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Bio: I am a retired GS-13/14 from the Federal Government after a 33 year career with them and 5 years with the private sector. We were blessed to have started working young and retired at the age of 55! I love to quilt, knit, embroidery, needle turn applique, and now Sashiko! I have been married to my husband Clay, a retired Lt. in the SA Fire Department, for 23 years now. We grew up together, but did not find each other again until 1996! After we retired we traveled each year to Arizona for the winter for 15 years and in 2017 decided that we would enjoy just "going on a shorter trips" and sold our unit! We both miss the extended travels. We are blessed to be able to enjoy our hobbies in our Studio where I quilt during the day and he works on his hobbies. We enjoy life (as long as there are not too many unforeseen requirements)! I love my Country - USA - and our President Trump. I am a Conservative Republican and I Love my God, believe in our Founding Fathers, The National Anthem, the US Flag, the Military, and have no respect for Socialists or Communists as I believe they have no place in our Government. If my beliefs offend you that is your problem.

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  1. Love your Brinton Hall Medallion quilt and the use of “Japanese” design fabric. Could you share with me the size of the hexagons you used? I would love to make one for myself using my Asian fabric collection.


    1. Sorry about being late in responding. The size of the hexagons are 1″. The pattern is in Quiltmaia # 107 and 108 – Called Brinton Hall. A reproduction quilt made in the 1800’s.
      Thx for asking.


  2. I so admire the way that you speak out for what you believe! I so completely agree with you about President Donald Trump, and am grieving the state of our nation.
    I also have complete the Patricia Cox pattern for Civil War Bride or is it Bird of Paradise. Anyway, I just love it. I remember when you said that you had purchased the pattern.
    Genia Holland


    1. Just found your post. I figured that once I let all know I am a Conservative Quilter that the followers would drop off, but think things stayed about the same, maybe a few. Only received one nasty comment this year during the times I put out a “position statement”. I started a political blog, but have had to just stay away from that until the Dems are gone… Hugs


  3. Hi! I’m a fellow Christian, and conservative Texan. I was drooling over Jane Russell’s quilt in The Tall Men and started googling and landed on your site. I don’t sew or quilt but wondered if you know if this quilt or one very similar is available for purchase somewhere?

    Thank you
    Jill S.
    South Texas


  4. Hi Jill. That quilt would be a reproduction quilt and it would be hand appliqued. Large blocks. It was striking in the movie. I do not know the name of it but there is probably a pattern somewhere that would resemble it. There is quilting software that could probably reverse engineer it. I have never gone back and tried to do it. Doubt if you could find it for sale anywhere.


  5. I appreciate your introduction to us. Your work is beautiful!! Can you tell me where the pattern for your Jacobean Holiday is available. I could patiently do the applique for such a piece, it is lovely!


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