To Do Tuesday – 19 October 2021

Good afternoon! Don’t be too shocked since I am doing a post on the day it is due – I am sure I will be late again in the future! LOL Today has been busy day today which included an early morning walk, grocery shopping, enjoying a 15 minute relaxation in the Sun for my Vitamin D and now working on cutting out leaves for A Bountiful Life. I have the Vines just about finished and ready to sew the leaves and flowers for a finish!

More Leaves
Leaves for the Flowers

Now it is time to cut and put them all in baggies. I have a few more to iron on and mark and the I will select the flower fabric and how many to do!

I participated in Lori’s Mystery Quilt and have the top finished. Mine is different from Lori’s setting in that I changed block 3 and added more blocks. I am very pleased with the quilt. I may hand quilt it. I love America and yearn for her to come back to us as we have always know her. This is the 2nd quilt I have made using Moda Stars fabric. Still have a lot of fabric left over to use in other projects.

Have a great week – My goals for next Tuesday will be to have the Vine and some leaves appliquéd. If I get too bored working on leaves I will do a few buttons (oops was trying to forget that project!)

Tomorrow I will be getting my Radio Frequency Treatment in my back and it is definitely time! My Sciatic Joint was really talking to me earlier! I will have a nice short nap and then come home and have a reason to just veg in the Recliner!

Yesterday I received a surprise package in the mail from Mary at Hill Country Quilter. A beautiful card for our recent loss, AND then a pattern and fabric to make the same color wheel she has just finished. If you click on her name you will see hers. What a thoughtful Lady to remember us and to send me the gift. I had asked about the pattern when I saw her Color Wheel. Thank you Mary for caring. Have a blessed week! Be sure to check out some of her quilts.

Have a great Wednesday!

Hugs, Nanette

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8 Replies to “To Do Tuesday – 19 October 2021”

  1. How wonderful and thoughtful of Mary!

    So…for your 15 minutes of vitamin D…are you taking a power nap, reading in the sunshine, stitching in the sunshine, watching the birds? I have a hard time sitting still for 15 minutes. Ha, ha!

    Hmmmm…I am feeling a bit challenged and intimidated. I have a ton of leaves to applique to my Garden Basket quilt. It sits in a corner and I pretend not to see it. And here you are, setting a goal to stitch down a ton of leaves to your project. I may have to get busy. 🙂


    1. Morning Laura! Yes Mary is a great Lady. I take that 15 minutes to try to relax or make a phone call for fun! It took me some time to stop and do it but it is great to have a better Vitamin D level! We are back in to high humidity again so it will be a day to have the fan going while enjoying the hot sun! LOL

      I have pretended to see this quilt for 5 years! Maybe I can get it done before the end of the month (DREAMER HERE). Hugs!

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  2. What a thoughtful gift! Seeing all those leaves, I have the sense that you have just reached the summit of a big mountain, and now get to enjoy the down hill track! Now you can rotate between buttons and leaves!


  3. I’m loving your Bountiful Life. If you hand quilt it, you get to enjoy it up close. Land That I Love is beautiful, and I just have faith that we will come back to our America. Yay for Mary, what a sweet gift!
    Thanks for linking to To Do Tuesday! 🙂


  4. Oh my all those leaves! 😳😁 I’ll enjoy watching you…. If it was my those leaves would be in a bag for a llllloooooooong time. Surprises are such a day brighter.


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