Doing the Happy Dance with Mountmellick

Welcome to South Texas – at 41 degrees and rain all day – mostly the type that will soak into the ground – I am happy happy!  I have completed the Center Medallion of Mountmellick and the first border!!!!!!  This makes me so happy since I tried to start this quilt in 2014….I am so pleased with it.  The mitered corners are appliqued down and the 4 flowers completed and appliqued!  I chose to not add any BP leaves from the Dutch fabric like Di Ford did, nor did I add the diamonds with the circles.  I did not want mine to be so busy!

So far, everything is square and right on target for measurements!  Yea Di Ford!!!!!

Now for the real fun part.  The next border consists of 48 circles that were sewn onto a background fabric grid!  Now to make them into Border Number 2.  From this:

And now into this:

I am now going to do a test to make sure that all the itty bitty HSTs are true and accurate to provide the 2″ border (finished) that will become the 2nd Border!  Wish me luck!

Have a great day and enjoy winter if you are experiencing the lovely cold weather!  This is my favorite type of winter.  Hoping we have more and more rainy days this winter to make up for another drought!


I finished the first border for Mountmellick!  I am so happy, it feels so good to be back into my quilting life after such a long time in making easy things.

Just had to share. I will still needle turn applique the corners down and finish the 4 hexagon flowers in the corners.

On to Border Number Two.  Have a great evening.

Mountmellick Medallion

I have had so many issues with a couple of Australian patterns that I was beginning to become gun-shy in starting another project.  Di Ford is a well-respected Designer and I had hoped to have no issues with Mountmellick.  This time in making a complex quilt I am keeping the past lessons I have learned from past ‘mistakes’ from the Designer, and that I need to go slow, read and re-check the pattern each step of the way.  So far so good and even though it is slow, I do believe that this will be a very successful project.

This morning I am ready to put the first border on the center medallion.  I always make the background fabric 2 inches larger than the pattern requires, mainly to ensure that I will be able to square the block, or medallion without issues!  If the medallion is not perfectly squared the remainder of the quilt will be a total disaster!

Before I did anything, I placed a padding of muslin on the ironing board and placed the appliquéd medallion face down, sprayed it with Sizing and PRESSED not iron!  I did this step to make sure the fabric would not flare (had this problem before!)

I started with a 20 1/2″ square did the math to ensure that when reducing the medallion to 18 1/2″ it would be perfect!  I started by bringing my medallion down to a 19″ square.  I have a 20 1/2″ Creative Grid ruler that really helps in accomplishing this step.  Before I cut, I marked the background as to where I would cut and checking all sides to ensure equality on each side!  Then I measured an additional 1/4″ on each side of the medallion inside the 19″ marking.  BUT I did this by marking the medallion 1/8″ all around, checking to make sure it would be square, cutting it to 18 3/4″ and THEN measuring another 1/8″ to bring it to 18 1/2″ square.  During this process I kept measuring from corner to corner to make sure all things were remaining square!

After all of this I took the 18 1/2″ square and did a stay stitch on my newly cleaned Designer I to ensure that when sewing the first border there will not be an issue with flaring.  (been there done that one before without a stay stitch).  Here is a picture of the finished perfectly squared 18 1/2″ Center Medallion!


So now to adding the first border.  I want to thank Lu Ann Krug for sending me the border fabric for this quilt.  It was a piece that she had left over from when she made the quilt.  I met up with Lu Ann through her Blog in 2014 just as I was beginning to start on this quilt when my step son was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  Here it is 3 years later and I am FINALLY back to a “sameness of routine” as my friend Gretchen stated in her morning post!  This last year I discovered Gretchen and what a surprise to find out that Lu Ann and Gretchen are friends and live in what I call “Quilter’s Heaven” because of their love of quilting!  How I would love to live closer and attend the Retreats with them!  Both ladies are great and dedicated quilters.

Well, off to put the first border on….. more to follow!


Rockport Texas, Mountmellick, Prensencia Thread and My D1!

Monday morning Clay and I decided that we just wanted to do something different and we did!  We left at 10 AM for Rockport, Texas.  We were so very very disappointed in our Galveston trip that we wanted to see how the little town was faring after Harvey.   Rockport is really struggling to come back and it will take at least 2 years to bring the beautiful area back to life!  A lot of construction going on, so much damage, and unbelievable amount of debris that is still stack in front of homes, etc.  There are boats along the highway and the large boat storage is totally destroyed with destroyed boats still in the storage building – and there are hundreds of them.

