Capital T SAL

I am participating in a Saw Along with Isabella. She has done a exceptional job in researching the Capital “T” quilt and the block. The block this month is called the Imperial “T” block.

If you are interested in making a Capital “T” quilt this is a great way to do it by making one block a month!

This is my block for January and tomorrow we will receive the block for February. I use Eleanor Burns ruler for my flying geese.

I am making my Capital “T” in Red and White. I may start one in blue and white so by the end of the year I will have two new quilts.

I encourage all to take the time to read Bella’s Blog about this project and join in!

Be sure to check out Sharon’s Block for January she has really used some great fabrics.

I have also finished quilting the baby quilts! I am finishing up the binding on the second one. I will post them when they are both completed.

I received my fabrics for Enduring Love Star Border today. I hope to start on it by Saturday! But before I do I will complete the baby quilts.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Decision Time!!!!

After my Thoughts On Quilt Shows I realized something!  Where has my reasoning gone?  What have I been thinking?  I have been there and already done that! In addition, after talking with my Quilting Angels, Jaydee, Jan, Gretchen and Gretchen’s Post  about having someone quilt your quilts, I have made a decision that I think is the best for me!

I am basing my decision on looking back to 2013 when I did send quilts out to a quilter and was marked down on her quilting, but my scores were perfect.  I do believe after that experience I had decided that I would do my own quilting and not pay just to please a Judge who probably never quilted a quilt in her life!  I thank Laura  for her comment on my post from yesterday.   She forced me to remember how I felt when I realized that I had spent good money just for someone to not care enough to provide me her best work!

At the beginning of this month I had really begun to reduce any issues that would cause me to become stressed.  One week ago someone was able to trigger a stressful event which cost me some restless sleep and concern.  I had made an appointment with a quilter only for her to call me 3 weeks later and give me an unbelievable reason for not being able to do my quilts.   I spent 2 days trying to find another quilter and let my mind go racing and get back on the stress train!  This also cost me time in meeting my quilting goals.  I was in a dither about spending so much money just to be competitive with others!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?

But it was through this stress process that now, a week later, that I am waking up to the fact that the world and the quilting world has changed.  If I wanted to be like others who are spending a ton of money to find the perfect quilter to quilt a pretty quilt and hope to gain that illusive Best of Show and Blue Ribbons, please count me out!

There is a process that has to take place before the show happens.  This involves paperwork, cost to enter the show, and the cost to have the quilt quilted to meet a personal judgmental decision on one’s work by Judges or just quilt it myself and let the public enjoy my work!  Then there is the time to take the quilt before the Show and return to pick it up.  I have never entered a show where I would have to mail it.  Do not trust the mail!

Looking back at a week-ago, I was happy, sleeping great, Diabetes was really doing good, and up jumped the devil and things started going South!  I wonder if I will ever learn that stress is the thing that has caused most of my autoimmune problems?  It certainly caused Diabetes to come knocking.  They can play havoc with my days when I am stressed and it is no longer fun feeling so bad when I can prevent this from happening.  I must realize that I can control stress in my life now – not someone else!

So to my quilting Angels (and I guess I need to thank the quilter who cancelled – she was extremely expensive) Jan, Jaydee, Gretchen, Laura, and my buddy of 39 years Wanda were trying to gently help me realize that I was happier last year when I was making quilts just to enjoy the process!   Jaydee and Gretchen encourage me every day to enjoy the process and fire up that Handi Quilter and get my quilts completed.  At the end of the day I can say that “I made this quilt” and it would be true!

What I have learned since I became involved in Guilds and Quilt Shows, politics play a much bigger role in a Quilt Guild than I EVER realized!  I felt that women were there to share and help other quilters.  But that is not the real world – heck I put up with that for 38 years.  Maybe I need to be thankful that I do not fit in with a group of women who are ‘groupies’ and are envious of those who are better quilters!  Who needs that in their lives?

I believe that with the years I have left in life I want to enjoy each day as it comes and make those quilts that I have always wanted to make without wanting to compete.  Maybe I need to join Instagram to show my work – it is free!

I wish to thank all quilters to take the time to follow me on my journey and provide comments.  I learn from each and everyone of you.  I am beginning to think about all the quilts I have made and what to do with them after I am gone.  I wonder if a Museum would want them, after all, Traditional quilters are soon to become a thing of the past if it has already not happened!  LOL!

