Stars Around the Garden

Greetings from South Texas again – a nice overcast cool day – but tomorrow summer will be back!  Oh Well!

Last Sunday I finished the 14 blocks for Stars Around the Garden.  The center Medallion is prepared and waiting for me to applique.  I met my goal (well, OK a few days late) but who is keeping track anyway?  This is the first time I am using the great setup that Clay did for me as a way to show quilt tops or blocks as I progress without having to move my cutting table!

So I give you the 14 blocks for Stars Around the Garden from beginning to end!

I will need to trim my piece of batting for future use, but this works so well and saves me bundles of time! Thank you Clay – he is just such the Mechanical Engineer!  Next on my list is to get the center Medallion applique!  It is not a difficult one, just lots of leaves!

Have a week-end and enjoy stitching.

Hugs, Nanette 

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21 Replies to “Stars Around the Garden”

  1. Such pretty blocks and kudos to Clay too for putting that ingenious thing together. Always a headache as to how to hold up quilts, blocks, etc.


    1. He is so good at coming up with ideas to make things better for us. I did get the batting cleaned up – squared it! Next time things will hang a little better also. I have a large design wall but my 6’ cutting table sits in front of part of it – it is a pain to move it. I also have a long arm in the room. We have a Studio that is 800 sq ft – he has 2 rooms and I have 2, but mine are about 500 sq ft. Loaded to the top! It is called spoiled. He hung this in the other room from the ceiling in front of one of my fabric stash set of shelves. Another spoiled quilter. Hugs


  2. Clay came up with a wonderful solution…your blocks look great displayed together, and I bet seeing them together like that is inspiration to keep going! 🙂


  3. Those are so pretty together! Ha, he did a great job for you! Do you rent him out? LOL I need a bit of something engineered. =) (Just kidding – having had Paul, I know we don’t rent their talents and time to others!)


    1. Thank you Susan. Well, maybe if I can come with him and see the East Coast again. I tell you they have spoiled us for ever having anyone else around – right? He comes up with the neatest ideas and little things that he orders to make our fun time more fun! Where is my Sunday lesson? (Just kidding). Hugs and hang in there maybe the Chinese Virus will go back and wipe them out!


    1. I originally (and have enough fabric left over) was going to make a Bargello, but just wanted to try my skills with fabric selection. I have really enjoyed making the blocks and now on to the applique day medallion. Have a great day! Hugs


  4. Such pretty batiks, and that is going to be a spectacular quilt. You are progressing really fast! That is quite a nice setup your husband did for you. Those husbands are pretty hand, aren’t they? 🙂


    1. I tell you I would be lost without Clay. We bounce off each other. He attacks his projects like I do (in a normal year). I am going to take those UFO’s one at a time and hopefully be caught up by the end of the year.

      You are getting the cooler weather – I hope our weatherman is wrong and that it makes it down here. I tell you we have not had a break since the end of April. My body is confused – thinks it is still July! I gave up walking today – to hot and humid!

      Hope the move in is going better! Hug


  5. Thank you for sharing your progress on these lovely blocks. I googled the quilt name to see how the center medallion looked and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have looked twice at the original quilt. You colors pop and make me think this might be a future project. This is a great example of being willing to step outside the box and use your imagination. Thank you!


    1. You are welcome. The pattern has 2 color ways and 2 ways to finish the border. The second border has applique on each corner of the borders. Fabric choices really can make a difference can’t it. Thx for stopping by.


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