was fun to applique.  I used fabrics from the Connecting Threads Charleston collection about 2 years ago – maybe a little longer.  I am very pleased as to how it turned out.  I love the piano keys border.   The fabrics are coordinating and rather than just sewing the ladies together, I put a corresponding fabric around each block that matched the dresses and umbrellas.   Of course the piano keys are made from the same for coordinating fabrics.   The ribbons on the top of the umbrellas are embroidered.

Ladies Quilt for Wanda 1


Now on to putting the Threads of Memory (think that was a 2014 project by Barbara Brackman).  I have not had a “vision” of how to set the blocks, so it will take me a few days to think it over.  I really feels good to finally finish a project, albeit a small quilt.  Have a great evening and sewing day tomorrow.

CWB Update Post for Jaydee’s Block 1

Yesterday I posted Jaydee’s CWB blocks.  We inadvertently posted her block without the embroidery.  I am posting both pictures so you can see the difference the embellishment makes on a block.

Have a great day!

Jaydee's CWB Block 1
Jaydee’s original Block 1 without embroidery!
Jaydee's Block 1 with Embroidery
Jaydee’s Block 1 with Embroidery

I like the way that the embroidery makes the leaves look like they are attached to the stems!  Great job Jaydee – lots of work doing this!

MY 100th POST! – Jaydee’s CWB Blocks

This is my 100th Post and today I am happy to bring you Jaydee’s  CWB (The Australian Pattern) blocks that she has completed.  Jaydee has added embroidery to the blocks and it really makes a difference.   She is following the pattern without any changes, except for adding the embroidery on the leaves, which really stands out.  The blocks really pop with all the different colors of leaves and flowers. Her blocks have a lot of movement and gives the effect that you could reach out and touch the birds.   I hope you enjoy looking at her work.  She is ONLY 7 blocks ahead of me (darn).  Have a great day!

Jaydee's CWB Block 2

Jaydee's CWB Block 1

Block 8

Block 7

Block 6

Block 5

Block 4

Block 3


Progressing with CWB Project (Lost Boy Quilt and A Bountiful Life)

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers!  Looks like we will have another banner day here in Hotsville!  By this time I do become used to the heat and humidity AND it is ONLY 3 more months to Fall!  YEA!

By now I should have 6 blocks completed, but only half way there.  Cathy has completed Block 4 and I bring up the rear with Block 3.  Lynn has postponed working on the project until September.  Jaydee is soooo far ahead – she has 10 of the 20 completed!

Cathy changed her Block 4 to put a dog and a squirrel!  I just love the way she did it as the dog is looking up at the squirrel in the tree and one can imagine the barking going on!l  Cathy is doing a more “scrappy” for her leaves.  Very unique to have different colors for each leaf, and remember she is doing her blocks in 10.5″ X 10.5″…..


For my Block 3 I changed the strawberries.  I did not like the pattern so I used fabric to provide the effect of the red and green.  This was an easy block, but for some reason I slowed rolled its progress, but as usual, now that it is finished I like it.  My blocks are the traditional 14″ X 14″.


I am still trying to have some progress on my UFOs.  Today I am working on a lap quilt called Bell of the Ball.  There are 4 Southern Ladies with their Civil War era dresses and umbrellas.  I made it for a Wanda over a year ago.  So it really needs to be completed.

Have a wonderful day and week.

PS.  This is the first post I have done 100% on my iPad!  Neat!

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Circa 2016 – 2nd Time Around and Summer Is Here in South Texas

No longer will I have to wonder how the summer will be here in Hotsville,Texas.  Yesterday it reached a 100 with some high humidity to go along with it, and this is just mid-June!  Oh, for some more rain and less humidity.   Walking is early in the AM and in the air conditioning for the remainder of the day!

I am excited because I am completely caught up with Circa 2016!  I started around the end of May but when I finished making the Medallion there were issues with fabric and color that I had to deal with.   I learned a great deal about making small blocks and small quilts while working on this quilt.  For some reason, I tend to learn by doing and then re-doing!  I have learned some important lessons when making small quilts, such as,  pressing all seams open, precision in sewing, and of course being provided the perfect cutting instructions really helps.   Did I press all seams open and watch my sewing and not “trail off” when making each block on the first Medallion?  NO! Based on that the first medallion part of Circa 2016 has been retired to the “bottomless” drawer that holds those REAL UFO’s.  The ones that never will ever get finished!

