Hand Quilt Along and Slow Stitching Sunday.

Good Sunday Afternoon!  The weather is certainly not winter time anymore here in South Texas.  I certainly hope that we do not jump into them lovely beginnings of another drought and hot summer.  Time will tell.  I am linking to Hand Quilt Along and Slow Stitching Sunday!

I have begun the New Year this month, and am working diligently getting 3 UFO quilts sewn together into a quilt top!  I have just finished Ms Potts (at least all I am going to make from that pattern) and it really feels good to have completed it.  When I first started the quilt I had decided to make it with some Moda Reds and Greens, and add other colors, and throw in a few Batiks.  Baltimore Applique Society (BAS) was doing a BOM with this pattern for members.  I already had the pattern for a few years but never started it.  I believe around last September I decided I had enough of Ms Potts (this is a very large Reproduction quilt and all hand Appliquéd).  I had completed 15 blocks, but only used 13 because it is set on point.   My quilt measures 43” x 43”  with 10” blocks.

Margaret Potts Quilt Made from 1851 – 1858 Started in Lewisburg PA and completed in Yocumtown, York County, PA. The full quilt measures 96” x 96”.

I have also finished Block 6 of Sweet Stitches – WHEW!  I am taking a break from black embroidery thread for now! I will finish the remaining 6 before summer (I hope).

In addition, all 105 of my Mini Dresden’s for Dresden Heaven are now complete.  Only 16 larger Dresden’s left to make and then the hand work starts.  All will be hand appliqued to a background block!  EXCITING HUH?

In my next post (I promise) I will reveal my list of projects for 2018!  Some are Pipe Dreams, others are doable.  I  still have a few patterns left to sell if interested.  See my 13 February 2018 post and contact me at LCNCCOOK@MSN.COM.  

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Organized at Last! A good start on 2018!

My New Year started in early February.  I am a very organized quilter but organization went out the window in December and January due to the Flu and a knee problem.   So I knew there were things I needed to do before I would continue on with my 2018 goals.  I wanted to clean my computer desk drawers, go through my patterns and give some away, back up my PC, sew 3 UFOs together, make a list of projects for 2018 and beyond, and reduce any clutter in my two rooms!  I have now finished and am now organized and ready to enjoy stitching again without looking at stacks of books that all want to be ‘next’ in line!

I had stacks of “quilt patterns” that I wanted to make but knew that it would be impossible to accomplish that goal!  I have now gone through all my patterns and pulled the ones that I knew I would never make and sent out 3 “surprise” packages to 3 quilting friends.  The patterns have never been used, and I knew that they would be well received.  I then put the remainder of the patterns on my 13 Feb 2018 post for sale!  I still have some left and if interested, email me at LCNCCOOK@MSN.COM.

My main goal is to finish any UFO’s that are hanging around before I start working on Mountmellick and start quilting the backlog of quilt tops that are begging to be quilted!   I went through my patterns that I feel I can work on this year, and make a dent in the quilts that need to be quilted!   All of this took time, but I have narrowed my list and will post it in another post.

Before I started on Mountmellick, I was determined to finish all 105 Mini Dresden’s for Dresden Heaven!  And I did it!  Each stack below has 5 of each color for this quilt.  I have now put them away for a while.  Next step will be to cut 105 background blocks and applique the Mini’s on them.  Then I have 16 large Dresden’s to make and ‘maybe’ I will be finished with this quilt during the summer or Fall.

I have been working on Sweet Stitches and this block took me way too long to finish!  I realized that I am sick of the black thread on this project and will pick it up later in the year.  The fence was a bear to do!  BORING!

When I pulled all of my quilts out of the closet and put them on the new Quilt Rack, I found a quilt that I had made in 2005 but still not quilted.  I had just purchased my Handi Quilter in 2005 and this quilt had been entered in the New Braunfels, Texas quilt show.   I did not have enough time to hand quilt it so I quilted it on my new Handi Quilter – what a dum idea!  After I had finished the quilting, I checked the back only to find nothing but thread nests!  The tension was not right (stupid beginner’s mistake).  It took Clay and I 3 days to rip out all the tiny little circles that I had quilted.

