Post Number 325, A Slow Stitching Sunday Finish, and 2 Quilt Tops Finished

Happy Sunday to all!  It is, of course hot and humid and the walk was just so much fun!  Clay has been working the last two days (yup in the heat) trying to get the ripples out of the outdoor carpeting we have on our porch!  He is headed in for a nap, and I must admit, I will be right behind him after I finish this post!  At 75 he amazes me with the projects he continues to accomplish!  This was a difficult job mostly because of the heat!

For today, I have a finish for Slow Sunday Stitching .  I give you French General Atelier De France embroidery:

Friday morning I decided that I wanted to finish the hand work for Apricot Lilly and she is DONE!  (It amazes me how the heat and bond stayed stable for so many years)

Next and my favorite, albeit a small lap quilt, I give  you Patriotic Log Cabins!  I do believe the piano keys border made this baby! It came out at 44 x 51!   I am glad that I made it, but it will probably be the last log cabin quilt I make!  Maybe I will have a Marti Michell ruler sale someday!  LOL

This is all I have for the week, but to have finished 3 projects the last 3 days is great!  Tomorrow I will start on preparing the 3 ESG’s (End of Summer Goals) quilt along’s.  See my previous post to read all about them.

Think Mr Fibro has come to visit me so I will give in this afternoon and take a nap and then work on either Stonefield’s or Jacobean Holiday applique!

Have a great week and do some stitching!  It is relaxing!


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32 Replies to “Post Number 325, A Slow Stitching Sunday Finish, and 2 Quilt Tops Finished”

  1. how did you do heat and bond on a embroidery? I have some red work Xmas patterns I would like to do but have always traced the pattern to the cloth and did the embroidery – do you draw the pattern on your stabilizer and then stitch through it seeing the pattern through the cloth?


    1. Years ago they used heat and bond for fusible applique. You trace the pattern on the paper side and then iron the sticky side to the wrong side of the fabric and cut it out! You will need a teflon sheet to do this! Anyway It stayed together for a long L-O-N-G time. It is different that what they sell now.


  2. You’ve accomplished a lot in all the heat and humidity. I love your French General embroidery and the matting fabric you’ve chosen! Hope you’re feeling better soon.


    1. Thank you Pat! I only get out in it when I do my early morning walk. Then I stay inside with nice COLD A/C! We have no choice but to have the A/C! Thank you on the FG!
      Well, I should have known. About 8 last night remnants of Barry came and it was great to sit on the back porch and watch the downpour and smell the rain! I immediately quit hurting! Fibro is something else.



  3. It’s funny to think of you in the heat when it’s the middle of winter here. But your deck is looking good and I hope you can catch a cool breeze out there soon. I do love that embroidery in the first quilt that you shared. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

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    1. We did get rain from the storm in the Gulf – about 1.5 inches and as soon as it came I felt better – that is how Fibro works – low Barometric Pressure – pain – High Pressure – feeling great! Interesting! Thank you for hosting the Peacock Party!


  4. All of your projects are beautiful. It must feel so good to have 3 finishes in 3 days. I really love your redwork. I hope you are feeling better soon. I look forward to seeing the other projects that you are working on.


  5. Hi Nanette! Clay did a great job getting the ripples out of the carpeting! At least, it looks just fabulous to me. Ooh-la-la Nanette! The piano key borders look so fabulous on that log cabin quilt top. It really makes it nice and snappy looking – it sure turned out great. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you Kathy! Well, I want to finish the 6 blocks for Section 6 on Stonefields, and then the Jacobean one. That would give me one finish and only 4 more sections of Stonefields. Decisions Decisions. We are taking a day trip tomorrow. I think a day away will do me wonders!


  6. All of the finished projects are lovely. You are a productive woman for sure. You go girl. Tell Clay the porch looks great too.


    1. Hey Ms A! How was your week-end? And thank you on my finishes! I just love that Log Cabin quilt with those keys! Clay is ‘RESTING’ today! Poor baby that was hard work in 100 degree weather! We are taking a day trip tomorrow to the Hill Country! Yea – maybe I will come back with a fresh view of what next! I am now in the vacillating mode! INDECISIVE


  7. la la la laaaa summers here and the time is right for dancing in the street la la la laaaa dancing with you seeing these fabulous finishes 🙂 A nap well deserved, great job Clay 🙂 Have a great week! Sharon


  8. Love the embroidery of French General! It’s beautifully framed. We are hot and dry here.. was hoping to get some of Barry’s wettest … didn’t happen.😕

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  9. You are amazing, Nanette. Such beautiful stitching and continual finishes; it isn’t just your Hubby who is productive! Inspiring. Especially love how you finished that French General embroidery.


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