Remembering The Veterans of the USA

Greetings from Texas, where we did not have any problems with counting Votes.  If you are a Veteran, thank you for your service to our beloved United States of America!!  THIS IS MY PRESIDENT FOREVER!!!

Do not forget to thank a Veteran for their Service to the USA!  Pray for America and our beloved President Donald John Trump!

Remember the Constitution and Eliminate Election Fraud or you will be living in a Socialist Society!


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Newsmax   One America News Network Rush Limbaugh  Mark Levin

23 Replies to “Remembering The Veterans of the USA”

    1. I refuse to watch FOX News as they started turning again President Trump about a year ago. Sandra Smith is evil. I have never seen the bias in our news outlets and cable network that has been Conservative for over 20 years. It makes me so angry at the way the Democrats have gone after this President within the Intelligence world. I worked in that world. They are dirty! I pray for President Trump all day long. I pray for this Nation. The idiots do not know what they are asking for.


        1. Hey, Deb. merry Christmas to you and families, I hope you are having a great day as well!!!, I’m so sorry for bouncing into your privacy without your concept, I feel overwhelm when I saw your profile, it would be so nice having you as a good friend in trust honest and sincerity, although we just know each other, don’t know if it’s comfortable with you, kindly add me up on Google hangouts Thanks,

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          1. I hope you had a blesssed Christmas and a lovely New Year’s Day. Thank you for your kind comment,and sorry it’s taken so long to reply. I’m not much of a media social bug. The only social app that I have on my iPad is word press.. life is to full of other things to be at my little iPad long. Thank you again.. take care.


    1. The Democrats are so nasty and dirty – I have never seen so many so uninformed people to want to live in a country where they do not have to work, free everything, And degrade our country again like Obama did. He was just the beginning of their attempt to make us a 3rd world country.
      This post will probably lose those who love Biden and Harris but I do not care. I am not a person to be muzzled. Never have been. Guess I need to relabel my Blog to Conservative Doing It Right Quilter!!! LOL


  1. We must be vigilant. There is a whole lot of mischief going on. Let’s pray it all gets worked out. Now back to my quilting. Doing the embroidery on my CWB side panels then put it all together. Then I will put it in my floor frame for hand quilting. Have a good day Nanette.


    1. We all need to support the Georgia Race in January! This country will not survive with Biden and Harris both of which are incompent and Obama will be taking over the government not them. They are just figure heads who checked of the boxes.


  2. I agree with the ladies above. It is hard to keep our hopes up that this will turn out for the good. I told my husband that it won’t even matter if voter fraud is proved, the Left won’t care because they simply want our President gone.
    Whatever happens I know God is in control, but it’s so hard to make myself stop plucking at His sleeve and just trust that He knows best – lol!


    1. We must keep praying. It is just interesting where there are not Riots – they knew that they would do this. But if things turn and President Trump is declared the Winner all Hell will break out and eventually a nice Civil War! Oh well. I am going to try to get back to quilting. Have been fighting Medicare – turned it over to Senator Cornyn. I am giving up on getting any money back from the $4500 eye surgery – Eyes work and I am done with it let the greedy people have it. I want my life back. Hugsw


  3. Trump is my President also. What is morally wrong the Left makes it legally right. This really makes me afraid of what will come. Maybe I should move to Texas. Always like it when I was working there.


    1. Well Nancy, I have had enough of anyone who supports the Democratic Ticket. AND that started a long time ago. Especially with Obama! They have attempted to steal it – no way in Hell where 78 million people wanted the lame brain Biden who cannot put a sentence together or Harris who screwed her way up the latter starting with her tryst with a married man at the age of 28. She makes me ill – and if they pull this last Coup off I will never listen to her STUPID LAUGH and her marijuana smoking.

      I pay for this Blog – so if Democrat women have been following me that is their problem if they do not like what I am saying here.

      Today I am going back to quilting, I pray, Medicare problem has taken another 2 weeks away along with this Election Fraud. I will get over the hump, but they cannot take my free speech away!!! EVER!!!! HUGS

      It is nice to know that there are a few Conservative Quilters in this world.


  4. I do feel the same here in the blue part of Washington state. I’m stuck here. I am as my hubby says having Trump withdrawals and want life back as it was. I know there is a lot of underhand ness going on. I want them to uncover that and right the ship so to speak. Heaven help us I’d B is our POTUS. I am praying. I am GOP to the core.


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