2023 Quilts

In late 2022, I decided that all UFO quilts had to be quilted in order to clear out 39 quilt tops. I sent 13 to Rebecca and the I quilted 16 projects in late December 2022 and January 2023. I have listed all of them in various stages. The remaining 10 are quilts will be hand quilted as time permits. They consist of Traditional Needle Turn Applique and Embroidery project quilts. All of the 16 I have done are completely finished with bindings. I have completed 5 of the Quilts that Rebecca quilted with 11 more quilts to finish the bindings. This does not include the 4 from 2013 that will be finished this summer. Four of the quilts done by Rebecca will be in the Hill Country Quilt Show 26-27 May 2023 and three of them will shown in the San Antonio Quilt Show in late September 2023.

The following quilts were Pieced/Appliquéd by Nanette Chopin Cook and quilted by Rebecca Grace Rumpf.

York Lodge

Irish Mist

Brinton Hall


Cozy Christmas (First Pieced Quilt – Top made in 2004)

Alexander Bean Pot

Stars Around the Garden


Star of Chamblie

Sentimental Scraps


Blue Medallion Surprise (Designed and Pieced by Nanette Chopin Cook)

Capital T

The following Quilts were Pieced/Hand Appliquéd and Quilted by Nanette Chopin Cook

Boo’s and Bats Quilt and Boo’s and Bats Cross Stitch Project

Boo’s and Bat’s November 2022 Cross Stitch

The Geo Quilt

Rosemary Young’s BOM

The 4 Quilts quilted in 2013 and require hand binding to be completed this summer.

These are the Quilts to be Hand Quilted.

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