Capital T SAL

I am participating in a Saw Along with Isabella. She has done a exceptional job in researching the Capital “T” quilt and the block. The block this month is called the Imperial “T” block.

If you are interested in making a Capital “T” quilt this is a great way to do it by making one block a month!

This is my block for January and tomorrow we will receive the block for February. I use Eleanor Burns ruler for my flying geese.

I am making my Capital “T” in Red and White. I may start one in blue and white so by the end of the year I will have two new quilts.

I encourage all to take the time to read Bella’s Blog about this project and join in!

Be sure to check out Sharon’s Block for January she has really used some great fabrics.

I have also finished quilting the baby quilts! I am finishing up the binding on the second one. I will post them when they are both completed.

I received my fabrics for Enduring Love Star Border today. I hope to start on it by Saturday! But before I do I will complete the baby quilts.

Have a wonderful weekend!


18 Replies to “Capital T SAL”

  1. Nanette, I do love this red! I want to do this QAL but now I’m distracted by the sewing bee and accompanying, so nothing else new yet! It sounds like you have had a productive week!


  2. Your red and white sampler quilt is going to be stunning Nanette. I agree with you about the Quilt in a Day Flying Geese ruler too. It is accurate and quick, which is wonderful if you are making a lot of geese.I look forward to seeing you February block.


  3. Thank you so much Bella for doing all the upfront work to bring this block to the attention of the quilt world. There is so many things that we quilters do not even think about the different quilts and blocks that came centuries before us!

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  4. Hi Nanette! You’ve got it going on, and your internet access must be straightened out now. Your red and white quilt is gorgeous – those deep rich reds are so satisfying. I imagine the blue and white is equally fab. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Hi – It appears that Bella’s site about the Capital T Sew Along has been been deleted. Did you know that? At least that is the message I get when I click the link. That’s too bad because your blocks are beautiful and it would be a wonderful opportunity for some of the rest of us. I’m thrilled that you were able to get involved. Thanks for sharing your beautiful progress with us..


  6. Yes. Bella is having some issues with her back and had to delete her blog while she is waiting to find out the problem. It could be a bad disc in her neck therefore she cannot do a lot of moving like working on the computer, etc for awhile. I am hoping that she comes back.
    In the meantime. Here is a great link on how to make a Capital T block.
    I use the Eleanor Burns Flying Geese ruler and her method. It produces 4 Flying Geese used in the block and it is fool proof where points are not cut off, etc.
    Thx for commenting and enjoy if you decide to make 16 blocks like I am – provides a nice square quilt representing the Capital T block. Bella did so much research on this block it was fascinating to read!


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