Goals for October-December 2020!

Greeting from South Texas where it almost feels like Fall, at least for yesterday and today!   I have now recovered from the 11 days of Hell from the Meniere’s Testing on 6 October.

I am going to update my goals for the weekend and through the end of December 2020 as I will not be sorry to see this year go into the history books.

First, I will not be making the 3030 quilt.  If I start a quilt and have problems with the first block, even if I have followed all instructions 100%, I am done. I  have decided to make a 1930’s Wedding Ring quilt with the fabrics I purchased.  This will kill 2 birds with one stone as one of my 2020 goals was to make a Wedding Ring quilt!  I am not sure when I will start it, maybe after I catch up on my UFOs.

Yesterday while trying to find my brain I had a great FaceTime visit with Kathy  and a great phone calls with Jaydee and Lori.  They are wonderful caring friends and it is great to visit with other quilters either on FaceTime or a great phone call.

After the visits I sat down and spent time relaxing and looking through all the beautiful projects that I want to make in the future and to prioritize them for 2021, which is coming sooner than later.   Additionally, I want to get back to where quilting is fun and not stressful.  I have a book for 2020 that listed all the projects/UFOs that I wanted to complete this year.  I really had to smile looking at it – I think I can just put December 2021 on that puppy.

In the meantime, I will be working on my UFO List left over from 2019/2020.  They really need my attention and it would be great to finish them.

  • Celebrating Mary Brown – Applique (Produce 1 block a month starting in November)
  • Stonefields – Applique – Finish preparing the remaining Sections.
  • OMIGOSH – Continue making blocks – hope to finish the quilt in 2021
  • Stars Around the Garden – Applique the Center Medallion. Possible finish in 2020.
  • A Blue and Beige Reproduction quilt (pattern from my EQ8)
  • Dresden Plates (need to cut blocks and applique the plates to them)
  • Finish the last block for Sweet Stitches and put the blocks together
  • Work on an Embroidery project from The Art of Home Club called Happy Little Things. I joined this Club a year ago and have not had time to even participate, much less read about all the happenings in the Club.  I rejoined and am hoping that things are now on the road to be better.

I am praying that I will have the energy to load and quilt one quilt a week on the Longarm.  I am so behind on my quilting as you can see on the list that I made on 22 December 2019 and there are many more tops to quilt other than the list below.

  • Button Hole Stitched Leaves 2002
  • Aspen Gold – 2007
  • Linda Ballards Purple and Beige Quilt – 2008
  • Angela’s BOM – 2012
  • Christmas Quilt – 2004 – First pieced quilt I made
  • Rosemary Young’s BOM – 2015
  • Capital T – 2019

For my To-Do-Tuesday Linky Party between now and the end of the day Monday (want to get back on a weekly goal track) here are the 3 things I hope to work on.

  • Complete the Sunflower Block for Mary Brown
  • Begin preparing the remaining blocks for Stonefields
  • Complete Block 11 (October) for Sweet Stitches

Have a wonderful week and enjoy stitching!

Hugs, Nanette 


15 Replies to “Goals for October-December 2020!”

      1. If you can just work on something every day it would be amazing. Your apple cart has been upset so many times…7 days in a row being able to work in something would give you such a boost!


  1. It is always good to take an inventory and make goals and plans for the future so you are in charge of your progress. I tend to follow random paths and, like a squirrel, wind up with things I had never planned, and the things I planned are still waiting for me. I wish you with your goals.


    1. That is how I got behind. Stopping and starting a new project. I have a little QAL coming in November but it is an easy one. I really need to get the quilting finished on my quilts – 29 is just too many to have hanging around. Hugs


  2. Bonjour, c est avec plein de joies que je lis la liste de vos objectifs. Nous allons voir de belles choses. Prenez soin de vous pour que l annee 2021 soit bien remplie et de vives mercis pour tous ces publications bien expliquees


  3. I’m so impressed that you are monitoring your goals this late in the year. I start out gangbusters in January, then mine usually fall by the wayside by May – lol!
    What kind of longarm do you have? Does it take up a lot of space?


    1. I have a HandiQuilter that I purchased in 2005. It is not computerized and I do not do a lot of fancy quilting, mostly 3 different types of meandering free moving quilting. I have quilts that I have made for Quilt Shows, but have not sent them out yet. I may try to find someone again and just have them do Pantograms. Custom quilting is so expensive and I am not showing my quilts anymore. I could try to sell them but not willing to part with them. Clay built me a wonderful quilt holder and it filled up. I even think I have 3 quilts that I need to bind and finish. So far behind. Hugs


  4. Given the challenges you have faced this year, you have done great. I need to do an inventory of pending projects and make some decisions. Mostly I need it as a reality check when I’m tempted to chase another squirrel.


  5. Some years the goals just go that way. It’s good that you are regrouping and trying to realistic about what’s doable this year and then focus on 2021. Good luck with all your goals for this week, month and year.


    1. I am glad that I stopped on 3030 that would have been such a mess and so much stress since I am not a PP. which I were. Thank you Kathy! I tend to like the weekly goal with Roseanne and love your Sunday stitching post! Hugs


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