A Christmas Gift

UPDATE UPDATE!    I have been wanting to show what I received from Gretchen around Christmas time!  A Boston Commons quilt will be on my 2019 list and Gretchen sent me the pattern from the Amish, along with a great stencil for hand quilting, and a homemade Needle Book!  How special am I.  Thank you Gretchen I have been forgetting to post this.  

I remember when Gretchen was working on them.  Takes a lot of time to make these hand-made gifts and any that I receive are so appreciated!  I am looking forward to making a Boston Commons with this pattern.  Gretchen’s turn out so pretty I hope I can pick the colors that will really pop!

For my HQAL post click here HQAL 30 Dec 2018


9 Replies to “A Christmas Gift”

  1. What a nice gift. I made a scrappy Boston Commons quilt back in the 80’s and it was tons of fun watching it all come together. I hope you enjoy making yours as much as I enjoyed making mine.


  2. You are so blessed! That bird on the cover is gorgeous, and it’s a great size to hold a lot of needles. I look forward to seeing your Boston Commons quilt, always a wonderful favorite pattern.


    1. Thank you! And Clay and I are very blessed! Looking forward to closing out this year and onto the next one. Each year of our lives are different – mostly good, but some bad – guess this is how we learn that we are not in control and how to roll with both! Hum wonder when this will happen for me! LOL LOL LOL! Happy New Year’s Eve


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