Baby Quilts and Stars

I am trying to stay focused on my projects BUT somehow things keep happening to break my ability to focus! Fun events as our Refrigerator dying on Saturday. They delivered the new one Monday only to have to replace it because of the freezer frosting over! I am happy I did not place the order for groceries to replace all that defrosted. We also purchased a new washer and dryer. All appliances were purchased in 1998 before we retired. They lasted a long time and can never be replaced as technology has changed so drastically.

The next irritation is the crummy Internet provider. I have been wanting to do a Post for 3 days only to try this morning and no service.

So I am doing one on my phone. Here goes

I have finished the two baby quilts for Kay’s Great Great Grand-babies just in time for the next cold front! YEA The quilts are 50″ x 50″

This is Brooklyn’s quilt.

This is Addison’s quilt.

Next quilting project is to load my Heart quilt I finished last May.

My sweet Engineer hubby ( who puts up with me more than he should when I feel bad) has improved the lighting on my Handi Quilter.

This is what the new lights looked like before he installed them. He made the part to place the lights on! So talented!

Today my new Pattern Grid arrived. I may make an attempt later in the year to learn how to do pantograph’s!!!!

Now I am working on the final border for Enduring Love. I need 40 each 6 1/2″ Stars. I am making 10 Stars from 4 different fabrics using Eleanor Burns technique and ruler.

I have 10 made and halfway finished with 10 more.

Tomorrow we will receive another Refrigerator and the Internet Tech is coming in the morning. Houseful of people!

If the 2nd Refrigerator and Internet is working tomorrow I will place my grocery order for pick up on Friday.

Maybe by Saturday things will calm down.

Happy sewing.

17 Replies to “Baby Quilts and Stars”

  1. Just a quick note before bed – I changed out to for our internet and it’s FABULOUS! I can even stream movies on my Firestick. We cut cable completely, got an antenna for free local TV and then stream internet TV as needed. Best money spent ever and I’m saving $100 a month from Dish satellite crappy internet and TV.


  2. The baby quilts are so sweet, my favorite is the 2nd one. Enduring Love is going to be so lovely when completed. You’re doing a wonderful job. I think it’s really neat Clay can use his talents to help your quilting along. Happy stitching!


  3. Nanette ~ you are amazing! Not only a quilt wizard but a phone wizard too. Baby quilts adorable and the welcome panel ~ I have to admit I have never thought to do that – wonderful! I love your fabric choices for the border of EL. Despite all the upsets you’ve had a productive few days.


    1. Thank you Sharon! I have been around the computers since 1966 and always kept up with the changes and I mean changes from then! I use Word and type what I want on the Label, the I take a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 piece of pre-cut freezer paper and iron the fabric to the shiny side. The I print the label out. I do a lot of mine free handed but was in a hurry this time. I love the Star block border and hopefully this time it will work out great!


  4. Hi Nanette! You have been having issues all year. Ugg, appliances going kaput all at the same time. Last summer our furnace and washing machine decided to quit. Of course the washer was filled with clothes . . . from vacation. I hope you get all of these remedies by Saturday. Your new grid looks very exciting to me! I am sure you will be panto bound sooner than later – why not give it a try! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thx Rosanne – If something is going to go wrong it is here! LOL. They had to replace the new refrigerator from Monday today! This one does not frost up! We went ahead and purchased the new ones because of the fact I worried that the dumb thing would either over flow and do what you described! Less stress! Hugs


  5. Well, we should not complain the Maytag’s lasted over 20 years and the w/d were still working, I was just concerned about it quitting with a lot of water in the tub or spilling over and flooding the house! UGH. The one delivered Monday was picked up today and a new one replaced – there was a gasket problem – I am so happy that I did not buy groceries and that I called Lowes immediately!!!!!

    Internet is great – they had completed the upgrade and we now have up to 25 Mbps download speed! Best ever – hope it lasts!



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