I am Bored

Good news. We had 1 1/2” of rain last night! Yea! Not so good this morning. Very hot and humid walk.

Today I am bored with quilting! I have to admit it! Not interested in starting a new project at all. No interest in long arm quilting!

Answer to boredom? SASHIKO!

Preprinted block from Sylvia Pippen

I do believe I am suffering from Quilt burnout, a long hot summer, or tired of doing the same thing each day!!

So today is Sashiko and tomorrow is a trip to the Hill Country to visit a friend.

I am ready for a week away. Thinking of August! Some place COLD! A Casino or Alaska! LOL

Have a great day!

19 Replies to “I am Bored”

  1. Not interested in quilting?! Sacré bleu! Good for you, just saying it out loud and picking something else to work on. The quilts will come calling to you again! Enjoy your sashiko.


  2. I read that it was 90 degrees in Alaska last week so maybe that’s not the best destination for cool weather! I totally understand about getting a little burned out with something that you normally love. A little embroidery action will probably be just the thing to distract you for a bit!


  3. Nice stitch and this is good for burnout. After all of the projects you have finished a week off is understandable. I’m ready for a week off somewhere. Enjoy.


  4. Hi Nanette! HAHA – I read your title and thought oh no. That can be big trouble, or a good thing. Have fun on your trip away today. I hope it’s nice and cool wherever you go. A nice cool casino sounds wonderful to me right about now. Our a/c just broke last night and won’t be fixed until the 24th. Waaaa! ~smile~ Roseanne


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