Up and Running Again

A short note to advise that our Internet has been down for almost a week.  I will have something to show in a day or so.  We did receive excellent news from Rise Broadband.  They are FINALLY going to upgrade our Access Point with newer technology – I think after using  22-year-old equipment that they will finally upgrade the equipment and we should receiver faster service.  We have been dealing with 3 Mbps download speed and with newer technology maybe we will be able to receive up to 15 Mbps download.  This is nowhere near what people who live in the area with fiber optics, but we rural customers appreciate anything faster that 2 or 3 Mbps download speed.

We were told that this could take place in the next 2 weeks or so, but then we may be down again until the Technician can come and upgrade our equipment.

Hoping all have had a great week so far.  Now I can check on the bloggers I follow and comment!


12 Replies to “Up and Running Again”

  1. We used to be on 0.5 Mbps when we lived in Scotland, and now we are on 31Mbps even though we still live in a rural area!! We have a local provider who runs a satellite mast.
    But you should really notice the difference with 15 Mbps.


  2. We can get that on our cell phones since we spent about $800 for Cell tower boosters last year. That saves the day. But what we have been putting up with, there is no excuse. So happy, but will wait until it happens to get real excited!


  3. Hope the new wires arrive soon! We are on the end of a line and they just added a couple of houses. We have good speed most of the time… but I do have to call for service every couple of months to have them ‘check the wires’ or reset stuff. Knock on wood – working right now.


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