To-Do Tuesdays – 30 March 2021

Greetings from South Texas where we are about to receive the last cold front of 2021. It appears after Easter that the high 80’s will be returning for the summer and of course gradually turn into the 100’s!!! I am not sure, but I do not think El Niño is going to visit like they thought! But that is OK after all, it is the end of March (well OK 1 more day to go)!

I have not set anymore goals this month because of the need for me to finish OMIGOSH! Today I finished the last of the 8 remaining blocks. There are 30 blocks all together. Each block is made up of 2 each 5” UF 9 patch blocks and 2 each 5” UF Shoo Fly blocks which make up a “block”. The 9 patches and the Square in a Square 4 patch blocks are 2” UF. I have no idea how to count the pieces and all the cutting I did for this project, but if I EVER sold it – it would be expensive as there a many hours spent in making it. I may get it appraised someday. They are all on the design wall, and so now I give you Nanette’s OMIGOSH Am I Ever Crazy Quilt:

I am pleased with the setting, so tomorrow morning I will be putting the quilt top together!

My goals for 29 March through 5 April 2021 will be to finish this quilt. If I am blessed enough to do so, I will be reviewing my UFO list again and see if it would be better to put Stars Around the Garden (SAG) together and start on the borders at night; put Sweet Stitches together, or just to save my sanity – start on a new quilt that I have been wanting to make. I have some fabric that will look great with this quilt from Missouri Quilt Company. I also have Dresden Plates to applique to background blocks, hand quilting on Indian Summer, oops, Mary Brown, Stonefields, and Jacobean Lights for applique. Talk about being so far behind in UFOs. Unbelievable I have a lot of money and time already invested in these UFOs and it looks like it will take me the rest of the year to complete them. This doesn’t include the 29 quilts that need to be quilted on the long arm…..No wonder I have high anxiety! LOL

Last Friday Clay and I went to the quilt store and I purchased some French General fabrics, and 2 end of bolts of 108” fabric for backgrounds. I will try to get pictures of all my French General fabric soon in another post. I have ordered a bolt of French General Favorites Pearl Linen. The FQS is a great on-line shop as they provide great service and when buying a bolt you get a discount. This bolt will strictly be used with all of my French General fabrics.

Maybe by next week I will have a list of To-Do’s and get back on track with life and quilting. I know one thing. I will NOT take any generics that have polyethylene glycol. Those 3 generic fluid pills I took last week because they quit making my Brand Name medication, activated my Meniere’s, increased my sugar, gave me 2 horrible Migraines with Aura, ended up with floaters in my right eye and activated my anxiety! That ingredient is in the lovely CHINESE virus vaccine. I believe this inactive ingredient is the reason that people are having bad reactions like extreme tiredness and headaches possibly Migraines. The Owner of the Texas Road House Cafe killed himself because he could not cope with the Tinnitus that comes with Meniere’s after taking the Vaccine!!! Horrible. Johnson and Johnson uses aborted fetus tissue. I will NEVER take this vaccine and NEVER take another Flu Shot. This is MY OPINION based on my PROBLEMS with inactive ingredients in medications and preservatives in foods.

Have a wonderful week. Thursday I will get a hair cut – have not had a real one for over a year (Between Clay and I we kept it trimmed). Tomorrow is Facetime with my friend Kathy. The time we spend together is so uplifting to me just to sit and sew and talk with another quilter is a gift from Heaven!

It seems that I am learning to deal with the new software for WordPress! I pay an annual fee, so I can get help and support if I run into a problem while writing a post. I do appreciate that! I learned a few more things tonight while writing this post on my iPad!

Hugs, Nanette (haven’t figured out how to change the color of my text – maybe next time!)

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27 Replies to “To-Do Tuesdays – 30 March 2021”

  1. Which vaccine did you receive? I’m really curious because I’m going to get mine on Thursday. Thank you for any information. Hugs,


    1. I did not take the vaccine. It was some HZTZ (for fluid retention in my inner ear – Meniere’s). I checked the inactive ingredients and found glycol as one – I will not take the Flu again (had a mild reaction in September – had not taken that Flu shot for over 23 years). I will not take the COVID Vaccine EVER! Good luck and if you have a strong immune system you will probably be OK. I have a weak immune system that does not like binders in medications and preservatives in food. I am beginning to think that any of them are bring on Migraine headaches. Hugs


      1. I have Meneires caused by a shingles infection and took the Moderna vaccine. My experience was practically nil after the first shot and a few awful days after the second. I know that no two reactions are the same but this was mine. I did the things that help my symptoms for Meniere s except taking antivirals. Lots of fluid, rest, avoiding loud noises and bright lights. I had tinnitus but in my case it went away or returned to normal levels of sound intensity and interval of incidence. Again no one can predict another’s experience.

