To-Do Tuesday – Happy Day 6 April 2021

Greetings! April is turning out to be a great positive month for us! Things are really getting back to normal. Weather is acceptable and we have a trip planned for this month! Finally something to look forward to for fun!

Yesterday I took time to evaluate my weekly and monthly check out my thought process for my UFO goals. Taking the time to do this has encouraged me that by June I just may be caught up!

  • Applique Jacobean Lights – Work on the 3 large blocks by Goal by 20 April or forget it
  • Sweet Stitches Borders and into a finished top – Goal 12 April
  • A Bountiful Life Border – Goal 12 April
  • Dresden Heaven – prepare fabric background grid – Goal 12 April
  • Stars Around the Garden – Begin working on Setting – 12 April
  • Stonefields – Either finish the last 4 sections or forget them – May
  • Celebrating Brown – prepare 2 blocks for applique -May
  • Antique Blue and White Quilt – New Project – May
  • Kaye England’s Mystery Medallion – New Project – May
  • Quilt Autumn Jubilee

If I do not complete the 3 remaining blocks for the Jacobean Lights then they will be put in the “never never’ drawer and I will put the other blocks together for a top. The other 3 goals will be doable in the next week and it will be great if I can achieve that goal. As far as quilting tops, my RF has been delayed until the 15th of April. I should be able to quilt at least 1 top this month. The trip will prevent me from accomplishing other things, but the getaway is worth it! I will come back ready to get on the “Catch up” quilting train!

Now for the finishes! I am thrilled that I am completely finished with OMIGOSH!

This quilt was my challenge quilt and so glad I did it! I will say that I have never seen so many strings and raveling of fabric in my 20 years of quilting. This quilt will be quilted soon as possible because anytime you touch it there are more strings on the floor!

I love being able to hang my quilts when taking pictures, but have not figured out how to get the bottom from appearing wavy. The quilt is square even if it looks wavy! I forgot to measure it and will not until it is complete finished but it is close to 60″ x 70″.

Next goal completed! I have finished hand quilting the main part of Indian Summer. I have decided to put it away for awhile to let my fingers rest. I also need time to study the borders and decide the best way to quilt them. The quilting will be 1/4″ to prevent flaring, so I need to allow myself the time to do it correctly. The last last time I hand quilted a quilt was in July 2013, so I have really enjoyed the hand quilting and moving this one into the finished column by June. I remember when and where I purchased this fabric in 2002, and I never thought I would ever complete it but I am close to the finish line!

Indian Summer

Have a wonderful day and today is hair cut day for me – long time in coming!

Hugs, Nanette

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Reviewing UFOs and What is Next!

Well, it is 5 April 2021 and Spring has come and gone here in South Texas (the new Desert) and Summer is here – they are predicting 90’s this week – and the walk this morning was back to the Sauna! I am getting used to it again (not really).

I finished OMIGOSH yesterday! (Check out my To Do Tuesday post tomorrow) I remember when I purchased that pattern and how I wanted to make the quilt but could not decide on the fabrics and if I really wanted to drive myself to work with such small blocks. I finally decided to use Barbara Brackman’s Ladies Album, Richmond Reds, and Union Blues fat quarter bundles and Bella Solids for the background. Now that I have completed this challenge quilt, I need to review where I was at the beginning of the year and if I was able to accomplish any of my goals.

On 1 January 2021 I posted a listing of UFOs! I must continue to ask myself WHY did I do that? The insurance issue was not yet resolved, and it still is not, but we have both taken a different approach and view of how to handle whatever the outcome of the reimbursement happens. The attitude is now ‘WE DO NOT GIVE A XXXX”. Clay and I are blessed and we just want to get back to a normal peace and quiet life! I will say that the problem is in the appeals process with Medicare and WebTPA. As soon as we get the EOBs back from Web they are going to BCBS and whatever they pay on is it! Our lives have left the train station leaving Insurance Idiots in the dust! LOL

So here I sit on 5 April 2021 trying to make a decision on what I want to do next. So many things that I want to do. Knitting, Cross Stitching, Embroidery, Lap Weaving, Sashiko, and Quilting! I have just too many hobby projects that are near finish, halfway finished, not even started, etc. But I take comfort in the fact that I am not the only one and that makes me feel a little more sane!