I had to withdraw the quilt from the show and had planned to hand quilt it sometime.  Can you believe this quilt has been in “storage” that long and still has the holes from the original stitching.  I purchased the Grace Z44 last year only to have it also sit idle.  So I am now going to remove the basting and try to load it on the frame and start quilting it.  It will be a good test of how well the carpal tunnel surgeries turned out!  This is a Piece o’Cake pattern, Grandmothers Flower Garden.  I was so disappointed that I had to withdraw the quilt as it was the first Quilt show I had ever entered!


I did learn one thing in making this quilt, I have never used the blue marking pen again for marking my applique.  I tried to remove the blue markings and now there are 2 blocks that caused the fabric to bleed!  It is too late to redo it as I am just ready to get it finished!  13 years is long enough!  LOL

All in all, I am now organized and have my 2018 “to do” list ready to post and clear out the UFO’s!  I work so much better in this type of environment.  I have to thank Rosemary Youngs who started cleaning out things in her sewing room that she no longer uses!

Have a wonderful week-end of stitching.

My New Quilt Rack

Good evening from South Texas where the changes hour by hour!  I have needed a quilt rack for my quilts for a long LONG time!  Clay decided that he would build me one and what a dream quilt rack he built!  You can see how sturdy it is in this picture.  It is made from Pinewood and is 5’ by 5’.  He is quite the builder.  The little girl in the picture is our granddaughter Alexa who is an extremely talented Artist living in Italy.  We are all proud of her.

And here are my quilts that have a new home.  These are my Show Quilts.  There are only 2 that I did not enter into a show.    It is so nice to be able to have them hanging altogether.  On the wall on the right, There is a picture of Clay in his SAFD Uniform when he was young, and below that is a picture of me when I was 17!

In late December Clay purchased an 1950 Kenmore sewing machine for his leather projects.  Being the Engineer he is this machine has been totally remade the machine to accommodate his preference.  It amazes me how he can take something like this sewing machine and improve it to suit his preferences.

The Kenmore when it arrived!

The original motor

A nice stand for the Kenmore

See all the buttons – these are controls that he added, changed the motor and added the nice light! What a great Kenmore now!

I still have some patterns left for sale – check out my 13 February 2018 post.  Email me at LCNCCOOK@MSN.COM if you are interested in purchasing one.  


Accomplishing Goals and Cleaning Out the Studio!

Greetings from misty and cold South Texas!  I am going to enjoy it because before we know it Spring will be here, then Summer and hopefully not 100 degree weather!!!

I had set goals for myself in order to start my 2018 New Year on 1 February.  I was a few days late in starting, but I have accomplished all I needed to do to get to the point where I could make my 2018 UFO and new projects list.

One of the things I wanted to do was to go through my quilt patterns that I have acquired since 2002.  Below are some patterns that I would like to sell.  These patterns are new and have never been used.   If you are interested in buying any of them, please contact me at LCNCCOOK@MSN.COM.

This is a BOM by Kreations by Karen.  4 of the blocks have fabrics and the remaining 8 do not, just the pattern.


Three patterns by Editya Sitar.  Sunnyside Sampler and Vicksburg are out of print.

Sweet Surrender and Ayers House Dancing Dollies are Australian Patterns. Gardens of a King is a pattern from Missie Carpenter

These are two patterns by Irene Blanck from Australia.  Tulsa and Mosiacs.  Mosiacs is out of print.


The next one is from McKenna Ryan.  They are fusible, raw edge patterns.  This is a complete BOM set with 2 sets of coordinating cards.

The following are 3 patterns from Big Fork Bay Cotton Company.  They are raw edge applique.




I enjoyed going through my patterns and selecting the ones that I will never make.  Hopefully someone will want to make them.  EMAIL me at LCNCCOOK@MSN.COM if you are interested in purchasing any of the patterns.     Ayers Dancing Dollies, Little Sparrow, Sweet Surrender, A Beautiful Life and A Journey to Light have been sold.  

Have a great day!



OMG – February 2018

OMG Goals for February:

— Finish sewing ALL Mini and Larger Dresden plates for my Dresden Heaven quilt.  Next step will be to select the background fabric and appliqué all 121 to the blocks!  Fun and games!  I do not know if I will get all the appliqué work done this month but I am going to try!

