To Do Tuesday – 16 November 2022!

It is a great day today – Temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s! Yea. It is nice to walk in cold weather rather than 78 degrees at 6:30 in the morning. Life is good, the Country sucks, but we are alive and well, and life goes on! That is all I have to say as I am now just going to get off the roller coaster and watch all the Swamp Creatures to continue to ruin our Country! Signing off Politics for awhile. Football, Gunsmoke, quilting, knitting, cross stitch, and embroidery is much better for getting a good night’s sleep.

OK, here is where I was Sunday as far as my projects are moving along. Today I am happy to report I am more than 1/2 way finished with Boo’s and Bats “frame” and have 1/2 of the binding sewn on one of the 4 quilts that I have to complete the binding on.

Yesterday I found left over fabric for Safe Haven that I can use if I need to recut binding for this quilt. The person who quilted the quilt did the binding and it was a disaster, so it needs to be ripped off and replaced. I am happy that I save all scraps from my quilts. Pays off!

This quilt was the first of 3 quilts done by that Quilter that I realized I had a problem with her sewing on the binding (I still had to hand sew the binding down). I cannot remember the pattern (too many years gone by). It is approximately 108″ x 108″ and I ripped the binding off about 3 months ago and now I have made over 420 inches of new binding (same brown color as in the quilt). Kathy mentioned to me about making Continuous Binding. I began to remember when that technique came around in the early 2000’s. After reviewing the YouTube and the technique I remember why I never pursued that! I cut 12 strips @ 2 and 1/4 inches, sewed them together diagonally, and pressed the strips in half. The entire process took about 1 and 1/2 hours. I was not interested in cutting strips with scissors. But I thank Kathy for the information to review from the past!

Folk Art Christmas (think this is the name) is another quilt binding to be corrected. I have to be extremely careful because there is no more fabric like it. The fabric line was from Robyn Pandolph from 2002 timeframe. This is another large quilt – probably about 400″ also.

This quilt is an Atkinson Design called Fire Escape. I used batiks for this quilt, and I was smart by not giving the quilter the binding for the quilt. I kept it so it won’t take long to complete this quilt.

My goals for the rest of the week will be to have all bindings on my 4 quilts and Boo’s and Bat’s completed. I would like to have the 4 remaining blocks prepared for In My Garden applique also.

Life around here has come back to sanity (neighbor’s problems solved in a very depressing way). I took down the sign that said, “If you have a problem, call Nanette”. I have learned the lesson to let everyone stand on their own two feet without my assistance!!!!!. Also I had spent the entire time since 4 November 2022 dealing with Apple and Verizon. That was what you call a Massive Stressor, but I have had 3 days to just relax and now I am on the happy road again!

Now for some fun news! We are heading for Rockport, Texas in a few weeks and will stay a week. I am looking forward to being at the Lighthouse on the 3rd floor balcony overlooking the Bay, watching the shrimp boats leaving in early morning and coming in at dusk! We have not been anywhere for a year now and we both are ready to go! I wish we had an acre of land with a small house on it in Rockport – we could go anytime we wanted! But too old for that one, so The Lighthouse it is! Isn’t this enticing?

Rockport at night from the Balcony!

The view of The Lighthouse from their private pier.

This is the new pier (about a mile long) at Fulton Beach. It is a great place for me to get my walking done and not for the faint of heart.

I hope that everyone has a great week and a productive time with your projects. Until next Tuesday.

Hugs, Nanette

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9 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 16 November 2022!”

  1. That Folk Art Christmas quilt is just beautiful Nanette! Oh that is too bad about the bad binding quilter, what a waste. Glad you are getting it all fixed right. All your quilts are stunners, you just don’t make an ugly one do you? 😀 Yay for your upcoming Rockport trip! That night photo is so enticing. Thank you for sharing your good stuff with To Do Tuesday!


  2. Hi Nanette! Rockport looks so lovely!!! Each picture is better than the next but that one at night from the balcony. I can just feel the stress rolling out with the tide. Enjoy every minute. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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