(Note:  “trailing off” means that when sewing two pieces of fabric together one starts off great with 1/4″ seam allowance and by the time they get to the end of the block, or square, the seam allowance is down to maybe 3/8″.  I learned that I have a problem with this when I first started quilting, so when a block does not turn our correct I immediately look for that issue.  To aid me in not having the problem, I set my Husqvarna to the slowest speed and it helps.  Of course I probably would be through quicker if I sew at a higher setting, but I do get tired of correcting my “trailing off” problem!)

I started on the 2nd version of the quilt on the 4th of June and finished the new Medallion and all of the blocks (34) on the 12th of June.  I really do like the change in fabrics (that was one of the problems in the first medallion) because I was not happy with the 2000 reproduction fabrics!   So here we go with the “new” Circa 2016.  It makes me feel good to start the project and be current with the group.

Cudo’s to Temecula Quilt Company who has  provided great cutting requirements!  I never had to worry about that, as my blocks always came out perfect at 2 3/4″ or 3″ as stated in the instructions.  This project is a “mystery quilt” so all of the remaining blocks that I have made will be used in the quilt.  Temecula has a picture of a portion of the finished quilt on their Blog header.

For the 2nd time around, I chose to use an Moda Antique Muslin fabric that seemed to really add to the quilt.  I had used Michael Miller Krystals in the first one and the fabric was stretching and giving me issues, and you know how I love “issues” with quilts!  The Krystals fabric is great for applique background but not for piecing (another lesson learned).

Here is a picture of the first Medallion that is now in the UFO drawer.  After I took the picture I immediately realized that I had not paid close attention to the placement of the light and dark quarter square border blocks, so I knew that I had 2 choices – rip and repair, or redo.  Since I did not like the Michael Miller setting fabrics in the center nor the 2000 reproduction fabrics, the decision to just start over was the best for me.

First Try - Mistake in border
First Cut of Circa 2016 – Mistake in Border. Finished Size 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″

Here is the 2nd Version.  I think the cheddar fabric really makes it pop!  Also I love the cheddar squares in the middle of the 9 patches.  This gives the eye something to follow and really showcases the pinwheels.

Circa 2016 Medallion
2nd Circa 2016 Medallion with Borders – Finished Size 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″

Here are the remaining 34 blocks that I made in order to be ready for tomorrow’s 2 new blocks!

Block Group 1
Circa 2016 Blocks – Blocks are 3″ Finished
Block Group 2
Circa 2016 Blocks – Blocks are 3″ Finished
Block Group 3
Circa 2016 Block – Blocks are 3″ Finished
Block Group 4
Circa 2016 Blocks- Blocks are 3″ Finished

It is amazing how blocks look great on the design wall until I take a picture of them, and then all the flaws show.  The rail fence blocks look like they might have to be re-done, but I will do that later.  The bottom blocks in the picture above were something else to make to me they were the most difficult.  I think they finish out at 1/2″ HSTs.  Selection of fabric when making something this small is important.  The first one I made is in the trash can!   Again, precision is so important in working with the small blocks, but now I am becoming addicted to them!

Next thing for me to do is to finish the 4 quilts that will need settings designed and then sew the blocks together.  I am hoping that within the next 2 weeks I will have them completed and can start again on Stonefields.  My CWB is coming along – almost finished with block 3 and will post it when I finish it.  I still have 3 other blocks prepared and ready to go.  I finally feel like I am accomplishing something in my quilting world!  I am back to my little corner of the world with minimum interruptions and my little routine!

Have a wonderful week-end and stay cool!  My favorite day in the year is 21 June because it is Summer Solstice and the days will begin to shorten and to me it means that Fall and Winter are not too far away!  YEA!  I am hoping for snow this year in Hotsville, Texas!

Enjoy quilting!

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