To Do Tuesdays – 2 Nov 2020. Why Try!

Greetings from South Texas again!  No walking today as I took a day off since I cleaned house yesterday and the old bones were tired!

Here were my goals from last week’s To Do list!

  • Finish appliquéing stems on the bottom 2 corner units for Mary Brown. √ Finished!!!
  • Sweet Stitches October Block.  Still working on
  • Work on Stonefields remaining Sections – Preparing blocks for applique and piecing blocks. No Progress
  • OMIGOSH Blocks (Maybe?).  No Progress
  • Blue and Beige Reproduction Quilt (Maybe?). No Progress
  • There are 3 fee on-line BOMs that I want to do a block a week – these will be called “diversions from boredom” projects   No  Progress

I have finished the 4 corners sections for Celebrating Mary Brown

I was unable to work on anything on my list during the week as I spent most of my time available to do the vines.

I was all ready to get to work on sewing projects, but yesterday I had a great burst of energy and cleaned the house, figuring today would start the month off with quilting on UFOs.  But that is not in the cards for me. Excuse me while I complain about dealing with STUPID people!

This afternoon I found out that I will not be sewing for at least a week.  Today I took the time to check on my submission to Medicare for reimbursement of $7000.00 paid to BAMC ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT AFTER DOING ALL THAT WORK, MEDICARE DOES NOT CROSS OVER (ELECTRONICALLY) TO A SECONDARY INSURANCE!!!!

ENOUGH SAID ABOUT THAT.  Now I have to reconcile the MSN’s, prepare another 250 page submission to Clay’s secondary insurance, and at the same time I have to do a 2nd package for submission to my BCBS insurance (Clay’s Tertiary insurance).   I want to just say forget it but it is just too much money.

Plus I now have to do another Congressional so they can do the fight to get our money back (over $1,000) that BAMC over charged us.  One good thing out of this mess – BAMC has been directed by Medicare to communicate and do a better job with their patients on how they have to bill for all Part B charges.  Things are changing because I did the Congressional.  YEA!

So I am not going to be a quilter, won’t be on the internet reading my Blogs, or anything.  So if I do not respond to your comments please understand I am now no longer DE-STRESSED.  The stress game is back on.  I will start this on Wednesday as my only Salvation for the next 2 days is watching President Trump’s rallies.  They make me feel good.  He has such a great wit!  I will really be de-stressed when he is announced the Winner!

We lost 3 good friends this week.  Clay lost a friend from LV and then an unexpected death of a Ham Operator buddy, Barry, and my friend Wanda lost her Sister Dean.    Just not a good 7 days!

Have a wonderful week and maybe I will set come goals with next week’s To Do Tuesday!



13 Replies to “To Do Tuesdays – 2 Nov 2020. Why Try!”

  1. Ugh on all the paperwork and things keeping you from quilting. I’m not quilting either, due to still not having my sewing room in order. All my fabric is on the closet floor, and it’s not folded nicely or anything. It’s a big mess. Husband is taking us to Home Depot today to see what kind of shelving we want to purchase for the closet!
    Hugs to you too, and I pray you have a better week. And yes hopefully we will be celebrating Trump’s win this week.


    1. Oh this one is a monster. I thought that Medicare would automatically send the info to his secondary. I knew that the 3rd insurance BCBS would require a package, so I just finished printing out 550 pages that will need to go with the 2 packages I am starting on.

      Next is to reconcile the stupid MSN’s for each line invoice to see what was approved, denied, and what was paid. JOLLY FUN! If I finish this mess by next Monday I will be surprised.

      Hope you enjoy the Home Depot. I am trying to work on this and the normal filing, etc that has piled up and listen to stupid Biden with his stupid mask trying to get votes! I hope he only gets 99 Electoral votes.

      I do not see how our beloved President doesn’t do a landslide! My prediction is that he will take a majority of the 18-30 voters, 60% hispanics, 30% blacks, 100% rural voters and even some of those women that hate his personality but love that Stock Market! The SM is back to 27,466.69 and if he does win as I expect it will be a blowout tomorrow! Probably get back to 30,000. BUT if idiot wins it will fall 10,000 point in a day!

      Hugs – think anyone figures out I am a Red Neck Conservative??? LOL

      Hope all goes well for you this week. Hugs


  2. Hi Nanette! You need a BIG ‘ole {{{{hug}}}}. A good one, too – can you feel the strength transferring to you, and the warmth from my arms? Oh dear. Losing three friends is awful, and dealing with insurance isn’t worse but close. Uggg. I totally feel your pain. I remember fighting with Medicare for my sister who was dead but was still being billed for oxygen. They knew she was dead – they stopped her SS check right away but they continued to paid for oxygen because the company kept billing them. Well – I can’t control the company billing you but I should be able to stop Medicare from paying them. Good grief. And we wonder why there may be no funds in 2023?!!! Seriously. I am sending you prayers and strength. You can do this. And your quilting project looks fabulous but it will wait for you. Another knock against 2020 – it will be a pleasure to see it in the rear view mirror. ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. Thanks for linking up!


  3. I’m just blown away by all that cumbersome paperwork, Nanette. You are such a smart and knowledgeable lady, one wonders how the rest of the folks navigate such hurdles in the system. Bureaucratic red tape to new heights. But you are up to the task! I can’t wait for you to get back to your quilting and all is right with the world.


  4. Oh, dear. I’m reading this several days after you wrote it and I’m guessing that election developments have not done anything to lift your spirits. So sorry that you’re dealing with the loss of friends and battling the bureaucracy over medical bills all at the same time. I’m sending you virtual warm fuzzies and hugs over the Internet. And your Mary Brown corners look absolutely amazing, just so you know!


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