The Story of Raggedy Ann & Andy & Slow Sunday Stitching

Here it is March and the news of the world is not good. But, alas we Quilters continue on with life, aren’t we blessed? I have finished quilting my very first quilt that I made in 2000 timeframe, and it has been a long time in coming! I started quilting after retirement in 1999 watching Alex Anderson on TV while recuperating from back surgery. I saved all of her episodes on VHS tapes for future use. It was through Alex’s shows that I learned about the Designers, Needleturn Applique, and piecing.

We purchased our first travel trailer in 1999 and in 2000 I did Clay’s family’s geneology and discovered his ancestors on his Mother’s side went all the way back to the original Choctaw Chief Mo-Shu-La-Tubbe! After discovering this information (no at that time) and many trips to Durant, Atoka, and Caddo Oklahoma, we met Mary Etta Freeny Peters. She filled us in on so much information regarding his linage that I decided to host a Reunion of all the Freeny’s in May of 2000 at Boggy Depot.

During that Reunion trip at Boggy Depot, we met a couple from Chickasha, Oklahoma. It was a great meeting since we both had the same name of ”Cook”. I was a Newbie quilter, she a seasoned quilter, and our husbands were both retired Fire Fighters. We became friends immediately and had many good times with them on many trips. I learned more about quilting from Juanita Cook. All about fabrics, Designers, techniques, and most of all she introduced me to Kinkame Silk thread for needle turn applique.

The day we met she showed me how to do the buttonhole stitch. When we came home I decided to make a quilt using the fusible technique and do some buttonhole stitching. At that time, I thought that Walmart had the best fabric. It was inexpensive and they had a good selection. What I did not realize was that the fabric was great for utility quilts, but not for heirloom or show quilts. I learned that in 2003.

I also purchased fabric from the New Braunfels Cotton Mill. Here is the quilt that I made at the very beginning of my quilting life and just finished quilting it yesterday! I cut out the figures and fused them and did the buttonhole stitching. The blocks sat for awhile, and in 2003 another friend introduced me to Quilt Stores. I purchased this fabric from Maywood Studios to add to the quilt. I designed the setting (I am surprised I knew what to do)! I now give you Raggedy Ann and Andy Blocks and Quilt which measures 65” x 90”. The quilt was too big and heavy to hang it for a picture, so I took close up pictures of the blocks.

This is the quilt with the blue binding on and secured and ready for hand stitching! I had to take a smaller picture to get the entire quilt in the picture. The Red is faded!

Here is a clearer picture of the true colors after I had finished quilting and trimming it.

There were some issues with the quilt. For one, I should have added another border. So when I quilted it there were areas where the top did not meet the batting. It was an easy fix! I cut strips 4” wide, folded and pressed them, and then used a 1/2” seam allowance which covered up the issues that I encountered when quilting it.

Tomorrow I will be loading the baby quilts and getting them ready for bindings and hand work. I need to find someone who loves to do the had stitching – maybe they can catch me up on the now 5 large quilts to hand bind! LOL.

The following is for Conservatives only:

I give a loud shout out to all the Truckers heading for Washington DC and hope that Pelosi and Biden (forget Harris) do not put them in jail! Oh by the way – looks like Chinese Virus is over with! What a cruelty joke on the American public taking away our freedoms, closing businesses, closing schools, forcing everyone to wear a mask and get the vaccine. Especially since even those who took the ”jab” got the Chinese Virus. Irresponsible mandates in order to keep your job – and not allowing Doctors to treat their patients with proven medications to help get well faster! And the list goes on and on – The Liberals wanted to have total control over every American and they succeeded! Now we have to deal with unbelieveable gas prices and the highest food prices I have ever seen in my life. But maybe now people will have to go back to work as this country is financially broke. If you wish to thank the person responsible, send a thank you card to a Liberal friend and the Idiot in the White House. As you can see, I have absolutely no trust nor faith in our Government anymore! But remember, they cannot take my freedom away to voice my opinion! AND THAT IS WHAT I AM DOING!

Hugs, and have a great week of quilting! Pray for Ukraine and the Truckers!


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15 Replies to “The Story of Raggedy Ann & Andy & Slow Sunday Stitching”

  1. I loved the story behind Raggedy Ann and Andy, and what an adorable quilt it made. You did a wonderful job on it, and it’s amazing. The backstory of Clay’s lineage is just remarkable. Will you keep the quilt?
    I certainly hope the virus is mostly over. What concerns me the most right now is the administration’s lack of involvement with and aid for Ukraine. Instead we are providing aid to Russian by continuing to buy their oil. It’s just wrong.


    1. Thank you Linda! Yes I will keep the quilt. I have made many quilts for give away gifts, but most all of my quilts are with me. Since I have no one to leave the quilts to we will have an estate sale. I have had most of my show quilts appraised.

      If we do not have a Red Wave in November that throws most Liberals out of office I will be surprised. I think the gas has gone up $1.00 a gallon here. We will find out tomorrow and Tuesday – Seguin Monday and SA on Tuesday! I will have one more trip to SA and then no more going. We will not be traveling this year.

      I wish Ms Jill and Joe would be forced to go to a bed and breakfast or motel for one week and be dependent on the economy with only $1,000 in their pockets – OH yes – give them a car and make them drive themselves. THEN we might see some changes. I hear that Ms Jill is in charge of the country along with Susan Rice and the illustrious Obama’s. Those who have been living off the Government the last 2 years should also now have to go to work – hope they are feeling the pain too!

      At least all the “fake ballots” and idiots who voted the brain dead idiot in and thought President Trump was so bad are also hurting financially. But the ones who really put the screws to us are Clintons, Bush’s, Obama’s, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Paul Ryan, Sessions, Rosenstein, FBI, Clapper, and Brennon. All of them do not love this country. Maybe Bush did at one time, but now, not so sure.

      So my heart goes out to those who have been working the last 2 years and now suffering financially, but not those who listened to MSN, CBS, PBS, and ABC!

      All we can do is encourage the Red Wave in November. Hugs
      PS This will bring them out of the woodwork! I need to resurrect my political blog!



  2. You were busy on the long arm! That is a sweet quilt, do you have plans for it? If you want to give it away, I would suggest gifting it to a WAVI safe house or a Ronald McDonald house. So many things to pray about these days, and all caused by one thing…SIN. If only people would realize their true need!


    1. Yes and I have 2 baby quilts to do today! I would like to have them finished by Thursday! No R&A will stay with me. It holds many memories.

      Yes, I have never seen so much SIN in the world. So many power hungry people, so many people who are causing this country to be so divided. So many evil people all around us even in our every day lives at home.

      So many things done to our country with the Government controlling us. So many losing their jobs over a @@@@ vaccine that has not been proven 100% effective.

      Along with prayers, we must all do our duty and vote the Evil Doers out of office. 31 Dems are not running for re-election – they know that the party is done for a long time!

      Our one need is God! He has a plan and I guess we are in the middle of it. We all thought Carter was bad – this guy is 10 times as bad as Carter.

      Have a great day! Hugs

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      1. I am up to my eye balls in 4.5 inch bow blocks. 😳I thought I could have them mostly done in an afternoon, but while I did lots of seams, I only have one completed! Oh well, they are cute little guys.


  3. What a sweet quilt! I love Raggedy Ann and Andy,charming dolls they are. Enjoyed the story with the quilt. I’m definitely joining in on prayer.🙏🏻🤗


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