Bountiful Life and a New SAL

I am sad to hear that Bella is ending her Capital T SAL and her Blog due to health issues. I will miss her Blog a lot. Talented Lady. I am going to finish my Capital later this month or in March!

Life here in Ruralsville has improved in one sense and gone down in another sense! The new refrigerator from last Monday had a gasket leak and it was replaced Thursday with another Refrigerator. NOW the 2nd one has a worse gasket problem. But at least it works! They will come out next week to replace all the gaskets! GRRR

Internet service has been the upside of our lives! We have new equipment and speeds up to 25 Mbps but no less than 15 Mbps! How blessed we are!!!!!!

In place of the Capital T SAL, I have joined a SAL with Susan Marth. I did her Dresden Plates quilt last year ( more hand work to come on it) and I also purchased her pattern A Merry Christmas to You at the same time.

I have prepped the 4 blocks in the pattern for Embroidery.

SHOCK SHOCK. I finished Block 7 of A Bountiful Life! Looking like I will have to add circles on the flower center soon! What do you think! Plain or a circle needed?

For my Enduring Love Border I have 12 of 40 Stars made and hoping to finish 8 today. Then I will be half way through!

I am getting pretty good with doing my Post on the iPhone. Need to sell one of my iPads!!!

Have a great weekend. There is a sign on our gate now that says NO PROBLEMS WANTED! LOL 😂


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15 Replies to “Bountiful Life and a New SAL”

  1. Oh, I love your Christmas quilt! I really need to do one sometime!
    And your Bountiful Life block is lovely! I think circles depend on which colour? I look forward to seeing what you will do. You have had quite a few problems recently! Hopefully life is going to get a bit more quiet now!


  2. Hi Nanette! YAY to internet and boo to refrigerator issues. I hope those gaskets get fixed right the first time next week. Geez – who would have thought that gaskets would be so troublesome. I vote yes on centers for the flowers but do what you think looks best! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. I was sad to read Bella had to stop with the Capital T project too, although my wish is for her restored health, I hope this will help. I’ll continue mine too and look forward to seeing your project. Bountiful Life is awesome and while I first thought no centers I am changing my mind. I like your new project too and glad the refridge issue is getting resolved. ~ Sharon


    1. Bella put in so much work on this project! I miss her already! I will continue on with my Red and White Capital T. I made the blocks 12″ so they will be easy to finish – I made the 3 different versions – I think I will make 4 of each of the 3 versions (all in red and white) and make it a different quilt with different blocks. Circles are a coming for the flowers! They look too bare. So neat to take a picture to study what needs to be done! Take care Sharon and looking forward to seeing yours!


  4. The good and the bad! I would put some circles in the flowers, and I love the new Christmas quilt! Now, are you serious about selling an iPad? I might be interested, depending on which iPad it is. you can email me if really are!


  5. Hi there, I did not know refridgerators had gaskets! Rotten luck that they can break somehow too.
    But what happy stitching on the go. Christmas projects are such happy projects. Will love following this one, Nanette.
    Oh and I vote yes to centers.

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    1. The refrigerators have door gaskets that seal in the cold. The delivery guys ripped off the plastic that protected the stainless doors and that disrupted the gasket seals. No fun

      Thank you Jocelyn! I need to do those circles, but first I am finishing my Capital T and going to quilt my little Heart quilt and then the circles will happen!

      Have a wonderful week-end!


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