HAPPY NEW YEAR – 21 January 2022!

Greetings, I am now starting 2022, this is hanks to the nice wintery mix in the Hill Country, where the lovely Cedar Trees reside. They had some sleet and maybe ice on those love trees. and today the Cedar Count is down, and I am going to assume that it will now be less of a problem for me going forward. I woke up today normal, no coughing, etc. I also did my 30 minute walk – not as fast as I normally do – but it was 33 degrees and I had missed the last 20 days. So I am happy with doing 1 and 1/4th of a mile in 30 minutes! Even with a few stops just to let the body know I was not planning on killing it today.

Today is my 2022 New Years Day as I am well and starting to clear up a few things that I want finished by 1 February!

Last night I started my Fat Quarter Shop Cross Stitch project, of which I call ’Love’. It is a free download and Kimberly has YouTube videos to walk beginners through the process. They call it Cross Stitch University!

Fat Quarter Shop Free Download Pattern

I am changing the thread colors. I wanted a black outline where they used grey and a red outline where they used blue. This will make my house more of a Barn! I have tons of floss that were purchased around 2008 and when they quit making the thread in France. How lucky I was to be able to have nothing but floss made in France!

Floss for ’Love’

I started working on ‘Love’ last night. Kathy gave me some great tips the other day on figuring where to start on this project. Instead of using the painter’s tape around the edges, I am trying to see how cutting the Aida cloth with my pinking rotary cutter. So far so good!

First Outline Line

For today I am going to try to sew buttons on my Dresden Heaven using a quilting hoop. We shall see how that goes. I want to also work on ’Love’! Then there are 12 blocks to trace for my Holiday Sew Along quilt! Sounds like a busy afternoon doesn’t it! Feels good to me!

Have a great week-end and it feels so good to be ME AGAIN!

Hug’s Nanette

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To Do Tuesday – 20 January 2022?

Just a short note to say Hi and that we have survived the ”whatever”. Not sure what we picked up in Rockport but after 2 years of being very careful, I did not pay attention to the fast spread of the Flu, Omicron, Viral Bronchitis, OR that the fact that Cedar was alive and well in Rockport. Which ever it was we started with a ”cold” which turned into Bronchitis for Clay and I. Clay suffered from the cough and slept in his recliner for 7 or 8 nights to keep from coughing. FINALLY after a Z-pack and a round of steroid pill pack we called and they gave him a prescription for cough syrup with Codine. That stopped his coughing and he is sleeping like a baby. He is over it! Mine has hung on from mixing the ”cold” with a nice Cedar attack.

I am still suffering from the Cedar which has now caused me Eustachian tube problems. I am taking a 2nd round of my antibiotic to make sure that the tubes will clear up. With my weak immune system, I think I have made it through the ’cold’ and a sinus infection very well. I am hoping that the weather mix in the Hill Country today will freeze the Cedar trees and kill them! LOL

I finally found some plain cough syrup Tuesday in hopes of stopping my coughing, but when I got home I found out it had high fructose corn syrup and red dyes. The person helping me at the Drug Store gave me the wrong bottles. I did try a very small amount of it that afternoon and on Tuesday evening after taking another small sip, I became sick with stomach and my ears were killing me because of the HFCS and sugars in the syrup. I am just so sensitive to any medication and the horrible inactive ingredients that they put in our medication and and all the chemicals they put in our foods that it is difficult to treat me. I can take the food problem, but the Cedar just puts me down. But, alas, it seems that my 2nd round of Antibotics are kicking in and my ears are calming down. Thank you Lord!

I have not felt like doing anything and it kills me that I cannot get outside and walk. This is day 20 that I have not walked – I will catch up as soon as the Cedar settles down in a week or so! The weather is so dry this winter and those damn Cedar trees are over blooming. The count has ranged from 900 to 28,800. I wear 3 masks when I come out to the Studio and the other day I went to HEB with my 3 masks and gloves as I do not want to pick up any other germs. I see people walking around without a mask and wish them luck. As we all know the Vaccine does not protect anyone from Omicron! We opted to decline testing since our blood oxygen was great and no fever. Just a cold and if it was the Omicron, it was no worse than a cold, no fever, no aches, etc.

On the hobby front, thanks to Jocelyn who posted about her blocks from the 2020 Moda Holiday Sew Along, I printed out the patterns and cut out 14 blocks before leaving for Rockport. I finished Block 1 while there and now have finished Block 2. Block Number 3 is ready for embroidery and the remaining 12 background fabrics are ready for tracing the pattern. I purchased Linen fabric in 1989 when I thought I would start making my clothes again – WRONG – I have kept this fabric for all these years and have the fabric in pink, turquoise, and white. I am using an inexpensive, thin muslin as the backing. This is a fun and very easy project to work on anytime. Thank you Jocelyn for providing the link in your post which provided a reminder to me that I had already downloaded the patterns in July!

Block 1
Block 2

I have also finished another Dishcloth! I love this one, especially the pattern and the yarn color! The pattern is called ‘Chain’. I love the look of the chain side and the reverse side. Clay asked me if I was going to make a sweater – what a joke! That might be next year when I take that one on!

Reverse Side of Chains

This morning, I dusted my two rooms in the Studio with Murphy’s Oil and do believe it has helped. I am planning on working on tracing some more blocks for the Holiday Blocks and determined to work on my cross stitch project. I am trying to move around more and just deal with the allergies. I do not mean to complain, as we are so blessed, but it is frustrating when it takes me away from my routine of my exercise and the desire to quilt.

It is hard to believe that we are heading into February already. I am going to plan to start on quilting projects around 1 February! That is when the Cedar will almost be gone, and I know I will feel better. In the meantime, I just may get those buttons sewn on the Dresden Heaven quilt – SHOCK SHOCK!!

My goal for the next week is to get better and back on track and work on hand projects.

Have a great week!

Hugs, Nanette

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Waiting to Start 2022!

Good morning! Just a quick post to let you know that I have not started anything in 2022!

When we got home from Rockport I came down with a Sinus infection from Cedar and Bronchitis in which I politely passed it to Clay. It could have been the new and popular Con version of whatever, but we did not get tested. WHY? Clay is beginning to get better and I am dealing with Cedar allergies. No fever and we took antibiotics, etc and the normal things when you get a bad head cold. Lingering cough which should pass soon. we both had the best night’s sleep last night. things are getting better

Until I am 100% i will not be posting or quilting.

Have a great week see all soon

Hugs! Nanette

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