Have a wonderful week — ME?  I will not enter anymore into Quilt Shows, but I will have a couple quilted with my new quilter Tammy!  But no custom work – I would rather take the money and head to the Casino and have fun!  After all, as Denzel Washington has said, “I never saw a U-Haul Trailer behind a Hearse” !



RSC 2019 and January Finishes

Greetings from Spring like weather in South Texas, although in 24 hours it will be winter again.  Ah the ups and down  of winter time in Texas!

I had 4 goals for the month of January!  I wanted to make 2 baby quilts for my Cousin Kay’s new great great grand babies, catch up on the SAL with Bella making 3 Capital T blocks, make one 1 block for RSC 2019, and work on the re-working of Enduring Love quilt.  I have completed all, but will be short on Enduring Love as I had to order some more fabric and it may not be here before the end of the month. (Darn – should have never given that fabric away! I was lucky to find some still available as it is a 2014 Judie Rothermel fabric line called Enduring Legacy)

Baby Quilts




I have chosen the block Four Crowns for my RSC 2019 Quilt.  The block was on my calendar for January 11 and I love it!  So easy and quick to make and yet so pretty!


My Capital “T” Blocks for November, December, and January !  Yea I am now current!


 Now for Enduring Love Re-do. Here is where I was in Enduring Love Status May 2015. I ended up becoming very frustrated with this quilt and gave the fabric away and added a large border. Today I took the large border off and here is where I am almost 3 1/2 years later.

I had purchased a new book from Carol Hopkins and the very first quilt in the book was Enduring Love. This made me want to go back and finish this quilt! It was one of the first Reproduction Quilts I had made. When finished, it should look like the pattern. I have figured out what caused me to do what I did in 2015! I added an extra 2 inch border before adding the Square in a Square border. This really threw me off. Now that I have removed the large 6 inch border fabric, the 6 inch finished Stars will make a very nice border and will fit very well!

This is Carol’s new book – lots of cute quilts in it.

I will be quilting the baby quilts tomorrow and Tuesday. Then I will start prioritizing the 5 or 6 quilts that I will quilt on the Handi Quilter. I will load a quilt and in addition I will also work on a piecing project. It is difficult for me to stand 5 hours at a time to quilt with my back, so I decided to always have one ready to go and when I need to take a break I can then work on Stars for Enduring Love and other projects for February.

Have a great week! Stay warm for those of you in Snow Country!


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Thoughts on Quilt Shows

I became interested in quilting in the 2000 timeframe.  (From 2000 to 2003 I had 3 back surgeries and had a lot of time to watch TV while recuperating).  During the times I was only able to lay down or walk, I watched every episode of Alex Anderson, who at that time was on PBS with a quilt show every week.  I taped all of her shows so that I could take them on the road when we did our winter trip to Arizona.  I learned so much from the different quilt Designers and all about fabrics.  I met many quilters while we traveled and visited numerous shops.  My favorite technique was needle turn applique.   Piecing was not my first endeavor with quilting.   In 2004 I made my first quilt from a Fons and Port Magazine.  The quilt was called Cozy Christmas.  At that time Robyn Pandolph had a beautiful line of Christmas fabrics available and she was one of the top Designers!  I made that quilt using Robyn’s fabrics but is has never been quilted.  I still laugh at myself, as I knew how to sew, BUT there is a definite difference between ‘sewing garments’ and ‘quilting a quilt’.

By 2005, I decided that I would make quilts to enter into Quilt Shows for the purpose of learning how to become a more proficient quilter.  I had to have a purpose to make all of them and entering quilt shows would be it!  I entered in the New Braunfels Quilt show and I won a 3rd place for 2 of the quilts I entered.  In 2005 I had purchased a Handi-Quilter long arm with a stitch regulator and NO computerized quilting.  Being one who hates to practice anything – my motto – just do it so I did!  I had made a Mariner’s Compass to enter into the show (the first and last quilt that I have ever paperpieced) and I quilted it with a meandering stitch (free motion).  I will never forget what the Judge told me after the show – “You need to rip out the meandering  and have it Custom Quilted – if it had been Custom Quilted you would have had Best of Show”.  I politely told her ‘no’ that I would not do that.

