HQAL and Vacation Time

We are now halfway through August – about 30 days or so from Fall – don’t think Fall will be here until November!

I finished 4 blocks for Stonefields this week just in time for HQAL.

I will be taking the rest of the month off from quilting post due to a nice upcoming vacation getaway for us.  And it is coming at the right time.  Yesterday we had our annual eye exam.  I now know why I could not see the thread when I tried to quilt Enduring Legacy – Cataracts! I look back during February when I started catching up on UFO’s and realize that it was Cataracts.  I just did not realize it as I blamed it on my dry eye problem.

What is amusing to me is that Clay and I both are now scheduled for surgery.  Clay goes first in September and mine will be in October.  I am beginning to look forward to not having the blurred vision without my glasses.  I will still wear glasses and have the dry eye issues, but at least I won’t see double without my glasses!

Clay and I are together 24/7 so here we are having Cataract surgery back to back!  Too funny and will be fun!  I wear corrective glasses so I will be fine until October and then I think it is only a 2 week down time.  We are very happy with our eye doctor, so no worries there.

We are hoping for a big change in the weather (maybe in December – LOL) soon, or at least get back to the low 90’s and out of the 102 plus with the horrible heat index hitting 108-110.


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Back on Track and Progress!

Morning from the new Desert in South Texas.  Yesterday it reached 104 – heat index about 109!  We probably have another week or so of the high temperatures then it may start going down to the 90’s – YUP a cold wave!  The Casino is going to be so nice – hope it is 50 degrees in there!  I am doing great on riding the indoor bike each morning.  Last night I did another 15 minutes after supper and did a total of 10 miles on the bike for the day!  In addition, I have lost a pound – of the 3 pounds that, for some reason, I had gained back and that is a NO-NO for me!

After my lovely mess up with my Enduring Legacy quilt escapade I am back to where I was on Sunday morning!  It took me about 12 hours to clean up the mess and without Clay it would have taken longer.  I have now put it to bed for the next 2 weeks.

Through this mess we figured out that the LED lights that Clay had added in February above the needle were too bright!  I wondered why I was having issues seeing the threads on the quilts I had quilted since then, as that was unusual, but I attributed it to my eyes!  WRONG.  He is just so smart – he had added a lot of LEDs under the throat plate that really helped me before the new group of lights were added and had then wired all together.  So to fix the problem, he reduced the voltage on the new group of lights and now it appears that I will not have that problem again.  I will start quilting on this puppy in September.  I need a little time away from that mess!

You can see how he added lights to the HQ he made the metal plate to put the LEDs on and used double sided tape to connect to the machine.  He amazes me with his ingenuity and abilities to make or do anyting to make something better.  He was that way with our 36′ Fifth Wheel – we had all florescent lighting, modified the kitchen table, and more!  I STILL miss not having it, but do not miss all the work in loading and unloading!

In the meantime I have completed my Butterfly blocks for Stonefield’s Section 6!  One more block to go and it is the Cat and Owl in a boat!  I want to finish tonight!

I have started making blocks for Alexander Bean Pot yesterday.  I love Carol Hopkins Reproduction quilt books and her directions!  This particular one provides the directions for one block which really makes it easy and fast when making a different fabric set for each block!  I selected 16 sets of light and dark for 16 blocks, then decided to make 2 of each colorway.  I will more than likely make another 16 group sets when I complete the first 32 blocks.  I enjoy cutting out 2 blocks, sewing them, and then start on the next 2.  This way I am not constantly standing, or sitting!  The blocks are 5″ unfinished, 4 1/2″ finished!  I love the way she did the sashings for this quilt and I will be looking for a nice red reproduction fabric in my stash when I finish all the blocks.

In case you are wondering about Kevin’s project, they have been gifted to a quilting buddy!  Now I plan on making more Alexander blocks the next couple of days and then vacation time!  Have a great rest of the week and happy stitching!


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Slow Sunday Stitching

August is definitely here!  We are in the 105-110 heat index and now the temp’s are 102-105!  I have given up walking – even at 6:30 AM it is horrible.  Now doing the exercise bike.  This is so much easier on me since I lost my weight and I am in the Studio much earlier and I no longer have to take two showers a day!  I am back to myself again and it feels good – getting some good sleep – and not dealing with the heat when exercising!

I started working on Kevin’s Mystery Quilt, but became just toooo bored with making 4 patches (Sorry Kevin).   I do not know why, but it is just not my bag to just sit and make 4 patches or a lot of 9 patches!

I have moved on to making some 3″ Stars and Churn Dashes with my reproduction fabrics.  Yesterday I made 5 more stars.  I have a great stash of shirting’s, but wouldn’t you know as I cut out the star backgrounds I ran out of the black and white background fabric.  I looked in all of my hidden stash boxes and the obvious stash, but nope – all gone!  So I switched to another one.


