HQAL! End of Another Month!

Lovely weather here in South Texas!  See?

AND another banner yesterday of 110 and probably today!   Do not need the Virus to keep us at home – Weather Virus for sure!

I did finish Santa this week!  YEA!  I have now am working on Mary Brown applique blocks – only 2 left and all corners will be completed – and Easy Breezy pieced quilt. (I need to do satin stitch for the eyes but will have to practice on that stitch).  Also will have to do some stitching around the holly and berries on Santa and other blocks.  Kathy Schmitz provides the finishing touches on each block with items that really make the blocks.

Here is a picture of completed blocks that I had finished previously and the 2 that will be done soon (I hope)

Clay set up the bird bath and started wondering why the dish would empty so fast – here is why – cuties!

Well, this is all I have for HQAL this round.  Have a great week – house cleaning has to be done today – Then I can start September off with a clean house.  The Studio doesn’t take long to clean the dust, but it has been June since I did a deep clean and that is longer than I have ever gone.

Hugs, Nanett

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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ConnieMonica, Sherrie.


17 Replies to “HQAL! End of Another Month!”

  1. Good morning Nanette – I looked at the clock/weather picture and couldn’t figure out what was looking at and then read your 110o and nearly had heart failure. Wow – your temps are high – I so remember those days living in the Mohave Desert. I can only hope it begins to cool down for you. I have grands in Abilene, now I am wondering how they are doing. You’re almost near completing the blocks for this quilt. I know you got it….it’s going to be a great quilt. Love seeing the deer too. How fun! Stay well 🙂


  2. Oh, I remember those hot Texas days when we lived in Waco. Endless it seemed.
    Loving your Kathy Schmitz embroidery blocks. They take some time and yours are very well done.


  3. Your Kathy Schmitz blocks are beautiful. We have been in the 100s for weeks in Northern CA, have been having a few 90s days, now back up to 100’s the next few days! Stay cool and happy stitching


  4. It always feels good to have the cleaning done! Those little deer were thirsty from those high temps… can’t you just hear how they sighed with delight at fresh water.❤️ Lovely stitching.


  5. One of many small finishes to come! Now that you can relax a bit, I bet you are loving your appliqué time each day. I have just a few more bits left on my deep clean, need to scrub the steps going down to the basement, and I took care of the ceiling fan this morning. I’ll wait for some nice weekend to do the Windows.😊


  6. Your embroideries are looking beautiful!!! Just two to go–yay! Love the photos of the fawns! We often have them in our backyard here, too. They are a beautiful sight to see.


  7. Not a bird bath, then, a deer fountain. LOL I really like the Santa finish. Seeing the blocks together is a treat, too. Working on this and Mary Brown should keep you busy, and I know you have other things you plan to do this month. Jumping back in with both feet. =)


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