As I sat here writing this post, Jaydee called – talk about an Angel appearing! Here is the outcome of that phone call that helped me make decisions on what UFOs I will finish and I mean finish by June 2021!!!

We discussed my UFOs and she suggested that I just go ahead and do a border for the Bountiful Life (it will be a surprise) and call it a day on that quilt.

Then she agreed with my decision on the border for Stars Around the Garden – add the border and do the appliqued flowers in each corner! YEA another one on the road to completion.

Next in line is Dresden Plates quilt. I am going to select the background fabric, cut out some background fabric and draw a grid and start appliquéing them at night. I will take a few days to make a final decision on fabric.

I am going to take a break from hand quilting on Indian Summer as soon as I finish the section I am working on now and just let it sit until I know what I really want to do with the borders.

Jacobean Holiday is a quilt that I started in or around 2010! I have 3 large blocks ready to applique. They are the Christmas gift box, the Tree with Angels, and the Pineapple above the box. I will give myself 2 weeks to either finish the 3 or forget them! That is it! If I do not finish them then the quilt will be put together without them! Final Decision!

Christmas Present
Pineapple Block

Sweet Stitches requires little borders sewn around each block (fabric came with each pattern) so it will become an embroidery quilt with some scrappy borders! I will also have to do button hole stitching around the little goodies that came with each block (i.e., the Birds, Easter eggs) as they are ironed on. Call it a close finish!

Once I am caught up with these projects, I will again start working on Stonefields, Mary Brown, and my Antique Blue and White Quilt which is a sewing project. I signed up for Kay England’s Mystery Medallion quilt but will not start it or the Blue and White until I have completed all of the above UFOs! I am going to shoot for June 2021!

I have enjoyed writing this post. It has given me a way to logically approach the remaining UFOs and I have needed that. Sometimes when we work on UFOs it becomes more of a job than fun, but I have invested a lot of hours in these projects and there is no sense in letting them just sit for someone else to finish them when I am gone!

Now the next very important goal is to get with the long arm and quilt. I may try to get one done before my RF treatment on the 15th. We shall see. If I do it will be Autumn Jubliee OR, OR, OMIGOSH. OMIGOSH is a very heavy quilt and I will do a rather large meandering with a looser stitch length than I usually use. I do not want to have problems with it and I would like to see it on the quilt rack finished. I may have time to do both before we go on our trip. If not, I am certain that in May I will be doing a lot of quilting on my long arm, or start selling the tops!

Well, this is it for today! I will have my To-Do Tuesday on time this week with a set of a goals that are reachable for next week. Have a great week and stay positive (well, as positive as we can with all the craziness).

Hugs, Nanette

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Happy Easter – Slow Sunday Stitching

Happy Easter and may you have a peaceful day. The weather is nice here in South Texas, but summer is a coming this week – into the 90’s! We have scheduled a week away to Durant Oklahoma and a Casino Visit! I am so looking forward to this trip. It has been over 20 months since we have been able to take a trip. It is so wonderful to have a trip to plan. We will mask up and go listen to all the noise and I will come home refreshed and ready to quilt and just enjoy life!

Today is Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy! I have been working on my Indian Summer quilt and am almost finished with the “mountain” side of the quilt. I should be able to finish this portion today. Then I will study the 3 borders and decide what to do next. Jaydee always tells me that the quilt will let me know what to do next! I am listening! LOL

The last week I have been pampering myself with some French General fabrics. Clay and I visited the Mesquite Bean Shop in San Antonio about a week ago and I picked up 2 pieces of the line along with some 108″ backing fabrics. If you purchased the end of the bolt you received 10% off and 2 of the bolts that I liked were a little over 4 yards each – fairly good buy.