I am almost finished with my Butterflies for Section 6 of Stonefields – hoping to be finished by Wednesday!  Now that I look at the picture, I am not happy with my work!  (I need to get an attitude adjustment!)  I will embroidery the antenna when I complete all 4 blocks!

Then I pulled fabrics for my Alexander’s Bean Pot quilt.  This is one I made in 2015 for Darryl.  A little late in getting mine done!

Darryl’s Alexander Bean Pot

Next I pulled the fabrics for the blocks.  I always pull the predominate fabric and then select a contrasting color that is in the focus piece!  I have not decided how large I will make mine, but it will be more than 20 blocks and of course I will probably change the border.  So far I have selected enough for 12 blocks and must decide if I am going to make 2 of each color, or make them all different colors!  Decisions Decisions Decisions!

Selected but not pressed when I took the picture – they are now!  The red piece is what is left from making the sashings in Darryl’s quilt.  I do not think I have anymore of it.  It made the prettiest sashing’s.

Not pressed when I took the picture – now they are!

Pressed and ready for cutting!

Pressed and ready for cutting

This morning I started quilting on Enduring Legacy!  I selected a Copper Thread Color thinking I could see it better BUT I still had a difficult time quilting.  I had to put my face in the quilt to see where I was in the process to prevent crossing over the meandering!  Clay is working on some LED lights that he put on the machine for me – we think that they are too bright and causing issues.  If this is the problem, I am going to rip the stitches out and start over!  Won’t that be fun??????????  I had thought I could have it completed by Wednesday, but not looking that way!  Fun times ahead because I will not let cross overs stay on my quilt!  Another issue is the crummy fabric!  I made this darn quilt once and then remade it again to complete it.  Lots of hours in it so why let it look like @@@@@ after all the hard work I did!

Well, this non-positive person is going to go cut out blocks – something that I have fun doing.  I will say one thing, I am glad that I love the entire process of making a quilt.  I will never understand purchasing pre-made blocks and just putting them together, or better yet buying laser cut applique pieces.  Just call me an old traditional quilter who enjoys the entire process (except when I am quilting and have problems!)  LOL

Where is that Casino when I need one?  (Coming Soon)  Have a wonderful week!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE:  Spent 2 hours quilting – now I am ripping!  Anyone want to come over tomorrow and help pick out the threads – I rip fast with my rotary cutter.  This puppy is 80 inches wide and I did 2 rows.  I may be back to where I was by Tuesday, maybe tomorrow afternoon.  BUT I am going to use white thread so I can see what I am doing!  I just cannot see the beige or copper.  Not sure if the dark brown would be any better!  Any suggestions?


A little progress and a Copyright Discussion

Morning!  Weather report will be the same for the next 12 days!  100 plus Heat Index about 105 to 110!

DISCUSSION ON COPYRIGHT LAWS:  I want to state this without exception that if I have a book or pattern for sale there is no problem with doing so as far as Copyright Laws apply.  Designers take the time to create and design quilt patterns. The process is time consuming and requires the ability to be creative!  I could easily design my quilts because I have EQ software, but I do not want to take the time to design a quilt – not my bag.  So I purchase patterns and have paid dearly for them.  SO, if I offer a pattern for sale, it is the original pattern and in excellent shape.  What I WILL NOT DO  is copy the pattern and SELL THE COPY to ANYONE!  It is against the law!  There is a reason for me stating this and is based on an experience I have had with 2 individuals who wanted me to sell either a pattern or a copy of a pattern.

Now for some fun things that have been going on even with some unsettling time in the last 10 days.  I an glad to say I am getting my footing back and will continue to work on Kevin’s Mystery quilt (no thinking required here – just color issues).  I have finished part of Section 6 of Stonefields and only have 4 more blocks butterfly blocks to applique and I can move on to Section 7.

Kevin’s Mystery Blocks – about 35 completed out of 184!  Long way to go!

Stonefields Section 6 – Partially Completed – 4 more to go!

Remaining 4 – They are such cute butterflies with matching circles – they will be the same color as the wings!

Have a wonderful day and keep on stitching!


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Slow Sunday Stitching!

Morning.  I am glad to be alive and have a heaviness in my heart for the loss of my precious Kay and now sadness for those who lost their lives while living their lives.  My God be with them.

I have been working on Kevin’s Mystery Quilt .  On Friday I cut out 800 yup 800 2 1/2″ squares from some left over Timeless Treasure Lollie Pops (probably purchased in 2013/2014).  What a job but it felt good to move around in the Studio after a difficult week.  This is what 800 looks like!


