I will not be posting, or taking the time to read or to comment on all the posts I am receive for a week. I have fixed Feedly and fixed, but, as I knew would happen, and Verizon and Apple did not let me down I now have no phone service and my new watch is not working. So I have 2 days to clean up the mess. I am the one who seems to always have issues and it has happened again. Clay’s is working fine!

Today is the day we have been waiting for! So between trying to get my phone back on line, I will be watching the news and expect being up a late night!

I have tons of emails that I need to read (posts) and will do that later in the week.

But for this week and maybe next week, I will not have anything to show, so no posts. Now if a miracle happens for me I will have something to show, but I doubt it.

Have a wonderful week or so and will be in touch. We are fine, just working with neighbor on her legal issues, Verizon and Apple problems, and Nanette is worn out! I am also taking off walking until it really cools off down here in crappy South Texas hot weather – a cold front is due Friday!



4 Replies to “TO DO TUESDAY – 8 NOVEMBER 2022! RED DAY”

  1. Awww, sometimes you just have to take the time for yourself. Good luck with your technical issues. (Keeping our fingers crossed for tonight’s results!) Thank you for joining with To Do Tuesday!


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