Jan Patik fabric on the left and a Grunge on the right

I purchased some French General Fat Quarters last year – in fact I accidentally purchased 2 of the Le Beau Papillon packages – think I was not thinking! LOL But the fabric will not go to waste! The first fat quarter bundle I purchased was from their Chafarcani line. I purchased 2 yards of Chafarcani and La Rose Rouge from the Mesquite Bean Shop. I did not have any of that line so I went shopping at Hancocks of Paduchah and found 3 sets of fat quarters to be able to make another French General quilt. I love the reds that they have and all of the entire lines will go together. French General has been around a long time, but I am just now getting to where I wanted something different and this is it!

Le Beau from French General

Chafarcani by French General

La Rose Rouge Fat Quarters

OMIGOSH is a quilt top! I have auditioned fabric for the border and decided on a nice reproduction red. I am going to follow the pattern with a 1″ finished border of the red and Bella solids and then a 4″ border of the red. There are 5,400 pieces in this quilt. It will be approximately 56″ x 66″.


Star Spangled Liberty by Pam Buda

Have a wonderful Easter and a great week and happy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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To-Do Tuesdays – 30 March 2021

Greetings from South Texas where we are about to receive the last cold front of 2021. It appears after Easter that the high 80’s will be returning for the summer and of course gradually turn into the 100’s!!! I am not sure, but I do not think El Niño is going to visit like they thought! But that is OK after all, it is the end of March (well OK 1 more day to go)!

I have not set anymore goals this month because of the need for me to finish OMIGOSH! Today I finished the last of the 8 remaining blocks. There are 30 blocks all together. Each block is made up of 2 each 5” UF 9 patch blocks and 2 each 5” UF Shoo Fly blocks which make up a “block”. The 9 patches and the Square in a Square 4 patch blocks are 2” UF. I have no idea how to count the pieces and all the cutting I did for this project, but if I EVER sold it – it would be expensive as there a many hours spent in making it. I may get it appraised someday. They are all on the design wall, and so now I give you Nanette’s OMIGOSH Am I Ever Crazy Quilt:

I am pleased with the setting, so tomorrow morning I will be putting the quilt top together!

My goals for 29 March through 5 April 2021 will be to finish this quilt. If I am blessed enough to do so, I will be reviewing my UFO list again and see if it would be better to put Stars Around the Garden (SAG) together and start on the borders at night; put Sweet Stitches together, or just to save my sanity – start on a new quilt that I have been wanting to make. I have some fabric that will look great with this quilt from Missouri Quilt Company. I also have Dresden Plates to applique to background blocks, hand quilting on Indian Summer, oops, Mary Brown, Stonefields, and Jacobean Lights for applique. Talk about being so far behind in UFOs. Unbelievable I have a lot of money and time already invested in these UFOs and it looks like it will take me the rest of the year to complete them. This doesn’t include the 29 quilts that need to be quilted on the long arm…..No wonder I have high anxiety! LOL

Last Friday Clay and I went to the quilt store and I purchased some French General fabrics, and 2 end of bolts of 108” fabric for backgrounds. I will try to get pictures of all my French General fabric soon in another post. I have ordered a bolt of French General Favorites Pearl Linen. The FQS is a great on-line shop as they provide great service and when buying a bolt you get a discount. This bolt will strictly be used with all of my French General fabrics.

Maybe by next week I will have a list of To-Do’s and get back on track with life and quilting. I know one thing. I will NOT take any generics that have polyethylene glycol. Those 3 generic fluid pills I took last week because they quit making my Brand Name medication, activated my Meniere’s, increased my sugar, gave me 2 horrible Migraines with Aura, ended up with floaters in my right eye and activated my anxiety! That ingredient is in the lovely CHINESE virus vaccine. I believe this inactive ingredient is the reason that people are having bad reactions like extreme tiredness and headaches possibly Migraines. The Owner of the Texas Road House Cafe killed himself because he could not cope with the Tinnitus that comes with Meniere’s after taking the Vaccine!!! Horrible. Johnson and Johnson uses aborted fetus tissue. I will NEVER take this vaccine and NEVER take another Flu Shot. This is MY OPINION based on my PROBLEMS with inactive ingredients in medications and preservatives in foods.

