Life’s Little Hiccups!

Greetings from South Texas where we are in the depths of a HOT HOT Summer!  We are hitting the 100 degrees plus with horrible humidity.   But only 37 days until September when things could cool off! (Fingers crossed)

I just could not let Clay be the only one to get to ride to the Hospital in the Meat Wagon!  I brought this one on myself!  As you know I walk 30 minutes in the morning!  Well, things have to change on that one.  On Thursday I woke up with some radiating pain in the left shoulder!  I figured it was my Fibro.  We had 2 doctor appointments, grocery pick up, etc.  Got home about 3:00 and waited for our Hair Dresser to come and give us haircuts.

Long story short – I was getting my hair cut about 6:15 when the pain came back and I did not feel right.  I told Clay to call EMS.  They came and my BP was 200/91 – NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE!  So off we went for a ride to the Hospital.  They would not let Clay come in and that was horrible, but I had to do it.  On the ride to the Hospital they gave me aspirin and 2 nitro tablets.  Somehow I made it through this!

I was extremely low on Potassium – like 2.6 (anything lower I would be gone) as we have to maintain Potassium levels from 2.2 to 5.5 before we are no longer here!  And if too low or too high one can get into trouble.

I have experienced this before I think because I did not listen to my body the last 6 months that I really got in trouble.  They kept me overnight for observation.   Clay came home.   I was released about 2:00PM Thursday and so happy to be home. They pumped 2 bags of Potassium and Electrolytes and that brought it up to 4.0.  One great thing is that my Lungs and Heart are 100% fine!   This is a blessing and all that walking during the last 40 years has really paid off!

Now to prevent this from ever happening, I will go back to a banana and keep lots of Gatorade around for after I walk, or if I start sweating when my sugar drops.   BIG LESSON LEARNED.    I laughed with my EMS guy who kept me calm (me and my Anxiety Crap) and told him that the Cooks only did things like this on big Holidays!

I will be off the blog for awhile again – I get my eyelid surgery on Friday and looking forward to getting them fixed and those black eyes!  LOL

All in all, I am fine, feel so much better and will be smarter.  We will reduce the walking to 20 minutes only until things  cool off!

Have a great couple of weeks, and Hoping to be back in the quilting world by August!

Hugs, Nanette


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