Capital T Quilt Project

In November, Bella of Then and Again Quilts started a Sew Along making a Capital T block each month for 12 months!  This month Bella had to withdraw her project and her Blog due to health issues.  I decided to continue on and make 12 Capital T’s using her first block for November.

Today I had completed 12 blocks (they are quite easy compared to some of my last projects) but now I realize I need to make 4 more in order to have my quilt square.  Below is a picture of  the 12 blocks that I have completed.  I am hoping to finish this project by tomorrow!  ANY BETS ON THAT ONE?  It is a possibility since things have been so peaceful and quiet (other than some idiot who was able to somehow steal my credit card number – but all is taken care of).

Capital T Quilt

I have figured out a way to make the flying geese quicker using Eleanor Burns ruler only to trim the geese!  We shall see if I can meet my goal!  I will use a 3″ white sashing and then a 2″ red border to frame it and maybe continue on with white.  Not sure at this time.  Will see how it works out!  It is looking like I will close the week out with this top finished and my Heart Quilt loaded and quilted in the longarm!

Have a great evening and I do believe I am ready for the weather to become more stable!  Life is now “the sameness of routine” and I am loving it!


9 Replies to “Capital T Quilt Project”

  1. I thought that I would set it on point – then I pondered some on that one and realized with just 4 more (and they go fast) I could have a better lap quilt! I do love this Moda Marble Mate it after it is all used up there will be no more – sniff sniff! Hugs


  2. I haven’t started making my “T” s yet
    as I need/want so input from my granddaughter (Taylor for whom the quilt is for)
    Her favorite color is aqua so my thought is many aqua fabrics

    I really like the way the red looks so perhaps if I used one teal/aqua fabric rather than many different fabrics that are teal/aqua

    So I have choices to be made


  3. You’ve inspired me! The Capital T – using all the same blocks looks fabulous and I am glad you will be squaring it up too. I am working on completing with all 4 designs. Looking at yours has given me the format, 4 of all 4 🙂 I love the clean classic look of yours and am finding mine seems so busy but I will soldier on. Keep the pics coming ~ Sharon


    1. Great Sharon! Yes, I thought about doing the different versions in the quilt, but decided I wanted a repeat of the first one I made! Thank you for the nice comments! Bella will be happy that we have continued on! Hugs


  4. Hi Nanette! These blocks are sure pretty – I love the fabrics you chose to highlight red and white. The red really has a depth to it that pulls you in and allows you to see the T so easily. I can’t wait to see this as a quilt top! ~smile~ Roseanne


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