Longarm quilting was just coming into the quilting world and a lot of the quilters were sending there quilts out for ‘custom’ work.  ME?  I was going to do my own.  Why would I pay someone to quilt a quilt that I had made and if I did, how could I say that I made the quilt.  (My philosophy was if I was to take credit for making a quilt, then I would do it all!)   I have shown in New Braunfels, San Antonio, Tucson, Sierra Vista quilt shows and have won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places with my quilts.  No bragging, just showing that my little ole’ Handi Quilter carried me through other shows and I won ribbons.

In 2013, I had 6 large quilt tops that needed quilting and I just wanted them quilted Edge to Edge (or pantograph).  This would get me caught up with all of those tops hanging around.  In addition, I had 3 quilts custom quilted!  Now that cost me to have those tops done – 9 in all!  But to me it was worth it, until I learned another hard lesson.   Some professional long arm quilters are just not as proficient as others.

If you follow my Blog, you are aware that from 2014 until mid-year last year things did not go very well and I was not as productive finishing UFOs or getting quilts quilted!  In 2018, I was bound and determined to finish all of my UFO projects (exception were the  applique quilt UFOs) and I have accomplished that goal.  I have 3 or 4 quilts ready to enter into the San Antonio Show this September.  I have 2 quilt tops ready for Custom quilting, and then I had a brainy idea to have 7 additional quilt tops done Edge to Edge, to AGAIN get me caught up.

Remember, I have a long arm and am capable of quilting a few different styles of meandering (free motion because my Handi Quilter is not computerized and won’t ever be).  I had found a quilter who would Custom Quilt York Lodge and Brinton Hall and I was on her list for April and May.  On Tuesday a phone call came in and she advised me she had too many quilts to do and could not do mine.  OK end of that story.  I have another quilter lined up to do my custom work.

In looking for a long arm quilter (things have certainly changed since 2013) I have found out that prices have really gone up.  After I was dropped off the first quilters list I had to really have a serious talk with myself.  I feel that York Lodge and Brinton Hall will be highly competitive to place at a show.  I have always wanted to make a quilt that could be competitive for the Best of Show.  I have figured out (and this was confirmed by one of the quilters I spoke with) that no longer do the Judges look at the Quilter’s work for precision,  color,  or complexity first, NO it is the long arm quilter’s quilting!

How things have changed.  The first thing I did was to measure all 7 of the Edge to Edge quilts and at $.03 a square inch that would about to close to $700.00.  Then I estimated how much it would cost to quilt my to custom quilts – I figured I was looking at close to $1,000.00 for the 2 quilts maybe more.  I was getting close to almost $2,000.00 to have 9 quilts quilted.

It doesn’t take a fool too long to realize that, ‘hey idiot, you can quilt the Edge to Edge yourself’ and save that money.   I use to quilt all my quilts as I made them but that was before 2014!   I know that I cannot do the custom quilting that would make my 2 quilts competitive for a Blue or a Best of Show award so there will be a cost incurred on those.  The cost for Edge to Edge can range from $0.15 to $0.05 per square inch – even that can become expensive.

So here is how I made the decision.  Horse Judging and Quilt Show Judging are the same – CRAP SHOOTS!  The horse can break a leg, have a bad day, or just not be good enough.  A lot of $$$ spent on raising those horses to get them to the race!   I spent a lot of money on my ‘hobby’ and it took time to make the 2 quilts that I feel are going to be competitive, BUT all Judges are different and one never knows what they are really looking for.  Therefore, I will not go to the most expensive quilter, but someone who is more reasonable and if the Judge thinks my quilts warrant a Ribbon so be it – if NOT – then so be it.  The public loves looking at the hard work that has been put into making quilts.

I do know that critical elements are the quilt top construction, color, technique used, and now they want the back to compliment the quilt top.  This equates to more dollars to finish the quilt!  And if they are wanting every inch of the quilt quilted so that it can walk into the Show on its own, count me out of that group.  I want my Show quilts to be quilted pretty, but not overly done.

Yesterday I fired up my Handi Quilter and did some practicing!  I have 2 baby quilts to quilt and one is already loaded and ready to be quilted!  Let the quilting begin tomorrow!