Have a wonderful week. Thursday I will get a hair cut – have not had a real one for over a year (Between Clay and I we kept it trimmed). Tomorrow is Facetime with my friend Kathy. The time we spend together is so uplifting to me just to sit and sew and talk with another quilter is a gift from Heaven!

It seems that I am learning to deal with the new software for WordPress! I pay an annual fee, so I can get help and support if I run into a problem while writing a post. I do appreciate that! I learned a few more things tonight while writing this post on my iPad!

Hugs, Nanette (haven’t figured out how to change the color of my text – maybe next time!)

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HQAL – 28 March 2021

Greetings from South Texas where I am sure we have become the next Desert and Coastal Land, hot, dry, and so very windy since December. Last week was not the best – I tried a generic medication and had a horrible reaction – 2 Migraine headaches Wednesday and Thursday. Additionally, I had flashes in my right eye along with now a circular floater? Friday I visited the Eye Doctor and she will see me again in 3 weeks. Retina is fine and vision is find – just the stupid floater? is still there.

For HQAL, I have trying to finish the center of Indian Summer – then on to the borders. I did not get as far as I wanted to (unforeseen requirements for me) in my hand quilting, but have made progress and pleased with it so far.

I have also been trying to finish OMIGOSH! The end is near. I finished 16 9 Patch blocks and have been working on the 16 Shoo Fly Blocks. This afternoon I have the remaining 12 Shoo Fly Blocks to sew together tomorrow. I can already feel R-E-L-I-E-F! After I have the blocks sewn, I will put the blocks in sewing order on my Design board. Now hoping that the 30 blocks will go together great with no issues!

Just in case some have not see the pattern by Sue Garmen check it out. I used only fat quarters when making this quilt. I was able to make 2 blocks from each of the fat quarters. My quilt will not be as scrappy as Sue’s, but I like it. When I first started making the quilt, I would cut out 2 blocks at a time. After I made 22 blocks (each “block” consists of 2 each 5″ 9 patches (with 5 each 2 inch 9 patches within the 9 patch) I decided on the remaining 8 fat quarters for the next 8 blocks and cut out all pieces. Then I sewed all the 4 patches, HSTs, and 9 patches. I had previously cut out the background squares and triangles for the nice 2″ square in a square blocks. It seemed to go faster for me and I am very pleased to get to this point. I am sure it will take me the rest of the week to have a quilt top finished and it won’t be soon enough. Here are the 9 patch blocks. I did not take an updated picture that has 2 blocks completed! Oh well, Change is coming to WordPress and I do not like it!


Have a great week and hoping that my week is peaceful, calm, and full of time to quilt.  

Hugs, Nanette 

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piercers to share and motivate one another.  We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.  

KathyMargaret, Deb, Sharon, Sherrie, Gretchen, Karin, Daisey, Connie, Sherrie

PS – WordPress has now automatically sent me to their App to do my post! I certainly hope it works!

To~Do Tuesday 23 March 2021

Hello TDT followers.  I am on time this week!  Not a lot to show for the half week but better than nothing!

I have made progress on OMIGOSH!  Not as much as I wanted to, but halfway there!  I finished 12 of the 16  9 patch blocks which  are 5” squares unfinished with 2” 9 patches.  Tomorrow I will finish the last 4 of the 9 patch blocks and then begin making the 64 each  Square in a Square blocks that are 2” unfinished that make up the 16 Shoo Fly Blocks.

I have made some progress on Indian Summer also and hope to have the rest of the right side completed by Sunday for our HQAL.  I have not decided on how I will do the borders. I am thinking on it!

Have a great week and I will see if I can finish OMIGOSH once and for all  I am ready to move on!

Hugs, Nanette

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What a Surprise – Nominated for Outstanding Blogger

I have been nominated for Outstanding Blogger Award by Laura and what a shock!   I definitely take this as an honor from Laura who is one of the hardest working Ladies with a full time job and yet has time to take some day trips for getaways, and still produce some beautiful quilts.  Thank you Laura!

