2019 Quilts

These are the quilts that I have completed as a flimsy and those that have been quilted from prior years.


May Hearts Block of the Day
Hearts and 9 Patches – Quilted
Capital T Quilt
Capital T Quilt  Flimsy
Enduring Legacy – Loaded on HQ16 for quilting!
Quilted and Gifted
Quilted and Gifted
My Brinton Hall Modified – Flimsy
Apricot Lilly Binded and Comnplete 20 July 2019
Apricot Lilly Started in 2004-05 completed in June 2019 – Sent to Heaven with Kay 25 July 2019
Barbara Brackman BOM 2014. Quilted July 2019
French General Finished - 14 July 2019
French General – Flimsy
Log Cabin Quilt - 14 July 2019
Patriotic Log Cabin – Moda Stars – Flimsy
A Merry Christmas To You – Flimsy
Dresden Plate – Started 2005 – completed 2019
Feathered Star – Flimsy
9 Blocks - A Finishing of Blocks - March 2019
The background is not quite this dark! A Bountiful LIfe – shortened – ready for the border!


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