Capital “T” and the Winner is….

Hello from the mixed up weather in South Texas.  Where I have to go outside before I know how to dress for the day!  But it could be worse, blizzards and snow piled high up to the door!  So for now I will take the beautiful day we are having because tomorrow or Tuesday it goes back to dreary!  If only we could get some rain!!!

Life has been so calming since the decision to not show my quilts this year (maybe next year at Austin), the refrigerator mess has been resolved (whew!), and then to end the 3 bad things – someone compromised my credit card! But that is OK life is so much quieter and low stress than the years 2014-2018!  I am in Quilter’s Heaven believe it!

I have completed my Capital “T” quilt!  I was inspired by Bella in November with a SAL.  About 2 weeks ago, she had to completely stop working on the computer, stopped the SAL, and had to remove her Blog.  How sad for me.  So I will dedicate this quilt to Bella who spent an inordinate amount of time in the research of the Capital “T” block!  It was a quilt that I had wanted to make for a long – l-o-n-g time and she inspired me to do it!  It is now a Flimsy, waiting on the rack to be quilted!  The quilt measures at 65″ x 65″ a nice size to quilt and enjoy!

Capital T Finished 24 Feb 2019
My Capital “T” inspired by Bella!

Capital T Finished 24 Feb 2019 2

I am so very pleased with this quilt and will remember who inspired me to do it!  Thank you Bella!

Now on to the next thing.  DECISION TIME!  If one starts a project in 2015 and one tends to drag their fee on it – it is time to close down the project.  This is what I am going to do with A Bountiful Life project.  I have 8 blocks finished with 2 remaining to applique (already prepped in 2018 – I think).  After I finish these blocks I will stop and make a 9 block A Bountiful Life quilt!  Almost halfway and this will be OK with me.  What is one more quilt to be hand quilted anyway?   I have become bored with it and moving on to other projects, like Stonefields and Dresden Heaven.

This is Block 8 for A Bountiful Life that I started working on last night.

Bountiful Life Block 8
Block 8 – Love those Berries!

I will be quilting my Heart quilt this afternoon and since it is small I will strive to complete it today (latest tomorrow).


I have completed the embroidery for Susan’s SAL  I believe I am ahead by getting the 4 embroidery blocks completed so this will provide me time to do some long arm quilting.


I found this wall hanging embroidery pattern that I had started in 2018 when I was going crazy looking for my Red 12 wt Embroidery Thread for the SAL.  So it will also be done – no special time for it.  I purchased in on 13 December 2017, the day I came home and became sick for 2 months with the Flu – ah how we do not forget the important things in our lives!  LOL.   I found it by the French General fabric collection and thought I would whip it out quickly.  That has not happened yet…..

French General Wall Hanging

AND, the winner for the remainder of February and March is… next project is Star of Chamblie!!!!  In 2013 I was beginning to start work on this project but had to delay it.  I am THINKING that I will make it a Blue and White Feathered Star quilt!  I am ready to get away from Red for awhile!  It will be a Blue and White quilt using Moda Marble Mate Blue and Marsha McCloskey’s fabric for the background!


I did make a practice Radiant Feathered Star block in 2013 in Black and Brown.

Nanette's 2013 Radiant Feathered Star

Well, this is all I have to show today!  I am always happy when I complete a project.   Now that I have the fabric selected, I will go quilt Hearts, and tomorrow will start on Star of Chamblie!  Let’s hope for a peaceful, quiet week for all!


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26 Replies to “Capital “T” and the Winner is….”

  1. Nan, your projects are all so beautiful. I really enjoy seeing what you’re working on. I do love that Star of Chamblie pattern, as well as the Bountiful Life one. Great idea to stop and finish that one. Who says we have to make all the blocks in the pattern? I must remember that for my own projects!


    1. Thank you Carole. I realized the quilt did not seem as important to me anymore.

      The Star will be another challenge quilt. I like to mix difficult with One that is easier but pretty.

      Hugs 🤗


  2. You did all sorts of lovely things this week, and I applaud your decision on Bountiful Life. I am getting itchy to do some piecing again. I am going to sit down and do some planning this week as I am without a machine for awhile. I intend to get several quilt blocks cut and ready, and see where that takes me. I have some handwork to finish up and some blog posts to catch up on, as well as my monthly recap of my students. DH also wants a shirt made out of an XL one he won on eBay.😄


    1. Let me know when they announce the Winner on your outfit!

      Yes my life is getting better. I am so happy. I have my Heart quilt loaded and ready to quilt! I am closing February out with a lot accomplished

      Hope your machine is fixed soon! I would loan you one of mine if we were closer.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Bella did a lot of work sharing about the Capital T…love your quilt, and I am so glad that you are finishing it!

    I love that redwork embroidery wall hanging…that will be so pretty when you finish it!

    And the blue and white feathered star! A challenge for sure, and gorgeous!


    1. Thank you Gretchen, it was a quick and easy one to do! Love those 12″ blocks, but do not make many of them. Hopefully I can get started sometime today – I would like to have one done before March comes in on Friday! Can you believe that February is almost over???


  4. I think the Captial T quilt is a winner and much loved. Your one busy woman with fabulous projects. I love, that is love, the blues for the Feather Star quilt. That is going to be fantastic so excited for you to get started. Nanette, I was wondering, are you hand quilting or using a machine?


  5. I do not do much handquilting since 2013. I have at least 6 quilts that need to be hand quilted, but most will be done on the long arm! As I get older (what) my hands and carpel tunnel just love to make me wonder why the hands have to go South when I have so many more applique projects to do! The embroidery seems to not bother me.



  6. All of your embroidery work are beautiful! I did one feathered star and that was enough for me for the time being. I think I still have some cut out and should think about it, but not yet. I like the blues you have chosen too.


    1. Thank you Jaydee! It feels so good to be back in my quilting grove and producing! Hugs! Thx on the blues – this is one of the last pieces of Marble Mates. So I want to make something good with it.


  7. I am happy that you have found Peace with your decision about not entering your beautiful quilts in quilts show, at lwast for this year and maybe further. Sometimes it just helps to come to a firm decision with which one is very, very happy. It can free emotions and time to focus on other happier things which you certainly are and have plans to complete the lovely Bountiful Life quilt in a way pleasing to you. I do not see or hear the quilt police. I love that you know what you want to do and you go after your goals. Just writing them down in your blog is a great way to document those goals and I bet some of your readers who are waiting to see progress on them and the finished quilts will be helping to keep you accountable on some movement on those goals. Thanks for sharing an inspirational post. Now, I need to go do some planning.


  8. Thank you Susan! I have always been a planner. I love blogging about my thoughts, ideas, and quilts. I have finished quilting my hearts and have another one ready to load. But first things first – I need to get the binding done on Hearts! Then load the next quilt, take a day or two off and start working on Feathered Star! I will have to study Marsha’s book on her technique. I do not want to have any “oops” on this one! LOL Take care and thank you again for the lovely comment!


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