A Christmas Gift

UPDATE UPDATE!    I have been wanting to show what I received from Gretchen around Christmas time!  A Boston Commons quilt will be on my 2019 list and Gretchen sent me the pattern from the Amish, along with a great stencil for hand quilting, and a homemade Needle Book!  How special am I.  Thank you Gretchen I have been forgetting to post this.  

I remember when Gretchen was working on them.  Takes a lot of time to make these hand-made gifts and any that I receive are so appreciated!  I am looking forward to making a Boston Commons with this pattern.  Gretchen’s turn out so pretty I hope I can pick the colors that will really pop!

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HQAL and Brinton Hall Progress

Happy Last 2018 Sunday!  I am further along with Brinton Hall, it is winter time here in South Texas (at least for a few days after reaching 77 degrees last week), closer to my weight goal, and A1C is getting mucho lower!  YEA.  What else could I ask for to end 2018!  I am so looking forward to 2019!  I have 3 days to complete Brinton Hall and am afraid that I may need another day or so to reach that goal, we shall see.   I have finished the first border (Floating Stars – 6″ blocks) and working on the 2nd border (Square in as Square 3″ blocks).  I am not counting the black borders, I call them the ‘framing’ of a quilt – a way to progress to different borders.  There will be one more black border on the other side of the SnS block border.  I am pleasantly surprised as to how this puppy is turning out.  I am rather happy that I did not finish this quilt in 2015 when I started it.  The creativity just was not there!

Check out my July 2015 Posts to see the beginnings of my Brinton Hall journey and how I am changing the look entirely – purely by accident of course!  LOL

Brinton Hall Border 1 and the beginning of Border 2

In 2015, I started Enduring Love by Carol Hopkins using a Judy Rothermel Sturbridge fabric and it was a disaster, I gave all the fabric away to a local Church.  While looking through the July 2015 posts for Brinton Hall, I ran across this Post where I was having issues with the project.  I believe that I am going to redo the border and figure out why the stars did not work now that I am out of the stress box and getting back to normal.  I would love to have this project look better.  I have plenty of Reproduction fabrics that will blend with the Sturbridge fabric line.  This will be a called – Revisiting Enduring Love!

I love New Year’s.  It is a time to be able to start over and attempt to make it a life changing year!  I remember New Year’s Day of 1993!  That year was the beginning of a year that changed the course and direction of my life.  It was the beginning that led me to where I am now, happily married to a great guy who puts up with my Type A personality and stupid health issues!  But I feel that 2019 will be a wonderful year for us!  I do hope each the same for all!

I will try to post the progress of Brinton Hall in her final stages as I work towards completion of my 2018 UFO projects (well OK – let’s not count the hand work projects, i.e., Bountiful Life (2015) Dresden Plates (2018) and Stonefields (2015).  But they will be on the top of the list for 2019!

Have a wonderful week-end and a save New Years’ Eve!  Check out the HQAL Quilters to see progress on their projects.

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Merry Christmas and Brinton Hall Border

Merry Christmas to all!  Can you believe in 7 days it will be 1 January 2019????  Time to select those projects for 2019, but first I have 7 days to finish Brinton Hall.  Tomorrow I will decide on whether or not to add 2 more borders or just one.  Thinking it will be 2 and hopefully I can complete it by the 1st of January!  This one is definitely be entered into a couple of Quilt Shows!

Here is Brinton Hall with Border Number 1 (am not counting the 1” black border).  I am so pleased with the outcome.  I am changing the borders from the original quilt and letting the colors in the Medallion speak to me as to what will come next!

Have a wonderful day and if you are on an extended vacation – Enjoy and I do hope Santa was good to all!


Brinton Hall and Terracina

Merry Christmas and blessings to all for a wonderful New Year that is around the corner!  So far we are doing fine and staying from the Flu this year!  Curbside service from HEB is wonderful!  I have lost another 2 pounds and my A1C has dropped to a ‘pre-diabetic’ level!  Now to lose another 12 pounds and I should be doing even better.  It is amazing, more energy and all of those illusive ‘symptoms’ are gone since I have eliminated Potato Chips, Cough Drops and Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses and keeping Carb count to under 30g or 40g a day.  Along with my daily walk it has paid off!  American Diabetics Association (ADA) has helped me the most in understanding how to manage Diabetes, and a great source for guidance and information!

Yesterday was a full day of cleaning the house!  I really need to find another House Cleaner who will stick with it and come once a month.  I bought a brand new Oreck vacuum cleaner (my 3rd one) which was over 8 years old.    Oreck makes a great machine and this one is much easier to push!  So Clay and I have made our ‘domestic’ chores a little easier for us.  Next week we have hired someone to clean the carpeting, so the house will be totally clean for 2019!

Now on to Brinton Hall!  I have finished sewing the Medallion to the background piece.  I chose to cut out muslin and then use the remainder of the light cream for the border.  I (either accidentally or stupidly) sewed the last row to the Medallion rather than separating it from the Center.  Either way, I like my boo boo!  The entire Medallion is basted to the background to prevent any of the large centers from stretching.

