A Week from Hell – And a Beautiful Work of Art from Jaydee

Good Saturday morning! The sun is out and it was a very pleasant walk this morning. Hearing aids are working – the Audiologist changed the Receiver to a lower one because she found out that the one she had used caused Meniere’s patients HEADACHES. what a surprise! I lost a lot of quilting time the last 2 weeks and it frustrates me so much!!!

Status on my exercise goals is moving in the right direction. My goal of reaching a VO2 in the 20’s again is getting closer each day. By the end of April I will be where I was in December. I figured out how VO2 level was measured on my Apple Watch. As I began to walk a faster pace my VO2 went up to 20!!!! Now to get to over 20 and I will be back where I was a year ago. The VO2 measures your Cardiac Fitness. The faster the pace the higher the number. I have been in the Below Average in the 18’s since last year. I had never been below 20 but that is what “not exercising” and “stress” can do to a body. I have always been in the above average 21 – 26 range. The App keeps an average of the last 90 days. In January when we had the “whatever” I lost most of the month as far as exercise went. By the end of April my average will be in the Above Average because January will not be counted in the 90 day count. YEA – Reminds me of the 90 day average for the A1C level. I know that everyone wanted to know all about VO2!!! LOL. So on to what I have been up to the last week or so.

Now on to Alaska by Sitar. This is a beautiful quilt pattern, but it Sitar has some SERIOUS problems with her directions and templates and now her new Creative Grid Ruler. Kathy and I were going to make this quilt together. On the 18 of March I started working on a sample block for Block 1. I have learned through the years that when making a complex quilt that a sample block will point out all the pitfalls of the pattern and especially which seam allowance to use. Click on the Block 1 link above to see my previous post about how I started this project.

For an update to this Disaster Sitar Alaska project. I purchased the Creative Grids ruler (they are the only rulers I use) rather than using her templates because the cutting would go much faster. BUT Ms Sitar, has horrible quality control in writing her pattern directions, and now in the development of the new ruler. I prefer a ruler over templates and anything you purchase from Ms Sitar is EXPENSIVE. One would expect that the ruler and the templates would be one and the same but they are not. The new ruler is off 1/16 of an inch OR her templates are off. I feel that her templates are wrong and Creative Ruler is correct. Ms Sitar does not provide the “finished size” for the diamonds, or the finished size of any of the pieces in the 9″ finished blocks. This can make it very difficult to reach a perfect 9″ finished lock with 1/4″ seam allowance on the outer points. In my samples I tried using a scant and ended up with very little seam allowance to prevent cutting off my points.

Then I cut the diamond shape using the directions for the ruler for the diamonds. Problem here.

I wasted over 4 hours in making the sample blocks and the blocks below took about 6 hours to cut the fabric and sew them. I spent a lot of time working to have the outside points with 1/4″ seam allowance. As an added PITA, the quilt is cut on the bias on all pieces. Total time wasted – about 3 days of my life!

I thought I had mastered things as I moved on to Block 2, but that is when I found out the real problem – Sitar does not provide adequate information to make this quilt. To use the CG Ruler I needed the finished sizes of all pieces that make up each block!

So now I will return to making Sentimental Scraps ONLY because I bought the fabric that would only go with the 200 Nine patches I had made in 2014. Then I guess I will finally put Stars Around the Garden together. When I have issues such as what I just went through with Alaska, it takes me a day to move forward. Anyone else experience this?

On the brighter side of a Quilter – Here is my friend Jaydee’s Civil War Bride quilt. She started this quilt about 7 years ago, stopped working on it from time to time (I did the same) and about 2 years ago she started designing her own border. She did a beautiful job on the Border design and so much prettier than the original Australian pattern. She hand quilted the quilt and has just finished it. Jaydee is an awesome quilter and I have learned a lot through the years from her. I met her when I belonged to the Applique Society pre 2010. I give you a Best of Show (as soon as they have a real quilt show in her area) as this one is a Winner.

Border Designed by Jaydee Price

Have a wonderful week-end and I do hope that my next post is more positive and that I have been able to complete something!

Hugs, Nanette

PS – Anyone want to purchase an Alaska pattern with templates let me know. Leave you email in your comment section! It will be cheap!

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17 Replies to “A Week from Hell – And a Beautiful Work of Art from Jaydee”

  1. Strangely enough I was going to buy the creative grid ruler. It turned out to be pricey. So instead I ordered her Tahoe pattern and template instead, with shipping it was $91. So I decided her stuff was just too expensive and will avoid ordering another thing from her online shop. Have been waiting to see if she will do a quilt along with Tahoe. Not going to jump into it until I see how others are progressing with it first. It is just so frustrating when one expect in good faith that the product had been double checked and tested. It is on them, not you. Glad you have a project that you can go back to and enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. I should have known better because I had made her basket quilt and found problems with the cutting . I called and she answered and told me that she had 5 professional quilters working for her Well that told me she does not quilt. I purchased the ruler from Amazon with a third party . After I sent pictures and a very detailed message she did not blame me for wanting to return the ruler. I have it ready to mail with a pre printed label. Did you end up buying the Tahoe quilt with templates or when you saw the cost you backed out? Have a great weekend Thank you for your comment


      1. Unfortunately it was not an option, as I paid for shipping from the states. When the package arrived I was told to pay another $26 for shipping and handling? This was not disclosed before shipping or when I ordered the pattern and the template. I did contact them back and got a very Luke warm response, so lesson learned and that is one that will not be forgotten in a hurry. Have gone back to my hand quilting project for now. Hope you get lots done on projects that you love.


        1. OMG! Please read my newest post on WordPress and Alaska. Very informative. They really need to quit ripping off the quilters! I am sorry that you had such a horrible experience. Her quilts are very complicated. Hugs


  2. Jaydee’s quilt is just beautiful!
    You are doing great on your walking. There is a narrow window of perfect walking weather here in Texas!
    How sad that such a “superstar” has poorly written instructions. I thought I had made one of her patterns but I’ve done a search of my posts and of my patterns and can’t find anything. It’s amazing that she answered the phone! Glad you can return the ruler.


    1. Some days I just do not want to do it, but I keep at it. Yes, pretty soon it will be nightshirt walking clothes! LOL. The ones that were the best was Lynette Jennings from Thimbleberries and Sue Garman. She is best at selling -do not think she has ever made a quilt! Hugs


  3. Thank you Nanette for posting my quilt. So glad it is finally done. Now on to other projects. No shows around to put it in so will wait until those are back. Glad you are back to your walks and so sorry the Alaska project was a bust. Better to break away early than to stress through and you have wasted time, energy and fabric. Your work is beautiful and you are like me, you know when it is right and when it isn’t. Thank you again for the post. Love you.


    1. You worked long and hard on this quilt. Walking saves me from the world. Alaska is gone! I remember when I spent weeks on end with Robin’s Nest only to figure out that it could never be done as the pattern indicated! Love you too!


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