Brinton Hall

It appears that I am starting off in the Red for 2019 Projects. Brinton Hall will take me more time as I need to add another border to achieve a measurement of 72″x 72″ in order to put the final border on. I am leaning toward HST’s for the next 4″ border.

Then I will be able decide on the blocks for the final border.

I have now finished Border 5 ( includes the black borders).

I also have found a long arm Quilter whom I will visit sometime next week. I am going to have her quilt some utility quilts to get me caught up on some flimsy’s and have her look at my 2 quilts for custom work. (York Lodge and Brinton Hall).

Hoping to be in a better position to start on 2019 List next week, but for now I have more work to do to finish my last UFO quilt for 2018.

After that I will have to prepare the utility quilts for the Quilter.

Have Great day!


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    1. Yup – The original pattern has 8 borders, I was going to just do 7 but it appears that I will have to do the next 4″ border in order to have a measurement that is divisible by 8 or 9! So far I have a 66 x 66. The next black will make it 68 x 68 and then the 4″ will bring it to 72″ square. I have contacted a Lady in Bulverde. We will see if she gets the custom work or not. We are going there next week.


    1. Thank you Kathy! Yes one more 1″ Then a 4″ and probably another black strip and then the final border. There will be 8 total. I am realizing that it will take me another week to finish. The off to the Long Arm quilter to see if she will do my custom work or just the utility quilts.
      I am surprised how BH is turning out. It is mostly the colors that are making it! Glad I did not do Reproduction fabrics on this one!

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    1. Thank you Laura! It will go into SA and Austin Shows (2019/2020) As soon as I finish it I can then start selection 2019 projects – and most of them will be quilts that I want to make because I have 3 show quilts completed and do not have to make anymore this year for show. I have Applique projects that if I can finish them they will be entered in the shows.

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  1. Hi Nanette! WOWEE this is just stunning. It looks fabulous with all of the borders. I think the really did them proportionally well as the whole thing is very pleasing to the eye. I can’t wait to see how you have this quilted. Happy Friday. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Not at this time. Just a long arm quilter who will not mess up my quilt. That happened in 2013 with a quilter that I thought was excellent! I happened to be the one that she was having a bad time with her Mother and she messed up 3 quilts and I was counted down on her quilting.


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