Typical Monday in Crazy Land

First the good things. I finished one of the blocks for the Merry Christmas SAL.

Now for the fun and games. Refrigerator Number THREE (3) will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Can you believe Lowes cannot find someone to replace gaskets on Number Two Refrigerator in our area????

No wonder I am craving doughnuts!

Moral of this story – pray your old appliances last another 20 years!

Have a great day!

Nanette -at least I think 🤔 this is who I am in La La Land.

9 Replies to “Typical Monday in Crazy Land”

  1. Yikes. Quality has really gone down hill. We got lots of things from lowes in 2011 and so far everything has had an issue. Fridge ice stopped working, dishwasher stopped last week, washer and dryer had issues and my bottom oven is stuck on convection when not on convection….. i miss quality products.


    1. We have narrowed the issues down to the people who are installing the refrigerator! Samsung agrees that they should not be ‘tearing’ off the plastic shrink wrap, but cutting it this side of the gaskets. Another issue – they are not adjusting the refrigerator after installation – Boy the pictures we have !!!

      I do believe that this will not happen again! Clay will cut the wrapping by the gasket and they can then pull it off. As far as adjustment they will not leave until that is done.

      This is such a throw away society on electronics – so wasteful! But this is what they are forcing down our throats. I pray that we in the next few years start making our own products again!


    1. Well, it drove me to finally eat 3 candy kisses and if I could I would eat the whole bag of Lays lightly salted potato chips and have my glucose go sky high! Instead I will march in there and continue trying to finish cutting my FG for Enduring Love – LOL

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  2. Sounds like the black cloud is really over your house! Take care and hoping all turns out well for you. Products and services are not like they used to be. Hoping that we start making our own products again! Hope you get to feeling better. What part of OK are you located in?


  3. Maybe a different brand is in order? In a bad moment I was allowed a very thin slice of angel food cake with a tablespoon of sherbet on it. Or DH would get me my favorite special fruit that was out of season. Be STRONG!


  4. The problem is in the delivery people. clay will take care of cutting the plastic shrink wrap over the stainless steel doors next to the gaskets then they will remove it and then one of the delivery people will have to do the adjustments. That has been the problem.

    Guess I am still on the list to be the test person on quality delivery

    I would prefer angel food cake but no gluten
    That is what limits me on food along with no fiber. Then take carbs away and it is air sauce and wind pudding! Old saying!


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