Thanks for listening to my experience in showing quilts in a Judged Quilt Show.  Have a great day!




Up and Running Again

A short note to advise that our Internet has been down for almost a week.  I will have something to show in a day or so.  We did receive excellent news from Rise Broadband.  They are FINALLY going to upgrade our Access Point with newer technology – I think after using  22-year-old equipment that they will finally upgrade the equipment and we should receiver faster service.  We have been dealing with 3 Mbps download speed and with newer technology maybe we will be able to receive up to 15 Mbps download.  This is nowhere near what people who live in the area with fiber optics, but we rural customers appreciate anything faster that 2 or 3 Mbps download speed.

We were told that this could take place in the next 2 weeks or so, but then we may be down again until the Technician can come and upgrade our equipment.

Hoping all have had a great week so far.  Now I can check on the bloggers I follow and comment!


Capital T Sew Along!

I can mark a big check mark on my Capital T blocks as ‘done’ on my 2018 project list! I have completed November, December, and January Capital T blocks for the Sew Along! YEA! Bella’s Capital T Sew Along is a neat way to make a Capital T quilt in 12 months. She provides a different take on the Capital T block. Bella has done such a great research on the Capital T Quilt. Check on her Blog when you have time.

November 2018 Block

December 2018 Block
January 2019 Block

I am doing all my blocks in Red and White!

If you would like to join in send her an email and she will put you on the list! At the end of the month she will show off your block for the current month!

Even though it is only 3 blocks that I have completed, I feel good because it is one thing I can cross off my “to do” list and now I am caught up with the Monthly Sew Along.

I have decided to participate in the RSC 2019 but not on the Tiny Tuesday blocks. I just want to do one block a month. This morning when I turned my perpetual quilting block calendar to 11 January 2019 and Four Crowns is the block for the day! I immediately knew that it would make a beautiful quilt in all the RSC colors for 2019, so one Red block coming up for January! I would like to make 12 blocks in different colors and probably in Batiks! The other alternative would be to make the blocks in one color way! We shall see what I can accomplish!

Next on my list is to make 2 baby quilts and redo the borders on Enduring Love!

Things are coming along!

Have a great week-end! I am hoping for winter time again soon! (Dreamer)


My 2019-2020 Project List

Greetings from South Texas where we are now enjoying some dry cooler air and I love it.  My walk was so enjoyable compared to yesterday when the Humidity was so high!  I am slowly catching up on the ‘mundane’ things like updating my Blog and doing this post!  Maybe you will see something that sparks an interest for your quilt making projects.

I have been working on reviewing a stack of quilt patterns to work on in the next 2 years (yes I decided that if I chose them now and say 2 years I am ahead of the game) so that I do not feel I have to finish them all (which would be impossible).  Here is what I started with and ended with:

The “Stack”
Organized and Ready to Go

Now for the 2019-2020 “List”.  I have no time frame for finishing the list just hoping to finish all by the end of 2020.  As I studied each pattern I labeled it from an Easy to Complex quilt.  This allows me to easily pick out what I want to work on at the time – NO THINKING  or INTENSE WORK!

1. Enduring Love by Carol Hopkins book Vintage Legacies. Easy. About a week (I want to remake the borders on this quilt)

2. Make 2 baby quilts – Use Jewel Box Quilt book by Eleanor Burns Easy 2 Weeks.

3. Stonefields – Complete Sections 6 through 10 Rest of the year Easy

4. Feather Star Quilt – Marsha McCloskey – Challenge Quilt: Blue and White Star of Chamble. Fabric is in the drawer by the design board. Plan on a month!

5. Bear Mountain Cabin – Intermediate – Log Cabins, Flying Geese and Bear Paw blocks.

6. Love Warm by Pam Buda – Easy Lots of 2″ squares Scrappy Quilt –

7. Infinity by Eileen Wright in Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts – Red and a Teal One! Maybe Nebula from the same book Intermediate – New Technique

8. Terracina Fabrics – a Panel Play quilt! Will take some up front time for placement and fillers. Use Panel Play by Barbara Becker for ideas on the setting – A fun project Easy

9. Ancient Stars – Sue Garman Requires Lots of Stars and HSTs  – Need to decide if I am going to do it all at once, or space it out like a BOM. This quilt requires at least a month or more to make. Intermediate

10. Double Wedding Ring by Sharlene Jorgensen – Templates provided. Intermediate/Advance – At least a month.

11. Lynn Wilder Patterns – Lynns patterns are great and instructions excellent! I will pick one and maybe the wall hanging! Time consuming due to colorway selections.

