Slow Sunday Stitching! 13 November 2022

Happy Sunday! The weather is my kind of weather! 38 this morning with 50% humidity and an entire week of the same – YIPPEE! I can say that I love it! I have been dealing with Verizon everyday this week after we upgraded our phones and my Apple Watch. My neighbor’s problem was resolved Wednesday evening. That was 2 weeks of drama. Life goes on.

Now to what I was able to work on the last 2 weeks (not much). I am almost finished with the border for Boo’s and Bat’s cross stitch! I will complete another orange row and finish with a black one and call it a day on this project!

Rebecca has all 12 quilts to quilt, I have 4 LARGE quilts to bind, and about 15 more for me to quilt. I am sticking with my decision to not make any new quilts the remainder of the year until I finish with all of the above! Kathy reminded me of how to make Continuous Bias Binding. I plan on looking up a video on YouTube today since I will have over 400 inches of binding for each of the King Size quilts that need binding. (Fun in my future). These are quilts that I made in my early days of quilting and they have been very patient waiting for their completion! Each of the quilts have a story, but that will come when I complete them!

This is Safe Haven by Lynette Jennings.

Folk Art Christmas

Fire Escape by Atkinson Designs

This is the no name quilt – as I cannot remember the pattern

I will continue to work on my Moda SAL Xmas embroidery project along with preparing 5 blocks remaining for In My Garden. If only my life would be free from drama and interruptions. I am realizing that I can control some things, but others I cannot not. Life is just like a roller coaster sometimes. I pray for peace and quiet all the time and only get drama. HUM. I remember when I prayed for patience and then God decided to test me on that one. Maybe I won’t pray for peace and quiet! LOL.

I am now going to head out for my morning walk. It is nice and cold so it will be enjoyable, and I can wait until 8:00 AM to do my walk.

Of course I cannot leave without my Election Response: I wish I had the money that was spent to just come away with the status quo at the end. I will accept and go on, but again those who think the Republicans do not stand for Democracy need to look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary. Abortion, I guess that was more important than Freedom, Inflation, oil, diesel, food, interest rates, being able to purchase a home and vehicle, etc. But it is what it is and I know that God has a plan for this Country and I firmly believe that we who love Democracy and the Free Will that God gave us will have to sit back and see how the Voters enjoy living in a 3rd World Country for the next 2 years. The youth of this country will reap the benefits as they grow up and realize that there is a big cruel world out there that they have voted for. They are Happy Campers now but that will change one day when their freedoms are gone. So for the next 2 years we will continue to have one of the most incompetent presidents EVER and the most incompetent group of cabinet members EVER.

Clay and I have had enough personal drama and man made drama in our day to day lives the past 2 years. We are secure in our lives and I thank God that we had parents who had great work ethics that was passed down to both of us. The next 2 years will be very difficult for many, so as the Bible says, You reap what you Sow!

Hugs, and have a wonderful week having fun!


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21 Replies to “Slow Sunday Stitching! 13 November 2022”

  1. Hi Nanette, Yes, hopefully we will be able to block socialism. The younger generation doesn’t realize how it has not worked in any other society! And why can’t they understand that abortion is murder? I am very involved with the Republican party, and we just shake our heads. Fortunately, at least our county is very red!

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    1. Well, at least we won the House. I am glad that President Trump announced Tuesday – now the idiots won’t have anything to get in the way on 3 January 2023. At least the Wicked Witch from California is GONE FOREVER! YEA


  2. Nanette you are a MASTER quilt maker! My gosh, those quilts that have been patiently waiting are gorgeous. You are doing such a pretty job on Bats and Boos.
    You sound exactly like my husband and me as we have watched election results. At first I was depressed, then I was angry at all the negative reactions from the liberal press, then this morning I woke up with more of your attitude. There is nothing I can do about it. People have a right to vote the way they choose, and if this is what the majority want, then I will just bide my time until things (hopefully) get better. I refuse to be bitter and intractable and will instead just do my best to make my little world a better place.


    1. Thank you so much Linda. I used to make BIG AND BIGGER quilts! Trying to make them a little smaller – it is a bear to put 400″ of binding on a quilt.

      At least we won the House. I am glad that President Trump announced Tuesday – now the idiots won’t have anything to get in the way on 3 January 2023. At least the Wicked Witch from California is GONE FOREVER! YEA. Clay still gets upset, but I am determined to just watch the 3 programs on FOX, and some I try to watch, but Paul Ryan is such the AH on the Board of FOX, he has his RINO pets and I try to not give them a lot of time! I do believe that Trump will win in 2024, but it will be a hard hill to climb. Hugs

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  3. Hi Nanette! OMG – Folk Art Christmas is just GORGEOUS. I love everything about it. Does it have a home already or do you have a plan for it? I hope it will be enjoyed by you and Clay. Should you EVER get tired of it, and don’t have a clue who might give it a good home . . . I hope you think of me. HAHAHA! I love your pumpkin cross stitch piece, too. I haven’t done cross stitch in a while – we used to have our own CS shop. We have so many framed pieces that some are stored in the closet (gasp). However, I do still love doing it! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you so much Rosanne! Wait until you see the other one when Rebecca finishes quilting it. I will be keeping it. I will put you on the list. LOL. I am a newbie to cross stitch and love it – it is very relaxing for me. Appreciate the sweet words. Hug

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  4. Gorgeous quilts and stitching. We too are enjoying the much cooler weather and it allows me to work in my garden happily each day. Hope you have a great week!


    1. Thank you Karla. I have 2 Christmas quilts – one is with the Longarm quilter. The fabric is from Robyn Pandolph 2000-2002 fabrics. I think I have enough to make a smaller quilt. I learned how to needle turn applique with Robyn. She is great. Hugs and come back again.


  5. You have some gorgeous finishes! I can pick a favorite. Good for you on working to finishing up projects. I’m trying to do the same, with much less success.


    1. It is just so hard to not want to make a new quilt top, but….. I am going to charge forward and be so happy by New Year’s Eve. I may have a lot of little UFO’s completed. The hand braces will come in hand to get all the hand work completed! Hugs and come back again!


  6. Thank you Diane. I am just so opinionated and so sick and tired of the news media who is running this country along with the Idiot and Mattress Lady “running the country”? They could not eve find their way in a grocery store! Hugs and come back for more fodder during the next 2 years!


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