Autumn Jubilee QAL

Good evening from our Conservative Home in South Texas.  Still not Fall, or winter here.  It hit about 82 today.  This morning the humidity has returned BUT Sunday there will be a break and it will go into the 40’s at night and during my morning walk.  Whew!

On 2 November I thought my world had calmed down, but no Medicare turned it upside down, then the election and more Medicare.  I have turned it over to Senator John Cornyn to fix the problem.  I am done!

This week was not that good either.  It seemed that every time I was going to work on my projects, nothing went my way as planned.  Today I had to go to the Dermatologist thinking I had a problem with a spot on my nose, only to find out that I have Eczema!   It was good that I went in today rather than waiting until January 2021.  I will be fine, but it shows what all the stress has done to my body.

I have made a new resolution!!!   Anything that is out of my control is now out of my life.  I will never recoup the money we had to pay for part of my eye surgery so it has to be put away forever and not be concerned.  My eyes are working great so it was worth it.  Clay is alive and well, so if we cannot recover the money it is worth it.  We have many blessings and I need to really dwell on them and hope someday the country can get back to normal.

So this is all I have to show for the last 2 weeks.  This pattern is called Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along .  It started out as a row quilt, but she is offering different settings.  I have not had time to read her posts so I be catching up tomorrow.  There are 2 rows of 5 stars, a row of leaves, and a row of pumpkins.

I am working on doing a “controlled scrappy” version of this scrappy quilt.  Maybe I will be able to finish it soon. It is easy and fun to make.  Not sure if I will enlarge mine or just make a lap quilt.

Have a wonderful week-end and enjoy your stitching!

Hugs, Nanette

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24 Replies to “Autumn Jubilee QAL”

  1. Those blocks are very pretty! Sorry to hear Medicare has been a pain… my Mom ran into many problems with them also.. I took the easy way out ,and let my sister haggle it out. 😄 hugs to you ,and may next week go much better.

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    1. Thank you Deb. I am relaxing this week-end. Waiting for the cold front tonight! YEA. Think I will throw the phone away, pull all our money out of a bank and see if anyone can find us! DREAMING of course! Have a great day!

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    1. I need so many prayers for things to let up on me – it seems that everyday some problem comes up. It would not be anything for me to handle but 11 months is just too much! Have a wonderful week-end. I continue to Pray for President Donald J. Trump and America. Hugs

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    1. Thank you Deb! I hope they all look good when I finish. I am trying to do the scrappy but it seems I have to have some rhyme or reason to the colors! Hugs. I have not forgotten the hexagon project, just got side tracked. Hugs


  2. I love your stars, Nanette! It has been a week hasn’t it? DH is nearly to three months since his last kenelog shot, and this week has had a lot of 1-2 am breathing episodes. We are thinking that cleaning the furnace ducts might provide some help as he was doing great right up until the furnace was on full time. So, not much got done here, except for practicing and a bit of knitting. We are in God’s hands, we just keep reminding ourselves that He ordered our days long before we were born. Knowing He has the full picture has been a source of comfort, whether it be our 1am episodes or the entire country. 🤗

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    1. Oh I hope that he is doing better now. Yes the furnace can cause problems if not cleaned out each year. We do electric heat, but hardly run it unless it gets in the 20’s…..don’t think that will happen this year.

      Yes it is all in God’s plan……Thank you Kathy and will be thinking of you two. Clay is doing fine.
      Just need to adjust the Statin Drug – he has problems with them.

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  3. Your Autumn Jubilee star blocks are beautiful. Just looking at them makes me think of roasted turkey and pumpkin pie, no matter what the thermometer says outside! Sorry to hear you’ve been having such a difficult time with medical bills. I remember trying to sort out health insurance versus the driver who ran into our car’s insurance, etc etc a year or two ago. It took a full year of stress and aggravation and “LATE NOTICE” medical bills coming to the house before we finally got that all straightened out. You have such a good attitude about letting go of what’s out of your hands and finding joy in the things you CAN control in this life, like your beautiful quilt projects!

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    1. Well, I am really trying. The stress has my white blood count lower than ever. I have to get off the stress train or I will be in the hospital. I hold on to the fact that God is in control and that I now need to be an avid fan of The Rifleman and anything else except the news. The thing I loved most about our President was that he was so transparent – even if others did not see his humor I did – but you know Texans are so Red Neck – LOL.

      Have a wonderful quiet week-end and we are praying for a great outcome for POTUS. Hugs


  4. What pretty blocks – love the colors and the pattern. I like the way you think – I need to learn to let go of things that upset me and get them out of my life. But boy it’s hard when the Dems are so hypocritical and insincere. 😉

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  5. Thank you Linda! Well I try to give it to God – that is a joke sometimes because when we do that the Human thing is to take it right back!!! LOL. We will eventually have another Civil War – the Antifa and BLM people are getting away with so much – I do not understand why we are letting these horrible creatures (non-humans) get away with just burning, looting, and yesterday hurting Trump supporters. One day people are going to take their guns to town – when they get a belly full of their towns being destroyed. I am still praying for Trump and I see and understand his strategy now. Maria with FOX (one of the 3 we watch now) has a great show – think it is repeated this afternoon! I love Sydney Powell!!!!!

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