To Do Tuesday – And On Time!!!! 1 March 2022

Good evening all! I am really enjoying life these days and so very grateful and thankful for living in the USA! I reached my 20 minute mile goal and was .04 (tenth) from doing the 1.5 mile walk. YEA! My goal for March is to walk each day. Here’s hoping I can meet this goal.

Today I finished another baby quilt that I am making for my housekeeper’s new grandson. His name is Vision. I asked Georgia what colors she would like and she told me Blue! Here is what I came up with!

I used the Double Hour Glass pattern that I purchased while in Rockport in November. The pattern directions left a lot to be desired, but easy enough. The block was going to be 8” finished, but I reduced it to 4” finished blocks. I made this quilt with fabric from my stash drawer consisting of blue batik fat quarters, etc. The quilt measures 41” x 41”. Then I made Vision a matching pillow case.

Matching Pillow Case

My next project is to finish quilting Raggity Ann and Andy quilt (been loaded in the long arm for 5 months), and then Vision’s quilt and Weldon’s baby quilt. I will try to get them finished by the end of the week-end. After finishing the quilts, I really need to start on Alaska quilt. I have all the fabrics ready for this project.

May God be with Ukraine! I wonder how many Americans realize where Ukraine is and the importance of what is happening there! But I know one thing, that all 350 million people living in this country should drop on their knees and be grateful that they live here even as bad as we have it with the idiot running our country (running?) Additionally they need to realize how much control the US Government has had over our lives in the last 2 years and think about FREEDOM and how precious it is! I am praying that the people of Russia turn on their current EVIL leader and replace him with a person who is not hell bent on killing people.

Right now I am struggling to watch the SOTU being given by a person who lives in the White House. I feel sick to my stomach!!!! I really miss President Trump who led this country, not follow behind like the person who does not know where he is most of the time.

Have a great week and pray for Ukraine – they have a LEADER!

Hugs, Nanette

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12 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – And On Time!!!! 1 March 2022”

  1. You do not understand why President Trump said.
    He is a Leader. Biden needs to be in an assisted living facility. He is NOT making decisions. You obviously do not understand why is going on.

    Obviously you are a Liberal. You need to read up on Socialism and Communism. Read what happened in 1939 with Hitler and how this country did not to be involved until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

    Where this country is now, read up on Jimmy Carter. Loans purchase a home was at 16%. NO WHERE NEAR the 2 and 3 percent now.

    We would not have lost 13 young soldiers in Afghanistan last September under President Trump. Gas was not $4.00 a gallon. Supply lines would not be messed up and JEYSTONE would not be shut down and Anwar would be open for drilling.

    AND YOU THINK TRUMP WOULD HAVE LET UKRAINE FALL? Read you history. Also quit listening to CNB,ABC,NBC, and MSN. You might become better informed.

    Have a great week and enjoy your inflation because it appears you voted for the brain dead Biden.


  2. Vision is so pretty with those blues, and I like that pattern! Vision is an interesting name. Good luck with your walking and hopefully the weather will cooperate.
    Thanks for linking up with To Do Tuesday!


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