On A Quilting Roll!

Greetings – of course it is hot and yes it was horrible walking this morning, but I did it!   Today I made decisions, decisions, decisions!  First, I have so many beautiful patterns to make that I decided that I would pass on the “freebies” that I had talked about doing in one of my previous posts!  Second  was to get myself going and quilt my first Reproduction Quilt that I made (I believe) in 2014.  It was a BOM from Barbara Brackman!  It is quilted! I plan on putting the binding on by machine.  I may use the light beige or the dark brown crackle fabric for the border.  Either way it will be done by machine!  I have over 10 quilts to machine quilt and 6 that need to be hand quilted!  I would like to make a dent in the group that can be machine quilted before I can no longer do this with my back!  I have 5 that will be sent out for custom work later in the year.  There are a total of 24 quilts that need to be quilted!!!!!

I have a 2005 Handi Quilter that is NOT computerized!  I do free motion quilting and there are 3 different variations that I do with a meandering stitch.  I was going to use some rulers that I had purchased prior to 2014 and try to do some special type quilting, but I realize now that those days are past and that I am not interested in spending the time learning how to ‘mini-custom quilt-my quilts’!  I need to sell the rulers and the books on continuous quilting!!  This afternoon I quilted this quilt with my favorite meandering stitch and it feels so good to have completed it!  I realized that I would be putting myself under stress to worry about using rulers and how to quilt each block!  I just am not interested in spending that much time on a utility quilt and I do not need anymore stress!

This is my HQ16.  It is working better than ever now since Clay worked on the ‘ribbon connections’ (see them in the picture – looks like computer ribbons) for the stitch regulator.  They were not making good contacts and after Clay worked on them it is working like a dream!!  This quilt was very easy to quilt without one issue popping up! Here is a close up of my HQ16.

Tomorrow I will be quilting Apricot Lilly!  She will be an easy one to do – preparing the batting and backing and loading them will take longer than the quilting it!  But it will be done tomorrow, remember, I am on a roll!

This evening I will continue on my Sashiko as it is a nice break from embroidery or applique (well OK, I have not been appliqueing for awhile) but it is very relaxing!

So tonight I am HAPPY and back into my quilting!  Oh yes – the 3rd decision – we are going to take a trip to the Casino in August and stop in and visit our friends in Salesville, Texas.  We are so looking forward to a short getaway!  I guess our day out yesterday to the Hill Country did both of us good!

Have a great evening and keep on stitching!


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31 Replies to “On A Quilting Roll!”

  1. Told you your mojo would come back, it just took a day away from home and you’re working again girl. Sampler looks very nice, can’t wait to see what you do with Apricot Lily. Happy Stitching!


  2. I think those are great decisions….. I have sort of had enough with gardening with the Bermuda grass in the garden…. never going to win…..


  3. I know from experience that getting some UFO’s done is very gratifying! There’s nothing wrong with simple quilting in my book—seems like a lot of quilts are over quilted at times and detract from the top. I have that same HQ16 and have a few issues with the stitch regulator also—guess I better take a look at those ribbons!


    1. You are so right! I prefer to select a pattern/design, select my fabrics, make the top, and then quilt it – then I can say I made the quilt! I do not like all the heavy quilting and if I send out the 5 for show quilts it will probably be the last time.

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  4. I love your star sampler quilt. It is a very beautiful quilt. I have over 50 quilt tops that need to be quilted…lol. I don’t think they will get done in my lifetime. Hugs


    1. Thank you Cathy, you make me feel so much better!!! LOL. This was one of the first free BOMs that I did. I have a beautiful blue and white one from Pat Sloan around the same time frame.


  5. This quilt was probably one of the first scrappy and first repro quilts I had made. It was fun and I was pleased with the setting. I always have a reason for my settings! I did not want the blocks to run together with all the different colors. Wish I could be a scrappy quilter, but mine will always be controlled scrappy!

    I think looking forward to a trip in August is one of the motivators. I always like to have something different to look forward to. Still miss those Arizona trips.



  6. Hi Nanette! I’m so proud of you for walking in the heat and humidity. Good for you – you rock. I love seeing your longarm and how cool is it that Clay could fix the connection issues?!! He truly is a gem. Now you have no reason to not be quilting . . . except there are quilts to be pieced and stitching to do and casinos to visit. 😉 ~smile~ Roseanne


  7. Thank you Roseanne! I tell you with the weight loss, I am doing very well for my age doing a 20 minute mile (actually do the 1.5 miles in 30 minutes). It is hot and I get hot, but never run out of air! Amazing how much better we feel when we keep our weight down! It is hard to do, but I still want to lose that pesky last 10 pounds. Probably will lose on the trip as I am so limited on food, I just do not eat much! Hugs and thank you for the pat on the back!


  8. As we get older, we have more time for making quilts but our bodies seem to give out in the aging process. I don’t think I could stand long enough to use a quilting machine.


    1. Thank you Kathy! I am going to load Enduring Lace, but it will not be done in a day – as my back did not like my marathon quilting projects! At least I have 2 completed with the binding going on BB BOM Reproduction quilt today!

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      1. Good for you! If you get the next one loaded, T least it will be ready and waiting. I am always amazed at how much more I accomplish if my “stations” are ready for the next step, especially these days. If the bobbin is full and the pieces are cut, I am much more inclined to sew a seam or two, or if the appliqué pieces are ready to place and the needles threaded I’ll sew one or two on. If not, I’m too tired to start!


        1. Thx Kathy. I have handquilting, appllique, embroidery and now Sashiko ready and waiting. Nothing ready to peace. I am going to put the binding on the Repro quilt and get the other one loaded – 2 goals for the day – if it goes well, maybe I will select a pattern to make, OR quilt a row! BUT JUST ONE ROW!

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  9. Wow! That’s a lot of quilts to finish up! And isn’t it great when a small little repair to the machine makes such a big difference? Happy quilting to you!
    FYI I’d be interested in your rulers – send me a private message quiltfabrication at gmail dot com


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