It is just so sad!  Rockport really needs help in cleaning up from Harvey.  Hopefully this will happen in time.  The Lighthouse Hotel is in sad condition – no construction going on there.  The Inn at Fulton Beach is still under the rebuilding phase.  Charlotte Plummer Restaurant is about the only eatery that is up and running!

We did enjoy a little time watching the waves and at least the Jetty was untouched.  Most of the piers are gone or unusable!

I love the water – so peaceful and quiet with the wind blowing the fresh salt water air in one’s face!  Oh well.

Now to quilting!  I have completed my 48 circles for the 2nd border on Mountmellick.  I am now ready to cut the blocks into 48 and sew the little triangles on each circle block to make the 2nd border.  I certainly hope that I do not make any errors on this as it was a lot of work to make them.  Then I have 4 hexagon flowers to complete for the center medallion corners.

My goal is to complete the first 3 borders by the end of December.  2018 is coming fast!

I was drawn to Bonnie Hunters colors for her On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt  project.  It started on 24 Nov and will finish by February 2018!  I will be working fast and furious if I do this one because I am already behind on 9 patches and flying geese.  Jaydee and I are going to go for it.  I will do mine in Batiks using Bonnie’s colors, but not as scrappy.  Now this could be a pipe dream – we will see!

About 2 weeks ago I ordered some Sulky 12wt embroidery thread (lots of them)- when they arrived I decided to return them and did.  Mainly because I had made a decision to switch to Presencia Threads BUT with all the hand surgeries I had put that decision out of my mind!  I did one project with this thread a few years back and loved it.  I did a lot of searching for the best prices for the thread and Crafty’s had a good sale so I purchased some more!  I am glad I did stock up as they have gone up about $3.00 a pack.  I feel now that I have plenty to work on my embroidery projects!  I have a mixture of 8wt and 12wt threads!

Now for some wonderful thank you’s to hubby for cleaning and fixing my Husqvarna Designer 1!  The feed dogs button was not working and the reverse stitch button was hanging up.  He took the entire machine apart, cleaned it and it runs like a dream!  Probably saved us about $500.00!  This is a 2002 D1 and does not have the hours that most machines that are 15 years old have.  In case you might be interested, here are some pictures of the work and the “back in the saddle” picture.  Clay is just so brilliant – he can fix anything with his wonderful Engineer mind.  This morning he is now cleaning my Husqvarna Sapphire.  I used my Sapphire when we traveled, so there are not many hours on that machine either!

My 2002 Designer 1 all cleaned up and ready to sew!!!

I do hope all have a great week-end and enjoy this time of the year!  So much to be happy for and thankful for even with the bad that happens at times.  Happy Sewing!

OMG for December 2017 or Maybe Just Wishful Thinking!

Here we are now in December.  Where did November go?  We Quilters never have enough time in a day to complete our projects as fast as we would like.  So I am setting some goals for December and hopefully I will achieve them!  It is time for me to get through or caught up on my UFO’s as 2018 is knocking on my door!

A.  Complete the first 3 borders on my Mountmellick quilt by Di Ford.

B.  Complete Section 5 of Stonefields by Susan Smith

C.  Complete Blocks 7-12 of Sweet Stitches from my Kathy Schmitz BOM

D.  Prepare Aunt Bea’s Parlor quilt for Embroidery.

E.  Work on Civil War Bride and Nesting (two needle turn appliqué projects) (This will be a miracle if I even get near these projects!)

F.  FINALLY at least load my Antibellium Ladies quilt on my Grace frame for hand quilting!

G. Take my utility quilts to the Scrappy Quilter Shop to be quilted – maybe I can get caught up from the last 2 years.

H. OK – do not laugh – start on Bonnie Hunter’s On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt!  Maybe or Maybe not!  We will see!

NOW, if I do not sleep I may achieve some of the goal, but I am bound and determined to complete some of my 2017 UFO’s before 2018!

Have a great week-end!


Stonefields Replacement Blocks

On my last post I had a picture of 3 blocks from Section 5 of Stonefields. Here they are again.

The handkerchief Blocks! Boy they were difficult to make. 😂

Well those blocks are history.  Here are the replacements.