Today will start the work on adding the next border which is to be a plain black border which will frame the Medallion.  The next border will be Floating Stars that I worked on last week.  They are all ready to be added to the Medallion.

My color selections for the remaining borders were selected from the fabric colors in the Medallion.  This is how they will look as a border.

This is the fabric that I will use in the first block border,

I feel that this quilt will be completed shortly and in the timeframe I wanted it completed into a flimsy!

Now to my Santa gifts!  Pam Buda has designed Fussy Cut Rulers that caught my eye.  They are pricy, but great!         I happened upon Quilt In A Day sale for fat quarters, jelly rolls, and 10” layer cakes.  They were priced very low so I splurged!  This line is from Kaufman and has a panel with 6 blocks included.  I have only done one quilt using panels, but it turned out surprisingly nice.  This fabric line is probably old, but who cares, it was priced right!

Then I found the pattern that Kaufman for Terracina fabric line.  I will probably not use it, but it the line is so pretty.  

As soon as I complete Brinton Hall I will be working on my 2019 Projects List.  There are so many I want to make but I must TRY to be realistic (LOL).


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This and That Update!

Good morning to all and only 2 days until Santa Arrives!  Santa arrived early here in South Texas for us.  Upon return from Arizona, it seemed that every tree had shed its’ leaves.  The extreme freeze that hit our area while in Sierra Vista evidently helped them to fall all at once rather than different times of the winter.  So Santa sent Clay this toy to help him with this monumental job that he has every year – A Leaf and Lawn Vacuum.  You can see the leaves in this picture.

Now for the benefits of having a vacuum cleaner for leaves!

We have 95 Pine Trees on our property along with many many other trees.  We have 5 acres and live on about an acre of that.  Taking care of that acre is a lot of work for Clay, so he deserved this machine.

Have a great Sunday – now on to doing a ‘real’ quilting post!


HQAL and Slow Stitching

Happy Sunday! The weather here in South Texas is my favorite. 40 to 50 degrees and 60’s for a few days and then cold again! A real Texas winter.

I have FINALLY finished the Medallion for Brinton Hall. There are a few more hexagons that will need to be added at the top to even it out. Compared to the others 5 more is nothing. My hands just are not made for EPP!

Tomorrow I will decide how I will do the next border and the blocks. I will not follow the original pattern. Only pieced blocks. I am so ready to do that and let my hands rest. Applique and piecing blocks (no paper piecing) is much easier than EPP.

Another finish is Mountmellick. I decided to make mine a Mini-Mellick. I am so happy to have completed this quilt as far as I want to go with it!

I feel that I can complete Brinton Hall by the end of this month. I would love to have it finished by Christmas. I will have met my goals for finishing all UFO’s from prior years. Only 3 Applique projects will be carried over to 2019. YEA!

Have a wonderful Sunday.


My 2018 UFO Progress

I thought that I would take some time to show my UFO quilt projects (they are all in flimsy stage along with the 2 quilts this year I quilted) that I have completed this year.  If I can finish Brinton Hall by the end of the month I will have finished 10 quilts.  The only UFOs that remain or completions of Stonefields (5 more chapters to complete), A Bountiful Life (about 13 more blocks), and applique my Dresden Plates to back ground fabric and sew together!  So based on this, I will TRY to not start anymore applique projects until I have completed the 3 hold overs from 2016-2018!

My Regatta Quilt - It has a new home!

My Regatta Quilt – It has a new home!


BAS BOM - Ms Potts

Baltimore Applique Society (BAS) BOM – Ms Potts

A Year of Flowers and Holidays

A Year of Flowers and Holidays – a Sierra Vista AZ Quilt Guild BOM

2003 Xmas Quilt

First Appliquer Quilt – 2003 Xmas Quilt Quilted by Nanette in 2018

2004 Bear Paw

A 2004 Bear Paw Quilt – I quilted it in 2018

Lone Star

Stars Across Texas – an Embroidery project

Baltimore Block

Decided to make a wall hanging from this Baltimore Album block

Awakening Hearts made in May (hearts) and Flimsy 5 Jun 2018

A May 2018 Heart SAL. Fun to do.

It's a Flimsy - 25 August 2018

Nesting – Ready for hand quilting!

Block 7

Block 6 Completed for A Bountiful life

RSC 2018 Project

My version of RSC 2018 Challenge

York Lodge

A LONG Labor of Love to make this quilt! It too me about 3 1/2 months to make (along with interruptions)!

Mini Mountmellick

Mini-Mellick A Final!

I am so happy that I have accomplished all of my UFO’s.  Now to just finish Brinton Hall!

To close, God Bless President George H. W. Bush and may he Rest In Peace!  What a testament to this President as a Man!  A wonderful person who had so many friends who loved him and he loved them back!  God be with the family and especially GW and Laura Bush as they have suffered the loss of both loving parents and in-laws within 8 months.