HQAL and Brinton Hall Progress

Happy Last 2018 Sunday!  I am further along with Brinton Hall, it is winter time here in South Texas (at least for a few days after reaching 77 degrees last week), closer to my weight goal, and A1C is getting mucho lower!  YEA.  What else could I ask for to end 2018!  I am so looking forward to 2019!  I have 3 days to complete Brinton Hall and am afraid that I may need another day or so to reach that goal, we shall see.   I have finished the first border (Floating Stars – 6″ blocks) and working on the 2nd border (Square in as Square 3″ blocks).  I am not counting the black borders, I call them the ‘framing’ of a quilt – a way to progress to different borders.  There will be one more black border on the other side of the SnS block border.  I am pleasantly surprised as to how this puppy is turning out.  I am rather happy that I did not finish this quilt in 2015 when I started it.  The creativity just was not there!

Check out my July 2015 Posts to see the beginnings of my Brinton Hall journey and how I am changing the look entirely – purely by accident of course!  LOL

Brinton Hall Border 1 and the beginning of Border 2

In 2015, I started Enduring Love by Carol Hopkins using a Judy Rothermel Sturbridge fabric and it was a disaster, I gave all the fabric away to a local Church.  While looking through the July 2015 posts for Brinton Hall, I ran across this Post where I was having issues with the project.  I believe that I am going to redo the border and figure out why the stars did not work now that I am out of the stress box and getting back to normal.  I would love to have this project look better.  I have plenty of Reproduction fabrics that will blend with the Sturbridge fabric line.  This will be a called – Revisiting Enduring Love!

I love New Year’s.  It is a time to be able to start over and attempt to make it a life changing year!  I remember New Year’s Day of 1993!  That year was the beginning of a year that changed the course and direction of my life.  It was the beginning that led me to where I am now, happily married to a great guy who puts up with my Type A personality and stupid health issues!  But I feel that 2019 will be a wonderful year for us!  I do hope each the same for all!

I will try to post the progress of Brinton Hall in her final stages as I work towards completion of my 2018 UFO projects (well OK – let’s not count the hand work projects, i.e., Bountiful Life (2015) Dresden Plates (2018) and Stonefields (2015).  But they will be on the top of the list for 2019!

Have a wonderful week-end and a save New Years’ Eve!  Check out the HQAL Quilters to see progress on their projects.

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35 Replies to “HQAL and Brinton Hall Progress”

  1. Amazing quilt with a wealth of encouragement for me. I did check out your past post as well. For me just seeing the sheer amount of time it has taken you working on this projects helps me to understand the need for time in working mine. TY


    1. Some quilts are complex and tedious. Those are the ones that tend to take time. Something easy goes faster, or when one follows the pattern and there are no ‘issues’. Sometimes patterns and fabrics just do not mix well, and sometimes patterns are not correct. That is the most frustrating thing in quilting.


  2. It is good to see that you take the time to make a project the way that you want it, as opposed to hurrying up and on to the next! Enjoy the process…else why do it at all?

    Have a blessed New Year, Nanette!


  3. Love how this is turning out. Sometimes if we wait and let the quilt tell us what it wants amazing things happen. Hope you have a wonderful and healthy 2019.


  4. You are certainly a busy stitcher. It isn’t quite as exciting to work on an old project but the finish is just as exciting. Look forward to seeing your progress on the Brinton Hall quilt.


    1. Thank you Robin! I try to go faster, but it seems the older one gets the slower one gets!! LOL
      Brinton has been here too long and overstayed her time, she is one border away from being done! Have a wonderful 2019


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