Dresden Plate Blocks

I am working on a Dresden Plate quilt from 1930’s fabric that consists of Mini Dresden’s and Larger Dresden Plates. I decided that I could make 4 of the Mini’s from my Fusions contrasting fabrics and applique them on my background fabric. I really love making the 4 1/2” Dresden’s.

I have all of Section 5’s pieced blocks completed and the remaining ready for applique.  Tomorrow I will start on Section 6

We had a very nice Thanksgiving.  I made Chili, Beans, Spanish Rice, Enchilada’s and a Cherry Cobbler.  Melissa brought two of their most wonderful Bundt Cakes from “Nothing Bundt Cakes”. They are the most mouth-watering Cakes I have ever tasted!  They are a national chain so if you have a store in your area recommend you try them. They are wonderful!  I forgot how much time is involved in cooking  Tex-Mex food!   But oh so good!

Have a great sewing week!

Galveston, Gluten Free Flour, and Project Progress

Greetings from a pleasant South Texas!  I would like to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family!  I am thankful for Clay, Melissa, and Alexa and our good health!  So many things to be thankful for.

Galveston – We planned to take a week and go to Galveston, Texas to enjoy the beach and listening and watching the surf since Rockport was blown away with Harvey!  We left on the 12th and planned to stay until the 20th, but we quickly found out that Galveston is now just a big town on an island and the main highway is parallel to the shoreline.  Almost no beach.  Galveston is now mostly a stop off for those who are going on a Cruise, Moody Gardens, and a Historical District of which we were not impressed!  There was one pier to walk down to the T-head and it cost $10.00 per person.  To sit on their deck was $2.00 a person.  We could not believe how Galveston is no longer a ‘beach’ island.  So we came home on the 16th.  The Hampton was great – could not have found better service or room.  We stayed in a Suite that had a great view of the ocean and balcony to sit and enjoy the breeze.  All in all it was a nice getaway, but we did not leave anything there!

There was a plus in coming home early on Thursday – we  stopped to wash the Navigator, picked up the mail, we unloaded and I unpacked and vacuumed and then I sat in my chair until bedtime!  I did my grocery shopping early Friday morning for our Mexican Thanksgiving Lunch.  I happened to find some gluten-free flour by Bob’s Red Mill.  Here is what I made and they were so good, until….. 5 minutes after I ate 1/2 of a muffin I started not feeling well.  That lasted 4 days!  It appears that when they make gluten-free things like flour they are now using Sweet White Sorghum!  WELL, it is boatload with fiber and I cannot do fiber – I was sick for 4 days with my upset tummy!  Another goodie off my limited food list.  In my research to find out why went wrong, I discovered that to get “flour” without any additives one must buy Wheat Flour!  Who knew, I did not.  Also, I realized that “Barley” is a no-no for me!  Hum.  Anyway, I am back to normal and will never purchase ‘gluten’ free anything – I will stick with my 6 things to eat.

Pecan Muffins 

Now for some project updates!  Before we left for Galveston, I had finished making all of my circles for Mount Mellick border.  I have the circles pinned and work on them in the evening.

I have one row appliquéd and hopefully will finish them by the week-end.

Then I decided that it is time to finish Stonefields or at least prepare the remainder of the sections for piecing and appliqué.  I have started working on Section 5 and plan on preparing the next 5 Sections this week-end.  I will be able to do some sewing during the day and hand appliqué blocks in the evening.  Maybe I will finish this by the end of December (LOL).  I have finished 7 of the blocks in Section 5 and have 5 blocks left to prepare for appliqué.

Stonefields Section 5 Blocks

NOT my favorite blocks!

I will  appliqué the mitered corners!  If I would have had some Toille fabric that would have blended I would have used that instead of what I did, but I think they will get lost within the 121 blocks that are in this quilt.  Here is a picture of the blocks that I have completed so far.  I probably would have chosen different fabrics for the 3 blocks if I had felt better.

I am using  2 different beige colors of the Moda Apple Cider fabric with tiny hexagons for my background fabric.  Section 5, 6, and 7 will be the lighter color so I will be able to offset them when putting the quilt together.

There is a quilt named Life is Beautiful that caught my eye about 6 months ago and after spending 3 months ‘thinking’ about it I ordered it from Australia.  I received it last week and all I will say is that it is not worth the $$$$ I spent for it!!!!!  Rip Off!

Well, that is all for now, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the food and family!