HQAL and Slow Stitching

Happy Sunday! The weather here in South Texas is my favorite. 40 to 50 degrees and 60’s for a few days and then cold again! A real Texas winter.

I have FINALLY finished the Medallion for Brinton Hall. There are a few more hexagons that will need to be added at the top to even it out. Compared to the others 5 more is nothing. My hands just are not made for EPP!

Tomorrow I will decide how I will do the next border and the blocks. I will not follow the original pattern. Only pieced blocks. I am so ready to do that and let my hands rest. Applique and piecing blocks (no paper piecing) is much easier than EPP.

Another finish is Mountmellick. I decided to make mine a Mini-Mellick. I am so happy to have completed this quilt as far as I want to go with it!

I feel that I can complete Brinton Hall by the end of this month. I would love to have it finished by Christmas. I will have met my goals for finishing all UFO’s from prior years. Only 3 Applique projects will be carried over to 2019. YEA!

Have a wonderful Sunday.


30 Replies to “HQAL and Slow Stitching”

  1. I haven’t got the patience for EPP, though I’m going to have to do a bit to finish a vintage quilt I have, so I admire anyone who has, the effect is so pretty. I love your Mountmellick quilt too, the colours are lovely.


  2. I like Brinton Hall the best. We are still having rain and cooler weather in Az. We have a daughter visiting so showing her the country side. Never been in Az. You are really going after your UFOs. I admire that. Nancy


    1. Wish we had waited to come to enjoy the cooler weather there. But we are having a very cool winter and some rain also and I love the cold! Thank you for the nice comment. I really had to be disciplined to get all done! Gretchen inspired me on doing that! She did not start new projects this year until all (or most) of her UFO’s were completed! Time to start on the 2019 list and it could get L-O-N-G – pipe dream! LOL

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  3. You and me both! Today is study time and decisions on what a to do with the remainder of the quilt. I do not care for the pattern in the Quiltmania Magazine, so will study some blocks – I had originally thought I would applique them, but it is going to be piecing – that is so much faster as I do not do machine applique. And I need to continue with the Asian theme! Have a great Sunday!


  4. What an amazing run of finishes this year. You really have cleaned out your UFO closet Nanette. I will be excited to see what makes it to the top of your list for 2019 makes! These latest two are just beautiful, glad you opted for the wall hanging, that one wasn’t exciting to you anymore. Now you’ll be able to enjoy it in a new way.


    1. Thank you Kathy. MM was just becoming to a point where I did not want to do as much as I did with those flowers. That is when I decided to throw in the towel. Learned to do that a couple of years ago – better than beating my head against a brink wall!!! LOL

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    1. I think most of us feel the same way! My size 8 1/2 hands (measuring from thumb to little finger – stretched out) is not really conducive to 1/2″ hexagons! Have a great week. Thx for commenting.


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