The House on Edgewood Lane  Intermediate/Advance
Country Sunshine  Intermediate/Advance
Country Charmer   Intermediate/Advance
Heritage    Intermediate/Advance
Cute as a Button 31 x 31.  Easy

12. Star Dance by Jilly Studio – some applique on the border. Easy

13. Eagle – Cheryl Phillips – Challenge Quilt – Circular quilt – New Technique

14. Liberty Homestead. 36 x 36 Wall Hanging – Easy and Fun pattern. About 2 weeks Purchased hand dyed fabrics from Liberty Homestead in March         2018 at the Dallas Show

15. With This Ring – Linda Ballard – 9” blocks! Easy Pattern – About a week or so.  (Also known as Cog Wheels Block)

16. Boston Commons – Heritage Quilts – New Technique 2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks

17. Karen Combs Illusions and 3-D Fun with Pandora’s Box – New Technique – 3 weeks

18. Jelly Roll Book – Both Sides of the Pond. Unique Block Easy Fun to make   2 weeks

A Bountiful Life UFO from 2015
Dresden Plate UFO from 2018

New Appliqué Projects:    Sue Garman’s – Maybe in 2020

Mama Said – Advance Applique
Yuletide Joy – Intermediate/Easy

On-Line BOMs

Blue Delft  – I will download this pattern for a future project.

Capital “T” BOM – 1 Block a Month!  This is my only BOM to work on each month!

If I participate in So Scrappy RSC 2019 Challenge this year, I will be using their colors With This Ring pattern  (See Number 15 on the list above)

My Goals for January are:

Capital “T” BOM – 1 Block a Month!  I am behind 3 months and plan on getting caught up today!

Baby Quilts for my Cousin’s great grand babies Addison and Brooklyn!

Remake the borders for Enduring Love (a 2015 quilt that I had given up on the Star Borders)

Have a wonderful day and a great week!


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The Last 2018 UFO is a Quilt Top!

I have finished my version of Brinton Hall. It looks NOTHING like the original or the remake in Quiltmania Magazine Numbers 107 and 108!

Here she is. I tried another border with QST blocks but the quilt just needed a plain border to end it. The border will on be quilted as a 4″ finished border.

I have found a wonderful Long Arm Quilter who will quilt this and York Lodge for me. I also have 4 other Quilt Tops for her to do edge to edge quilting.

I am tired but so happy to not have to continue wrestling with ‘what is next’ Nanette?

Have a great week. I will now turn my attention to 2019 project list.


I See Infinity in My Future

One of the quilts I want to make in 2019 is a Bargello quilt called Infinity.

I see a 2 quilts in my future with two colorways for Infinity! A Green/Teal and a Red/Pink.

Carly at had a great Christmas Sale and I jumped right in.

One great advantage of shopping at Carly’s on-line shop is the way she provides a sticker label on each piece of my fabrics -Hoffman 1895 collection – and after you purchase 100 yards of fabric from her you receive a 10% discount on future purchases.

I started purchasing from her in 2003 and my fabrics arrive within 3 days and absolutely no issues.

I am not receiving compensation for providing this information, I just wanted to share!

Have to add a black border on Brinton Hall!


Brinton Hall

It appears that I am starting off in the Red for 2019 Projects. Brinton Hall will take me more time as I need to add another border to achieve a measurement of 72″x 72″ in order to put the final border on. I am leaning toward HST’s for the next 4″ border.

Then I will be able decide on the blocks for the final border.

I have now finished Border 5 ( includes the black borders).

I also have found a long arm Quilter whom I will visit sometime next week. I am going to have her quilt some utility quilts to get me caught up on some flimsy’s and have her look at my 2 quilts for custom work. (York Lodge and Brinton Hall).

Hoping to be in a better position to start on 2019 List next week, but for now I have more work to do to finish my last UFO quilt for 2018.

After that I will have to prepare the utility quilts for the Quilter.

Have Great day!


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