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        1. Sorry for the late response. I am glad that you did not have too bad a reaction, but the fact that everyone gets a headache concerns me – this could be a Migraine and they may start having them in the years to come. I feel that it is triggering something in the brain that impacts the inner ear or with migraines headaches. Let’s hope for the best for all!


  2. Omigosh looks splendid! Looking forward to our chat later today. I’ve been up for hours already. We had crazy wind (80 mph) on Monday and two fires just west of town. They evacuated a subdivision just southwest of Rapid and had others on alert before the wind changed. The smoke was insane Monday afternoon. Got through that fine, but DH was up around 1am and had to neb. He’s doing fine now, but we both just stayed up (I was already restless, and this finished it!) I’ll likely nap this afternoon, since I’m on vacation!

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  3. OMIGOSH is spectacular! I would love to see your French General collection. Did you and Clay go to FQS – do they have an actual store? – or was it another quilt store?
    My husband had the Moderna vaccine and has not had any side effects. I will not get the vaccine – I don’t trust it – and I pray we will never be “forced” to get it.

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    1. Thank you on OMIGOSH. The Fat Quarter Shop is an on-line store only. We went to the Mesquite Bean in San Antonio last week. Have you ever been to the quilt store in Buda, Texas – it is to die for! Great owners! Have almost anything you want to buy in the way of great fabrics! I want them to try to force me to take it – I have 3 doctors who will vouch for me to NOT take it. You know what I think…. they can go blow smoke…. LOL.

      I may have some time to post the French General later today or tomorrow for sure! I do not have as much as a lot, my heavy stash is in batiks…..along with many others….LOL.


    1. Thank you Mary! Now for sewing it together and adding the borders. Thinking I would like to load it on the long arm next week and hand bind it – Good warm quilt for winter or if I turn the air down to 68 degrees in the Den now that summer is here ! LOL


  4. This quilt was a lot of work,but what a beauty it is going be! I’ve never been big on vaccines for flu or Covid.. just rather let my immune system do it’s own job. If that’s what they are using in shots that horrific.🥲 29 quilts… you will be busy for awhile.😃

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    1. Thank you so much Deb – I know I could have done it faster, but you know 2020 life around here! LOL. I have missed my PHD 2021 because of my back, so I am going to try to get at least 2 or 4 done this month. They really do not take long to do, but the long arm is standing all the time and can be hard on the back.
      Hugs We always stayed at home during Flu Season, and wore masks if it was a bad season – always washed our hands and kept wipes in the car. Hugs

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  5. Omigosh indeed, Nanette — those blocks look absolutely spectacular! You must be so (“SEW”) excited to see this quilt coming together! I’m sorry you had that horrible reaction to the generic meds. Several of my family members suffer from severe migraines periodically and I would not wish that suffering on anyone. It’s good that you know which ingredients trigger the reaction for you so you can avoid it happening again.

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  6. Omigosh is just awesome! I have had to stop taking 2 new meds because of the severe headaches and anxiety they induced. I am about ready to stop taking all pharmacy meds and try to find natural cures. When the side effects are >/= to the problem, what’s the use?
    Thanks for linking up with To-Do! Good luck on next week’s goals.


  7. OMG Nanette! Your OMG is beautiful. It’s such an accomplishment, and yours is stunning. I love the name too. Which is understandable because whenever I look at one close up, I say Oh My Gosh!! Look at all those tiny pieces. Hope you stay well. We’ve both had the 1st and 2nd shots with no issues, for which I am thankful. Hugs, Judy

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    1. Thank you Judy! Appreciate the nice comments and yes it was fun to work on. But I am ready for a batik quilt now. No threads on the floor! LOL. Glad you did not have any side effects. Hug


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