So here goes!

Which lifestyle are you most comfortable living…cluttered or organized?

I love Comfortable living in the country away from the a City.  I am also a true Organized Perfectionist that does not do well around clutter.  I am blessed to be married to another Perfectionist who does not like clutter.  I have always been that way when it comes to my home and vehicles, but when I worked my Desk was always cluttered, but organized in my mind.  I knew where everything was and it drove my peers nuts.  I was blessed with a photographic mind, and if not under stress, can remember where everything and anything is in my daily life, or quilting world.  (Remember ‘NOT UNDER STRESS’!  LOL)   Clay and I share an 800 sq ft. Studio during each day where we spend time on our hobbies like my sewing and he works on whatever the day brings.  After a day of sewing, I prefer to vacuum the floor, straighten up, and clean the sewing machine at the end of the day so when I come in the next morning the room is in order.    Before we enlarged the Studio in 2009 I had my Longarm in the Den and my sewing machine in the one room I had in the original Studio.  What a difference it makes to have a place to do a hobby and come into the house that is in order.   We are so blessed to have this ‘playroom for retirees’ all built by Clay.

What is your favorite quiet place? 

My quiet place….Hum…I would say just being at home on our 5 acres away from noise with Clay.  When we get up each morning, Clay comes to the Studio  to talk with his buddies on the Radio (Ham Radio Operator) and starts our coffee.  I take time to do my sunlamp and watch the weather and then come and have coffee before my daily walk.   I love my 1.5 mile walk each morning listening to Mark Levin or John Solomon and other Podcasts.  I very much miss Rush Limbaugh and he will never be replaced.  Sometimes when the weather is very hot, I will walk at 6 AM in the dark (advantage is that I never leave our property).  During the winter I love walking around 8 AM).  My favorite place was in Sierra Vista, AZ where we would winter in the RV.  But we no longer do that, so I would say that going to Rockport, Texas and just sitting by the water with the wind blowing and the waves coming in and going out can be a very peaceful and quiet place for me.  There is one place that I love to go to clear my head – A Casino!  Where else can you go and be around people, play the poker machines, and have noice so loud that you no longer can think about problems!  LOL. Think about it!

To party hearty or enjoy an intimate gathering?

I have found that smaller gatherings are my cup of tea.    I am what you might consider a ‘loner’.  I love visiting with my friends on the phone (most are out of town or out of state) or doing FaceTime with my friend Kathy.  But I am content to just be at home with Clay working on our hobbies, or just enjoying the sunshine on the porch or watching a movie in the evening and working on my hand projects.  I used to read a lot, but have not read a book in a few years, although I have a full library of books, I figure when I can no longer quilt that I will have plenty of time to read!

Early to bed or a night owl?  

This one is easy!  Early to bed – 10PM every night and Early to Rise – 6 AM!  Why waste the day sleeping – I only take a nap, or lay down during the day if I am sick or just worn out!  I do believe that “no naps here” came from my childhood when my sister and I had to take a nap each afternoon when we were young.   Mother came from Waterloo, Iowa and I do believe that it must be a tradition to take a nap each day if you are from the Mid-West area.   My cousins on my Mother’s side still take naps in the afternoon!  Clay will take an afternoon nap and still be able to drop off to sleep at 10 before I do.

