Moving Along With Projects – 20 March 2022

We are so close to telling March goodbye – hard to believe, but it seems that when DST comes along time speeds up. As you can tell, I am not a fan of time changes and now they are trying to make it permanent. Bah, Humbug!

I have had a ”somewhat” better week, but I still cannot use the new hearing aids. I have narrowed the issue – there is a ”sound generator” that goes ballistic in my ears and causes me to start with the headaches. I am not impressed with the Audiologist that I go to. She needs to provide me with more concise answers to my questions. So back to see her on Tuesday. Tomorrow I go for my 6 month checkup with my ENT for Meniere’s and they will do a hearing test (I trust them more than the Audiologist). I am still having a nice floater in my left eye from the gel pulling away from the Retina about a week or go. But it is all doing fine as I had it checked out Monday with our eye doctor. Well, enough of this!

On the positive side of life – I have finally reached my goal of doing my 20 minute mile and doing a full 1.5 miles in 30 minutes. It feels good to be getting back to my normal power walk. I am so thankful that I have kept up with my exercise program all these years as it has paid off!

Now to the quilting world. I have finished both baby quilts and ready to load another quilt on the long arm. I was in such a rush to get Weldon’s quilt finished that I forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt. Rachael sent me a picture of Weldon enjoying the quilt! He is a happy baby with a loving family – he is blessed!

New Picture of Weldon enjoying his quilt!
Before Quilting
Matching Pillow Case

Next is Vision’s quilt. I just need to tack down the label on the back. For both quilts, I took one of their baby pictures and printed it out on a piece of linen and added a border. It adds a history for them when they are older.

Quilt Size is 41″ x 41″
Pillow Case

I am now ready to load the next quilt – a small wall hanging quilt – Patriotic. Clay lowered my table and I moved my thick mat and now I can see where I am going when I quilt! LOL. This HQ Sixteen is now 17 years old – I cannot believe it. It runs great with no computer, just my free motion quilting. Maybe this will be the year when I do something other than just different styles of meandering! Time will tell!

I have started preparation work on Alaska by Edyta Sitar. I am using the flowing blue batiks for this quilt.

Because of the complexity of the quilt and the importance of color placements, I did two practice blocks. The first block I used a scant quarter inch seam when stitching and the second block was made with a full quarter inch seam. The second block won the contest.

Using 1/4″ seam allowance and pressing correctly
Finished Block

When I purchased the pattern a “few years back” I purchased the templates that went with it. But now Edyta has designed a Creative Grids ruler to use with all of the variations of the original Alaska quilt. I purchased mine from Amazon and it arrived Thursday just as I was starting this project. It is a great ruler for the Alaska quilts.

Creative Grid Alaska Ruler

Since we had 40 or so trees removed, about 8 of them were outside my window in the Studio. We are waiting on a bid to do a little zero landscaping in the next week or so. I really missed watching our Birds fly in and out enjoying the bird seed, so Clay ordered this Bird Feeder and hung it from the gutters. They have now found the feeder and there are so many Red Birds and the little chickadees coming and going it fills the void. There are 2 more on order and he will move this one to the other window and place the 2 new ones in this window. I love the Black/Yellow. Hum, maybe a black and yellow quilt might be in the future! LOL

New Bird Feeder

I will be working on Alaska, Sentimental Stitches, and YES, Stars around the Garden the rest of the month. I thought about joining in on 2 BOMs, but have decided to not do that! I need to stay focused on the 3 quilts in the making and the Patriotic top waiting to be quilted!

One other note!!!! My quilt shop online to go to WebFabrics is up for sale. Carly is selling all fabrics 25% off. I did not find out about it until yesterday, and YES I purchased batiks selling for $8.64 a yard! Check it out here! I will miss her as I have been with her since 2003 when she started the business 19 years ago as an Online store, then turning it into a highly successful Quilt Store in Virginia. I have a wonderful stash of Moda Marbles and Marble Mates (the original ones) and tons of Hoffman 1895 Batik collection. No one does it like Carly!!!

Have a wonderful week of stitching! I will begin my week of sewing when I get through my Monday andTuesday morning appointments. I am not looking forward to the Monday 100 mile round trip to the ENT in San Antonio, especially I the weatherman finally provides us rain- hopefully it will not storming until I get home. And of course not to mention that it will probably cost about $50.00 for 8 gallons of fuel!!!! (oops I said I would be nice so I cannot say anything but here goes my sentiments “LET’S GO BRANDON”!)

Hugs, Nanette

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17 Replies to “Moving Along With Projects – 20 March 2022”

    1. I found the video from Missouri Star Quilts – Easy – about 40 minutes to make! It is a complex one – that is why I did those practice blocks. I do not want any surprises! I thought about the Mystery, but will wait and see what it looks like. All my rulers are from Creative Grids – not a fan of templates. Hugs


  1. Enjoy those bird feeders! I enjoy seeing your quilts ,looking forward to seeing this Alaska quilt come together.
    Here’s a chuckle for you….

    A guy puts his credit card in a fuel pump which asks for the make, model and year of his car, as well as his annual salary. After a brief wait, the message came back: “Your loan has been approved. You may fill up.😁🤗


  2. Beautiful quilts and happy baby! Such a cute photo. Have fun with Alaska, I love this pattern, and this ruler looks great. Your batiks are lovely.
    Thank you for sharing and linking up 😉


  3. Sorry that you are having health difficulties; yes, good in you for walking! I need to get back into the habit! Live reading about your long arm- mine is about the same age and I don’t have a computer either.


    1. Sorry for the late response. I am doing fine, just trying to get the idiots get my hearing aids correct! The walking is so good for me – clears my head. Free motion to me is easier than messing with another computer. Hugs


  4. I don’t know if it will help you, but it sure helped me–buy some Lipo-Flavonoid (for your Meneire’s). It took a couple of weeks if I remember correctly, but the constant noise just went away. There is also a generic which is the same (my ENT had a patient do the comparison)….it is called Mason Advanced Ear Health Formula and is much cheaper. Hope this helps you a bit!


    1. Sorry for the late response. I have problems with preservatives in OTC and mediations. I have to really watch my sodium and sugar intake. Thank you for the information though, Hugs


    1. Well, Alaska has been deleted from the list,… Still having some issues with the stupid new ones. They changed the receiver – but I still do not like what they are doing. Hugs.


  5. Don’t know how I missed your post! Weldon is adorable, what a sweet boy. You have a nice setup with your HQ – a nice long frame! Where did you get that bird feeder and how do you keep the squirrels out of it? Hope you didn’t run into any storms on your trip to SA – that was a bad storm day in TX. Ugh on the gas prices. We’ve made 2 trips to the daughter’s house the last week, and it’s costly. Hope you have a great weekend!


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