This and That Update!

Good morning to all and only 2 days until Santa Arrives!  Santa arrived early here in South Texas for us.  Upon return from Arizona, it seemed that every tree had shed its’ leaves.  The extreme freeze that hit our area while in Sierra Vista evidently helped them to fall all at once rather than different times of the winter.  So Santa sent Clay this toy to help him with this monumental job that he has every year – A Leaf and Lawn Vacuum.  You can see the leaves in this picture.

Now for the benefits of having a vacuum cleaner for leaves!

We have 95 Pine Trees on our property along with many many other trees.  We have 5 acres and live on about an acre of that.  Taking care of that acre is a lot of work for Clay, so he deserved this machine.

Have a great Sunday – now on to doing a ‘real’ quilting post!


14 Replies to “This and That Update!”

    1. We purchased it from Helping Hands Hardware in Schertz area – Roger is the one we dealt with to order it. He assembled it and delivered it no extra cost. The DR website had a sale going and he honored it – This is the smaller one with electric start, and because we have a Zero turn lawn mower there were some extras required


        1. We have never been there but Roger was great! Be sure you check the DR website before going or calling to see if they have the one you want on sale.

          We have a neighbor who is lazy – need I say more – poor Clay is just blowing the leaves back on her property – and today – wind again ! Too funny! War of the leaves!


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