Life is Not a Bowl of Cherries- But Better Than The Alternative

Greetings from a nice cool breezy morning from South Texas!  But this will be short lived as humidity will return by Monday!  When I was growing up in San Antonio, the first real cold front that would start our winters would be on Halloween, which happens to be my birthday, and I always received a new coat.  It has been years since that has happened.  Each year I hope that it will happen again, maybe this will be the year since we are still in above average temperatures in October.

Now for some insight as to where I have been since last Tuesday (6 Oct).  As most know I have Meniere’s and Fibromylgia.  I deal with it, but stress will impact how those immune issues will be wide awake or sleeping.

This year was highly stressful for Clay and I.  Our year has consisted of gun shot wounds, surgeries, aorta valve replacement, eyelid surgery and a multitude of doctor visits, I a bad decision in July to change ENT doctors.  The new doctor wanted me to be retested for Meniere’s and BPPV.  Once a person is tested for Meniere’s they never want to go through it again.  It had been 25 years since I was first tested and I swore I would never do it again, but I did.  I am paying for that decision.  They have changed how they do the test and it is a torture test and will increase flare ups for a couple of weeks.  I have had more episodes in the last 10 days that I have had in 5 years.  It has also increased my stress levels and affected my Fibromylgia.  This year has turned our normal quiet lives upside down and my ability to work on any projects OR even enjoy my days.  The stress has lasted longer than I ever envisioned.

One of the projects that I wanted to make was the 3030 quilt which is geared for Paper Piecing.  I am not a paper pieces – I am a traditional quilter and If I cannot get it right that way, then I go to the pattern to see where the problems are – me or the Designer!  Then I make a decision whether or not to continue on with the quilt.  PP technique is not the use of more fabric, but dealing with the paper, plus a technique that I never developed a desire to perfect. I love the challenge of sewing quilts and applique the old fashioned traditional way.

After finishing all 14 SAG blocks (another post on that)  on Sunday afternoon I planned to start working on the 3030 quilt project, but Monday consisted of dealing with a severe Meniere’s attack that lasted over 12 hours, so that day was GONE.  On Tuesday I did work on 3030 – the first block!  When I completed the block there were 2 or 3 star points that were going to be cut off when sewn together.  I followed the pattern 100% and was extremely careful on sewing.  That did it for me – I had invested over $200.00 for fabric for this quilt  – it was time to cut my losses and try to lower my stress level.

For some good/bad news, on Wednesday I had my hearing aids adjusted to the new hearing test I was given in late July.   I have lost 10db in the left hear and 5 in the right ear.  Amy told me that it could be attributed to stress and of course Menieres.  The adjustment is great though because I can hear better!  A PLUS!

Yesterday I was able to submit my last invoice from BAMC to my Medicare-Novitas contact through email.   I do not think they want another Congressional from me.  There is a very strong indicator that we will not be reimbursed close to $3,000 if Medicare will not process/deny the hospital facilities charge from BAMC.  My point of contact now has that problem and the last invoice and it is their problem!  I have done all I can do.  This problem will continue on through January of 2021 because Medicare has not processed this claim correctly and taking longer than I thought to process the entire claim (almost $7,000.).  To reduce this stress I am not going to be concerned anymore.  I will wait for Medicare to do the correct thing and then I will have to do a smaller package to BCBS.  I pray to God we never  have to use BAMC ever again for any treatments.  No pity party here on the $$$ – because Clay is doing fine and we are still together.  Clay and I are so blessed because we both worked 38 years, found each other when we were 51, and have great insurance and financially secure.  So there is no need for us to stress on this issue EVER!

I have now reset my To-Do Goals and will do a post on that also.  Looks like today will be a day to get caught up on goals and status on projects.

I know that this time is so difficult for all who cannot get out and about like we all used to.  It concerns me that we no longer can have physical contacts such as a hug from a friend because of the Chinese Virus.  I feel for the children who cannot go to school and enjoy their friends.  I wonder what damage this will do to them in their adult years because trauma that happens when a child is young, will stay with them forever.  They must be taught to be strong and that these challenging times will pass, but others will come again and they must learn to go with things as they come.

Well, anyone who got down to this point in my post deserves a medal.  I do believe that documenting where I am and how I am going to begin the process of DE-STRESSING from the last 9 months is so important.  Thank you for listening.