What makes you accountable to your goals?  What keeps you motivated

I am a Type A personality and it makes me feel good to have accomplished something each day.  I wanted to attend college but was unable to do so after high school, so it took me 30 years to the day to walk across the Graduation Stage at Southwest Texas University in 1993!   I earned my degree by going to night school off and on for those 30 years!  It was the greatest feeling that I had ever experienced to be able to achieve my goal even with all the ups and down during my life.  Plus, I started working when I was 14 and retired when I was 54 1/2.  so the majority of my life has been working and producing.  As a younger person I always felt that I was not self disciplined, but soon realized that I am a very disciplined person when it comes to setting goals.  Such as the importance of my daily walking routine to maintain good health and staying on top of household chores (now I have a cleaning lady and just do the laundry).  I love a challenge, and blogging challenges me to stay on top of my goals (providing that unforeseen requirements stay away).  I enjoy seeing what other quilters are working on and becoming inspired more and more to produce more quilts.  I love to make a quilt that challenges my skill as a quilter.  Sometimes though it is nice to make a quilt that is easy to make without much thinking involved.  I was highly motivated when I entered Quilt Shows and miss that motivation immensely, (that stopped in 2014) so I have now challenged myself to quilt a quilt on my Longarm once a month, keep up with goals that I set for myself, and maybe just enjoy doing whatever comes that day.  But my preference is to have my days planned, along with planning trips away from just staying at home all the time.

Here are my questions for the next 5 Bloggers that I nominate for Outstanding Blogger:

How did you learn to quilt?  Self-Taught, Taught by Mother,  Grandmother or a Friend ?

What are your favorite techniques when quilting?  Traditional Applique or Machine Applique, hand sewing, hand quilting, paper piecing, or other techniques used in your quilts. 

Who is your favorite designer?  And why?

Do you attend retreats and if so what is your favorite thing about quilting with a large group of quilters?

Do you feel that Quilters still support and enjoy Quilting Guilds as we did before the Blogging world came into being?

I nominate the following Bloggers for the Outstanding Blogger Award:

Frederic at Quilting Patch Applique

Susan at Quilt Fabrication

Lori @ Quilting Needs

Wendy at Wendy’s Quilts and More

Sharon at Piecing Life Together One Stitch at a Time

To those nominated, there is no obligation to take up the challenge of answering and asking the questions. If you do accept, then please answer the questions, nominate 5 other bloggers and then compile a set of 5 of your own questions.

I leave you with this thought! From Hugs, Nanette

Slow Sunday Stitching by Jaydee!

I am posting pictures of my friend Jaydee of her work.   She is a Master Quilter with lots of experience.   Just look at her Civil War Bride quilt.  She will hand quilt it when she finishes the corners.  I believe that she has embroidered around the edges of the applique.   Of course I am behind on either doing  borders on the 9 blocks I have completed, or continue with 6 more blocks!  Time will tell for me!  But Jaydee kept moving on with her’s and it is almost ready for the quilting frame!

Her Churndash is just striking with the Center Medallion

This is probably one of her designs for The Applique Society.  It was through this group that we met and and have been friends for almost 11 years or more now.

Jaydee would design blocks and they would be included in our newsletters.  I am sure that this is a group of them.  She is cleaning up the UFO’s.

I am linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching showing of a great friends hard work.

Have a great day!

Hugs, Nanette

To-Do Tuesday! OK – Thursday!

Good afternoon!   To-Do Tuesday has come and gone but I am going to do this one anyway!   Today I am FREE!  I have quit my Insurance Billing Position with BAMC (turned over to Senator Cruz), Medicare (last appeal) and the Secondary Insurance (first and last appeal)!  Now I will sit back and see what they all do with the 2 Final Appeals and the request for assistance from the Senator on all the problems that I have experienced.  Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) will get whatever comes out of my hard work trying to get our problems resolved correctly (doubtful).  After BCBS it will be over with 100%, as I no longer in the business!  If we take a financial hit – so be it.  I have everything in order and filed now – just waiting to send BCBS their package.

The thick folder in front is the last package that will go to BCBS.  I am DONE!

I will say that I have hit the jackpot on my house cleaner!  What a jewel.  Hope it stays this way for a long time.  She did an excellent job – the best that I have ever hired.

My goals for next Tuesday are to finish OMIGOSH and work on Indian summer (hand quilting project).  I have not had time for a month to even think about where I was in mid-February, much less look at the next list of things to do with quilting.  But today has been a fantastic day!  I have been working on OMIGOSH and really getting things done.  I had cut out the 16 remaining blocks I believe in late January or early February.  I did finish 8 of the 16 and now I am making the 4 patches, 9 patches, and HSTs for the next 8.  To challenge myself and break up the monotony I am sewing all 4 and 9 patches for the blocks, then do the Square in a Square blocks and THEN put all 8 blocks together at the same time.  GOAL:  To have them completed by Tuesday!

