Merry Christmas and Brinton Hall Border

Merry Christmas to all!  Can you believe in 7 days it will be 1 January 2019????  Time to select those projects for 2019, but first I have 7 days to finish Brinton Hall.  Tomorrow I will decide on whether or not to add 2 more borders or just one.  Thinking it will be 2 and hopefully I can complete it by the 1st of January!  This one is definitely be entered into a couple of Quilt Shows!

Here is Brinton Hall with Border Number 1 (am not counting the 1” black border).  I am so pleased with the outcome.  I am changing the borders from the original quilt and letting the colors in the Medallion speak to me as to what will come next!

Have a wonderful day and if you are on an extended vacation – Enjoy and I do hope Santa was good to all!


21 Replies to “Merry Christmas and Brinton Hall Border”

    1. Thank you Chris! I started this one in 2015 (I think) It is in Quiltmania # 107 and 108! whenever that came out. I kept looking at it and finally pushed to get it finished by next week. (Oh I forgot those 6 months of hand surgeries (CTS)) in 2017 no wonder I got behind! LOL


  1. Mmmmm, it just gets better and better! I’m feeling some gold (like in the flowers of border 1) moving into the brighter color of the hexies and some green with the purple or garnet for the binding! Can’t wait to see what you are “feeling.”


    1. That is my plan for the last border. I am going to do a smaller border that will have all the colors in the medallion – it is called squares on point! they will float because I plan on using the same background fabric! This is fun doing a quilt without a plan! It is called make a quilt as you go! LOL I am so much the 1960’s in color coordination Kathy! Hope your Christmas was great!

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  2. Beautiful job and almost a finish! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I read this earlier on my phone but had to come see the photo from my computer since it didn’t load. This is gorgeous!


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