800 2 1/2″ squares

This is Color 1 of the Mystery quilt and we are to make 4 patches – all 184 of them!  Yikes!

17 4 patches

Color 2 will be lights – all 700 of them (2 1/2″ squares) to be cut after I finish all of the 4 patches!  I may not finish them before we take a little vacation from the world!  We will see.

I did work on 2 blocks from Stonefields, but it seems that Ms Susan Smith was off on her measurements (what’s new) and I had to waste some fabric and time before realizing it – I would show the problem, but it is gone with the trash man!  I have my own version that I will show when finished.

Have a safe and blessed week!  Enjoy Life!


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Sadness in our Beloved America

ATTENTION WARNING:  This post contains feelings and words about God, Country, and President Trump.  If any of these words offend you then you may just want to delete my post without reading it.

What has our America come to?  I pray that everyone who was killed in the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio shootings are in the arms of our God and Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I pray that all the survivors who were shot, and anyone and everyone who was involved in the horrible incidents will recover emotionally and physically and remember that our God and Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ are holding them close giving them the strength to go forward in their lives.

I further pray that the radical news media STOP inciting all the hate against our President!  Wake up CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and ABC, you are impacting the safety of American lives and triggering some of the mentally sick people to do the horrible deeds.   Then the Democrats in Congress and those running for President get to work and take care of business and those running for President quit fighting among themselves and start telling Americans exactly what they can do for this country and not for themselves!  You need to support President Trump like the Nation supported the last Democrat President even if we did not like him!!!!!

Republicans need to also get their agenda straight!  Either you are a Conservative Republican and support the President – no middle ground anymore!  Support our President or move on!   As far as the 4 women of Congress who spew hate everyday about our country – get another job please!  I do not care if you live here, but do not try to destroy this beloved Nation that has given you so many opportunities and your freedom!

Enough said by me!  Lt Gov Dan Patrick of Texas said it all this morning on FOX!

May God continue to Bless this troubled Nation!  Brother against Brother is not the way to live!



Additional Slow Sunday Stitching and HQAL 28 July 2019

Greetings!  I have had a great Sunday afternoon and more productive that I thought! I have now sewn my 9 blocks from A Bountiful Life quilt together.  I decided earlier this year that 9 blocks would be all I would make for this quilt since I have lost interest.  She is now ready for a border!

The border will be mostly vines, leaves, and flowers that will blend in with the 9 blocks I had chosen to use from A Bountiful Life.

Patricia Cox had obtained permission to copy the original Civil War Bride (CWB) quilt in the 1990 time frame and in 2001 her pattern Folk Art NYC for Jean came out.  I purchased Pat’s pattern at the Houston Quilt Show in 2004, and then the CWB from Australia, A Bountiful Life, and Little Lost Boy .    Today I was looking at Pat Cox’s pattern which is a true copy of the original Civil War Bride and I am considering that it will be one of the patterns I would like to make in the 2020 time frame using my Reproductions fabrics (the above quilt was done in Batiks)!   I did a complete post on all four patterns Here.

I ran out of time this afternoon, but did make 2 other decisions.  The following blocks will be hand quilted and will be nice wall hangings, or small quilts whichever you wish to call them.  This has inspired me because this means that 3 more UFO’s will be out of the Studio and in the house for more hand work.  I should have some time tomorrow to cut the backings and batting and baste them for quilting, if not I will finish it on Wednesday!

In 2010 or later I purchased the Capt Aust Quilt Pattern  and started the quilt before I had ever purchased any Reproduction Fabrics.  This block is very pretty and I want to preserve it.  Now that I have a great stash of Reproduction fabrics, I may consider making the quilt, maybe not!  We shall see, but at least I am going to finish this wall hanging!  (another UFO will be finshed).

And of course here is French General and I have decided to hand quilt it as a wall hanging!  It is time to change some of the wall hangings in the Studio so this will be my challenge to get them completed!

French General Embroidery Work

I plan on working on the border for A Bountiful Life after Thursday (very emotional and busy 4 days coming up).  Next on my plate is to decide how large a quilt I want Stonefield’s to be.  If I make the entire quilt it will be sent out for quilting as it is just too large for me to handle!   There are 121 blocks, but if I do 100 to 110 that will be plenty!  We shall see!  It was the most expensive pattern I have ever purchased, so I think I had better finish it!

Slowly I am making myself deal with these UFO’s and complete as many as I can this year.  It is doable, I just have to put my mind to it!  Kathy asked me today how many projects had I completed this year and I went back and counted – 14!  They are listed under the Tab for 2019 above!  Wow I am tired!  LOL

Have a wonderful week all, and keep on keeping on stitching!


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