This is the status for the end of today:

And I am all set to sew the 9 patches for this group tomorrow:

I have made some small progress on Indian summer.

I have been studying the orange, blues, and beige as to how to quilt them.  I tried doing some cross hatching like the middle border, but it just did not go well.  So I will continue on with following the curve lines 1/4″ apart and maybe I can make headway quicker.  Not sure on the borders, I will wait until I get there!

I signed up for Kaye England Medallion Master and had planned to start in February!  That did not happen but I have downloaded the pattern and will have access to Kaye for a Year!

Piecing the Past Quilts has a new BOM coming called Redwork Baskets. Baskets were on my to do list somewhere in space.  This setting really caught my attention.

Well, it is time to shut down the Studio and enjoy my relaxing evening that is ahead.  I will say that I detest DST, but you know – we can shut the blinds and pretend we are still on Standard Time.   I am hoping Texas is successful in removing it from our Constitution and also approving Casino’s in Texas.

Today I did a great walk and just have to brag!  I am trying to lose the 8 pounds from this last year so I have to increase the speed in which I walk.  Today I really hit a great goal.  Hope I can repeat it tomorrow.   I was walking a 20 minute mile, this one was done has exceeded my 20 minute mile!

Hoping every is having a great week, I am just getting a slow start.  I had a great Face Time with Kathy today – so much fun to be able to sit and sew and chat for an hour or so!

Hugs, Nanette

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Happy Slow Stitching Someday!

Greetings!  I have missed my life the past month!  Sometimes I wonder if all of the difficult work I have done the last 13 months with BAMC, Medicare, and now SAFD will be worth it in the end.  I have lost precious time in my life to make all the quilts that I want to.  But in the end, is that what I have been put here on this earth to do all the time?  I have always felt that my purpose in life has always been to help others,  be a problem solver, and fight for what is right!    Only time will tell if I have either missed my calling, or hit it on the mark!  LOL!  I know that I am so very very blessed to have Clay with me in my life he has helped me through this mess, sometimes just having him sit there with me was enough to get me through the day.  The paperwork has taken me away from him and from my love of quilting, but God gave me the ability to do the work so I did it.  Clay was my biggest supporter and helped me when the brain was fried.  Best of all he is a great proof reader and helps me if I become to “wordy”.  We will have been together 25 years this summer!  Time has flown, but I would not trade a minute that we have been together!  I love my guy!

I have nothing new to show for the past week, and really for the past month but the following:

This is what I started with – a massive mess of paperwork to go through and set up files.  It is all the paperwork that I have had to do in order to file our reimbursement claim from BAMC last year to Medicare, Clay’s Secondary, and HOPEFULLY BCBS.   I did 3 Spreadsheets that contains all the information from all the BAMC invoices, all the information from the Medicare MSNs, and then I TRIED to make sense of the mess that Clay’s Secondary Insurance has made of their EOBs.  It did not take long to realize that I would have to submit an Appeal due to all of the mistakes they made.  This means another 30 day delay before I can file with BCBS (the 3rd and last of the filings).  So far his insurance will end of costing us 5 months delay before I can file to BCBS.

Now let’s add the last of the stack.  After 5 days, I arrived at this one.

The appeal letter took some time.  A lot of copying, a lot of shredding, and about 40 hours of sitting at the computer and the table going through everything and writing the Appeal Letter and one to Senator Cruz.   But it is all finshed now and as soon as we get the last EOB, the Appeal letter will be in the mail – Return Receipt Requested!  I am hoping it comes tomorrow so I can check it out and get to the Post Office ASAP.

Besides that, I filed a Congressional Inquiry to Senator Ted Cruz on all the problems and work I have had to deal with from February last year until now just to be reimbursed by 3 insurance companies.   If I were 15 years younger I would start a Consulting Business and make a million a year helping people get through the maize of Government Bureaucracies.  But my time has past at the age of 76!  I am so blessed to still have the ability to do what I can do for Clay and I.

