Brinton Hall and Terracina

Merry Christmas and blessings to all for a wonderful New Year that is around the corner!  So far we are doing fine and staying from the Flu this year!  Curbside service from HEB is wonderful!  I have lost another 2 pounds and my A1C has dropped to a ‘pre-diabetic’ level!  Now to lose another 12 pounds and I should be doing even better.  It is amazing, more energy and all of those illusive ‘symptoms’ are gone since I have eliminated Potato Chips, Cough Drops and Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses and keeping Carb count to under 30g or 40g a day.  Along with my daily walk it has paid off!  American Diabetics Association (ADA) has helped me the most in understanding how to manage Diabetes, and a great source for guidance and information!

Yesterday was a full day of cleaning the house!  I really need to find another House Cleaner who will stick with it and come once a month.  I bought a brand new Oreck vacuum cleaner (my 3rd one) which was over 8 years old.    Oreck makes a great machine and this one is much easier to push!  So Clay and I have made our ‘domestic’ chores a little easier for us.  Next week we have hired someone to clean the carpeting, so the house will be totally clean for 2019!

Now on to Brinton Hall!  I have finished sewing the Medallion to the background piece.  I chose to cut out muslin and then use the remainder of the light cream for the border.  I (either accidentally or stupidly) sewed the last row to the Medallion rather than separating it from the Center.  Either way, I like my boo boo!  The entire Medallion is basted to the background to prevent any of the large centers from stretching.

Today will start the work on adding the next border which is to be a plain black border which will frame the Medallion.  The next border will be Floating Stars that I worked on last week.  They are all ready to be added to the Medallion.

My color selections for the remaining borders were selected from the fabric colors in the Medallion.  This is how they will look as a border.

This is the fabric that I will use in the first block border,

I feel that this quilt will be completed shortly and in the timeframe I wanted it completed into a flimsy!

Now to my Santa gifts!  Pam Buda has designed Fussy Cut Rulers that caught my eye.  They are pricy, but great!         I happened upon Quilt In A Day sale for fat quarters, jelly rolls, and 10” layer cakes.  They were priced very low so I splurged!  This line is from Kaufman and has a panel with 6 blocks included.  I have only done one quilt using panels, but it turned out surprisingly nice.  This fabric line is probably old, but who cares, it was priced right!

Then I found the pattern that Kaufman for Terracina fabric line.  I will probably not use it, but it the line is so pretty.  

As soon as I complete Brinton Hall I will be working on my 2019 Projects List.  There are so many I want to make but I must TRY to be realistic (LOL).


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16 Replies to “Brinton Hall and Terracina”

  1. The border fabric is so gorgeous, goes perfectly with this quilt, and the floating stars are so crisp! Best of all, congrats on your latest health milestone! It is just amazing how diet and exercise can turn diabetes around! Joyous Christmas to you and Clay!


    1. And a Merry Christmas to you and your family! Not Christmas weather here – darn –
      I have one side of the star border on and with a little help from Mathematics I will be able to finish it today! Then on to the next border which could be the last one – will see.
      I am still losing and not having the foods I was eating is no longer bothering me. Hopefully I will be able to lose the next 10 over the next 6 weeks or less. All the symptoms that were happening are gone. I had no idea it was Diabetes! Now I do know! It pays to have the A1C checked and watch carbs! I will be ready for the next HQAL!

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  2. I love the material you choose for the border strips – it looks amazing with the stars…excited for the year ahead to see all you do and this beauty completed. I have really enjoyed following you this year – a busy quilting and healthy year is ahead – Merry Christmas!


  3. Thank you! The border is complete and on to the next one. Thank you for following me and your comments are so welcome! A belated Merry Christmas to you also! We had a quiet one and it was great!


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