— Load at least 3 quilts during the month on the long arm and finish them!  I will load a quilt and dedicate at least 2 or 3 hours a day until I start seeing some of the quilt tops getting finished!  I would like to finish the following:

—Rainbow Regatta

—Enduring Legacy


—RSC 2017 Challenge

— Applique the last 2 blocks for Stonefields

–Complete Block 6 of Sweet Stitches Embroidery BOM

–Attempt to complete Nesting Blocks 3 and 4.  There is a beautiful appliqué border that will have to be prepared and then hand appliquéd.

Since I plan on going anywhere this month due to all the people who have the Flu I should have a lot of time to catch up!  Any BETS on that one?  LOL  Have a great day!

OMG Finishes (?) for January

Greetings!  My OMG’s for January were the following:

Look at Mountmellick – no such luck!

Make a Regatta quilt – Completed! I call it Rainbow Regatta

Complete 105  – 3″ Mini Dresden’s for my Dresden Heaven!  Well…. I have 64 Mini’s completed and another 25 ready to sew together this afternoon.  There are 16 larger Dresden plates to make when those are finished.  There are 1,260 individual mini ‘plates’ pieces in this quilt.  Here is the process I go through to make one Mini Dresden:

Stacks of 5 each color Mini Dresden!

Stitch each Plate at the top.

Trim each plate and using a wooden stick that came with some polyester stuffing (curved at the end by Clay) open each one up and either finger press or iron each point.

14 Finished sometime in the last 10 days!

Ready and Waiting for me to Stitch!

The next 25 are waiting for me at the sewing machine!  After completing them I will be down to 16 more to cut out, stitch, trim, turn, and then sew!  The end is getting near!

I was able to work on Stonefields and completed 3 more blocks of Segment 5.  I have 2 more blocks to appliqué and I will be have way finished with Stonefields!!!

Stonefields Blocks for Segment 5

Now to select my OMG for February – Maybe March will find me caught up!  Have a great day sewing!

Life Again! A 2018 Update!

Well, I must say my 2018 New Year did not start off well at all.   I decided 1 Feb would be the beginning of my New Year.   I am 3 days late in starting, but I do believe now that I am 100% back among the healthy and into the ‘sameness of routine’, as Gretchen calls it!

I call it ‘Heaven’ because the last 7 months have been Hell!  I started off fairly well with some goals for January, only to have back issues that were caused by the wrong tennis shoes and THEN on the day after my last post (21 Jan) I had finished my morning walk and upon stepping up on the 2nd step with my right leg I heard a lot pop and figured I had blown my knee out. That was the beginning of 2 weeks of pure pain!  Long story short – I had a Bakers Cyst in the knee!  Talk about depressing and hurting!  Anyway, this week I had an MRI and it took about 15 seconds for the radiologists to drain the fluid and I am up and running.  Well, not running, but the knee is fine, just sore from not realizing that I have probably had that stupid cyst for a while!  SO, I am now back to normal and will resume my 1.5 mile walk starting Monday!  I certainly hope that I can stay healthy for a L-O-N-G while!  I am surprised I completed anything during January!

In my 17 Jan Aunt Bea’s post I discussed ordering  a bolt of Kaufman Premium Kona Cotton from the Fat Quarter Shop in January because I had selected the wrong fabric for Aunt Bea’s Parlor (but did not realize it before I finished tracing all 20 blocks) and received it on the 21st of January.   The next morning I was going to cut off 4 yards for Aunt Baa’s only to find that a dot of lovely red dye that was on the 3 roll off the bolt and it had bled through almost 4 yards.  I returned the bad bolt and ordered 2 more bolts (they were checked by the store before shipping this time)  This fabric is so nice and so wonderful for embroidery projects.  If you purchase a bolt of any one fabric from them you will receive a 20% off the price – I thought $6.78 was a great deal!

So now here I am on 3 Feb and I have spent the morning on cleaning out emails and catching up on Blogging.  The only day for sewing this week was Friday!  I am going to be another few days before complete organization of 2018 projects will be completed, but so far things really have gone great for me since 1 Feb.  I have a great new house cleaner to help me twice a month and she is a very good worker!  I have all body parts working again and I have no other problems with my knees – they are in good shape!  Clay ordered his birthday present Thursday evening and I ordered my Valentine present – 2 more new iPad’s!  They will arrive today – Apple products are great! For Christmas I purchased the iPad Pro 12.5″ and love it and now I will have one for the Studio.  What more could we want?

Have a great week-end, enjoy the Super Bowl (hoping the Eagles can beat the Patriots) and do some quilting!