Now for the pretty stuff!  Yes those are the White House Easter Eggs signed by President Trump!  OH – the folders?  That is the outcome of my 5 days as an Insurance Claim Processor!   See the stack closest to the chair on the left?  That is a 250 page submission waiting to be sent to BCBS.  I had to prepare 3 of those puppies.

 Tomorrow I will receive a file tub to file this master project in and hopefully I will not have to ever see it again.  I am curious though if Senator Cruz is really interested in all the problems that BAMC deals with each day with Civilian Trauma Patients.  I feel for those people who do not understand how to do what I have done.  The Military Trauma Facilities billing procedures are broken and needs to be fixed, but not until at least 2024 can that happen.

I leave you with this:

Have a wonderful week.  Tomorrow I will be able to start my life again.  Tuesday my new house cleaner will come and all I have to do is sit and quilt or applique – Ah looking forward to that.

Hugs, Nanette

Enjoy the world of Quilting everyday you can!

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To-Do Tuesday – On Wednesday!

WOW!  What a roller coaster I have been on since the last time I posted for a To-Do Tuesday!  February was going just to well for me!  I do believe I have not posted anything since 9 February OUCH!  I really was on a great roll!  Since then we did the Snow event, Insurance Work (again) and I hurt my back (a real ouch!).

Life is beginning to look up today as I hired a Lady to clean the house for me AND  will I have my Radio Frequency treatment (cauterizes the nerves from the T12 disc down) on 1 April.   This way I will be able to get back to my 20 minute mile without pain along with no pain sitting, standing, etc!  It will last for 6 months to a year.   Then the little nerves grow back!

Monday the nerve pain has become better so I have been able to walk Tuesday and this morning.   I was on a 77 day roll with my walking until 13 February and after that on 2 days until Tuesday!  YUK!  Even with some pain it is great to get the exercise going again!  Good for weight and Diabetes!

Here are my projects that remain open from February and still hanging around.

  • Applique Projects:
        • Jacobean Holidays – 4 Bloocks remaining √ 1 down 3 to go 
        •  Mary Brown – Prepare a block for the month – X  Poor Mary
      • Cross Stitch:   Minnie Mouse project – X – Poor Minnie
      • Longarm Quilting:
      • Sewing:  Continue on with OMIGOSH blocks – √  Working on 8 remaining  
      • Knitting:  Continue on Dish Cloth – X Waiting for the Knitter
      • Hand Quilt :
        • Indian summer – X No Progress
        • Kay’s Wall Hanging Quilt – X No Progress
        • Radiant Feathered Star Wall Hanging – X No Progress

I have completed 8 blocks for OMIGOSH: (The mistake in the circle has been fixed) I have 8 more blocks and then sew the top together!  

I FINALLY finished my center Medallion for Stars Around the Garden but will not be working on sewing the blocks around it until later in the month.  I need to decide how I want to do the borders.

Goals for 8 through 15 March.

  • Jacobean Holidays – 4 Bloocks remaining √ 1 down 3 large blocks to go!
  • OMIGOSH – I want this finished by next Tuesday!!!
  • Continue on with continual problems with BAMC Insurance issues.  Hopefully today will be only a few hours to develop a new spreadsheet to track invoices and I can sew on OMIGOSH.

It is difficult to see the last of February and the first of March go by so quickly.  Now we will lose an hour this week-end and I have always hated DST.  BUT our Texas Legislatures are working on putting an amendment to the Constitution to NOT participate in DST, just like Arizona.  Also, they are going to try to get an amendment for Casino’s in Texas – Two very smart moves at this time.

I am wishing all a great week – I am hoping that mine brings me more time to sew and relax again.  Happy Stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

From yesterday and today!   For me he does give me sleep, unless I eat a late supper with a baked potato or any sweets at supper!  LOL – Cannot blame him on that one!

And I need this one for today!

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