Enjoy life – By the way did you know what the word BIBLE represents?  Here it is:

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

Have a wonderful week-end and enjoy each day go with the wind (if possible)


20 Replies to “Life is Not a Bowl of Cherries- But Better Than The Alternative”

  1. Oh, Nanette — you had a Meniere’s episode that lasted twelve straight HOURS?! I had to look that up to find out what it was, and it sounds horrific. I’m glad your hearing is improved from the adjustment to your hearing aid and you just have the most beautiful, inspirational attitude about dealing with all of this stress. Clearly that comes from being grounded in faith. Yes, the kids are suffering along with the rest of us, but I believe they will come out of it stronger rather than weaker. I think of my grandparents’ generation, the “Greatest Generation” that was shaped by the Great Depression in their childhoods and then World War II as adults. Those children grew up to be hard-working, thrifty, with strong family values, strong faith, and a willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. What the virus intends for evil, God will use for good!


    1. Thank you so much Rebecca and I pray that it makes them stronger. I thought that the children of the military who have been fighting overseas for 19 years would grow up loving our country. The opposite has happened.

      Since the testing, I have had episodes every day but not as bad as Monday’s. I think I may have one more week of this before things calm down.

      Have a great weekend – enjoy some stitching while I enjoy life!


  2. I got to the bottom 🙂 and I am glad you did too. Here’s too positive, stress reducing, health moving forward. You’ve had one heck of year and that Meniere’s is crippler….I have no doubt you’ll figure out the quilting problem and am anxious to see what’s coming next 🙂 Here’s a big virtual hug for you …. Sharon


  3. Thank you thank you Sharon! I love hugs and miss interaction among people – even if it was only at the grocery store! Thank you for the sweet thoughts and that big virtual hug!
    Hugs and have a blessed weekend.


  4. I also had to look up Meniere’s. This does not sound fun, and I hope you can experience remission for a very long time!

    I don’t care for paper piecing, either, Nanette. I have to really want to create the project for me to bother with it! But it is okay that we aren’t fond of the method…there are so many other techniques and projects from which to choose to spend our happy time! 🙂

    God bless!


    1. I really should have told them no. Here it is the 17th and it was 11 days of heck with nothing but Meniere’s. I feel like myself today, so maybe the ears have calmed down. When Fibro and Menieres come at the same time I really go in a tailspin. Most of the time I can function well, but boy that test kept me in an emotional turmoil. OVER WITH!

      I have tried it 2 times, even took a class on line with Carol Doak and still dislike the entire process.

      Thank you for caring enough to see what Meniere’s is all about! Hope that you are doing well and feel for you with all the mess with ballots! Hugs


      1. Thank you! The ballots really aren’t a problem here. My state has had mail-in voting for years, so we are already set up to handle them just fine. It is the package volume that is overwhelming. COVID and the holidays make internet shopping a very big deal. 🙂


    1. I so enjoyed the visit – hope I made some semblance of a sane person. When I woke up today I knew that the worse was over. Feeling just like myself. It can be very scary when an attack hits me. Glad they come far apart.

      You have a good week-end! We will have 1 day of cool and then heat comes back! Darn!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. My goodness, how you retain your sense of humor is amazing! I enjoy reading about your life – the good and the bad – it makes me feel like I’m not alone – lol! I’m hoping your weather cools off and you get that new coat. 🙂


    1. Well, I try. Today I do believe that the worse of this is over with. I feel more like myself. That is my barometer. Clay and I would love to get in the car and go on a trip or do anything, but we cannot go to the Casino yet so I will do a couple of posts and start working on my UFO list.
      OH NO you are not alone this year cannot be gone fast enough for me.

      How is the move in coming. I was so sorry to hear about the situation you have had.

      The weather is nice this morning sprinkles and I walked in them! BUT it will be gone tomorrow and we will be back in the high 80’s and not such a low humidity!
      Looking forward to your next post! Hugs!


  6. So sorry it’s been another month of stress and health problems. It’s good that you can look at the better side along with the not so great stuff. It can be a challenge with all the extra stressy stuff going on. It’s been a year since My Guy’s mitral valve replacement, he’s just about 100%. Hopefully with all the testing done, you can get back to a new routine and get back into some sanity stitching.


    1. Sanity seems to be back – I am going to stay away from Doctors!!!!! Clay is doing great for 76 – he beginning to become a lot more active working on outdoors on the things that he could not do while waiting and waiting and dealing with the hand. I would say he is about 75% back. So happy your hubby is doing great. It was the blessing of the hand issue that saved his life otherwise he would have been gone. So I try to look for the good out of the bad, but sometimes can we just have good for a year? LOL. Take care! Hugs


  7. I am so sorry things Suck. I hope you are back to yourself soon. I want you to feel better! The Chinese virus has impacted everything. I wonder how parents explain to young children the need for a mask. I see these little kids wearing them and it makes me sad. I hope this is not the new norm.


    1. I think I had a good Pity Party and that has to be gone! I have noticed that most quilters are losing their creativity and desire to really work on new projects. One would think that with the time at home would encourage that, but stress takes all desire away! Hugs


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