A Merry Christmas To You (AMCTY) SAL

I have finished my embroidery blocks for AMCTY Sew Along.

I have also finished 12 blocks for my Capital T quilt! Now to decide the setting!!! More to come on it tomorrow.


6 Replies to “A Merry Christmas To You (AMCTY) SAL”

  1. Excited to see what you’re going to do with the Capital T quilt – anxiously awaiting your design Nanette. I know it will give me continued inspiration to work on mine ~ your AMCTY blocks are perfect! ~ Sharon


    1. Thank you Sharon. The blocks go very fast. I had some interruptions and of course that delayed my self imposed schedule. But another finish for this month is great. Especially if I get hearts quilted.

      Keep on with you T’s.


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